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and in the end . . .
And in the end . . .

True spirituality gets to the very \'heart\' of the matter, and cuts
through all the excuses and the baggage and the \'what ifs\'. You will
notice how those channeling their Guidance with some regularity are able
to bring forward simple, \'to-the-point\' spiritual truths, whereas the
mind has to wonder and make everything a guessing game of a \'what if\' or
a \'who knows?\'

No one will tell you, I hope, the gaining some spiritual status is a
process, not of learning more things that feed the mind and bottle up
the whole process, but instead a process of letting go --of the baggage,
of the attachments to what one thought was the truth but always secretly
knew wasn\'t, a process of letting go of the facade we have adopted to
get by in society and most of all in our families --the facades which
allow us to fit in with everyone else\'s facades. No one probablyever
said things better than the old (real) Ramtha. He was a comic, he was a
warrior, he was a spiritual giant who could say things simply and cut
through all the BS.

Unfortunately, if you check with your own Guidance, you\'ll find that no
one on the planet has channelled him for years since his mission of
working adjusting the grid was completed (in conjunction with people on
Earth doing grid work). Still the following brief section from one his
old books says so much that it should be taken to heart by all of us and
become our primary golden rule for the present days, not for those to
come for they will never be what you expect them to be.

\"There is an hour coming when higher and lower selves, one million
forty-one guides, all the dietary elements for enlightenment, the
quotations, the philosophy, the passages, the abstinence, they will
not amount to a hill of inedible beans. Look around at your world-
everything you see here will be unfamiliar in the new age, outdated.
And those of you who are so big and bold, won\'t even be cleared to
FL:Super C because you\'re locked up in metaphysical journeys that go
nowhere. Isn\'t that the truth?

\" . . . The opposition, if they can keep those that have desire to
serve in a tight circle, and looking within at all times, then in
truth they have succeeded, have they not?\"

\"What has all your chanting done for you lately? What has all the
burned incense accomplished, besides making your house smell good
and create a lot of ash that you have to clean up? And all the
candles that you\'ve burned? What have all your prayers accomplished?
And all your alms? Can\'t you see it isn\'t happening? Wake up! It\'s
only entertainment, just another fantasy. What\'s superknowingness,
pure and simple? If you know how to know you will be sustained-if
the whole of the universe threw up, you\'d know how to go with the
flow. Basic truth-we shoot basic truths at you!

\"It\'s really quite simple. Instead of praying for peace, be the
peace that you are praying for. Instead of praying for love, be the
love you\'re praying for. Instead of praying for health, be the
health you\'re praying for. In other words, be a light to the world;
be the example so that they can see that it works for you. Then
they\'ll try it. See how it works?\"

Trust anyone who has seen glimpses of the future, it will be a hell
before things finally get clear. If it doesn\'t propel your spiritual
mission forward then drop it, let it go, don\'t hang on to it. Yes it\'s a
gamble when you can\'t PROVE that something nasty is going to happen very
soon, but ask yourself what really do you have to lose but your slavery
to outmoded ideas and to people who say they love you but judge you
continually and will do everything they can to stop you from being free
if they themselves do not have the stomach for doing the things it takes
to be free.

I cna\'t tell you I did anything overnight. Probably the only attitude or
motto that kept me going was \"Just do it!\", and the knowledge that I had
nothing worthwhile in my life until I began serving. And through the
haardest of times the only question I was allowed toa ska nd get an
answer to was \'Will it help other people?\' and when They said \"yes\',
that was all I could know. And eventually it became enough.

In the end it\'s all about faith and trust isn\'t it? NOTHING builds those
in a person more than working with your moment-to-moment Guidance.
Every day as you see the results of following Guidance your mind begins
to relax with the process and gradually allows Spirit to have more and
more say.

Try it and see. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

With love and wishing you all the strength in the world.