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and now for something completely different . . . non-slavery
It was by chance that I came across your website and instantly enjoyed
what I was reading there.

I also signed up for your forum and began to read everything that was

To give you an idea of myself I have followed a certain path for over 25
years after seeing blobs of white light since I was a child, however
things began to get so intense 5 years ago, I ran from the UK and became
almost a hermit in Cyprus.(where I still am today)

your comments below touched me deeply.

Perhaps this is because for most of us, the `Lightworkers\' or more spiritually advanced Beings, our missions involve coming back to planet Earth to assist other people, not what a lot of `spiritual\' paths preach about working on our own awareness only. For the New Age religions it\'s all about personal spiritual
growth and not about assisting others and the spiritual awareness gained
and the spiritual medals earned from doing this.

In my experience all teachings and classes I initialy followed resulted
usually in me being thrown out for asking too many questions or actually
seeing and feeling things that nobody could explain or wanted to. (some
could be scary too)

In the end I followed my own path with several key people entering into
my life at certain times including an earth quardian and someone who
worked with guidnace by the nine which was an interesting experience.

The guardian actually told me that my musical note was not entirely of
earth and that\'s why she asked to work with me as she was intreguided,in
the end she told me quite angrily I was a head hunter for other planets,
worked with grid energy which I never quite understood and any lessons
of earth I was receiving went down hill from there.

One of my earlier shocks was realizing that whenever I completed past
life sessions I never went back to a an earth life it was always other
planets and in the end the guy wanted to write a book about the records
of our sesions however I refused at the time.

I basically have had to try and understand everything that occured to me
alone with little assistance from others and began to become confused as
to why I was seeing and feeling all that I was.

I see white, purple blue dots of energies with intelligence that I can
feel and speak to.

Geometric shapes and tubes of various colours that appeared sometimes
spontaniously and others within meditation.

I can complete healings but had to give up as despite some success
because I always became very tired. I completed the usual mediumistic
readings, especialy for charities and been involved in trance and
transiquration but prefer other work that usually involve the above
types of energies.

Then suddenly my life took several bad turns where I lost everything,
health, husband, way of life, finances etc, I found myself being
literally hounded by unfortunate circumstances so much so that I thought
that I had some sort of demonic energy attached to me somehow and visited
a healer who was skilled in such arts.

This did little good as I now started to see other beings from other
planets, some good some not so good. My ex-husband was actually taken
over by negative Orion energies and went from being a fairly quiet
sensative person to one who nearly killed me in a sort of trance and
knew nothing about what had occured while going through it.

From this incident I saw many more similar incidents and became involved
in spontaneous incidents even when travelling around the worrld, then
this changed into me being able to read peoples thoughts before they
would speak.

From there a variety of experiences not so nice occured where massive
pictoral pictures, energies and entities including the greys, devil
types, Orion entities which did actually admit they had caused my
husband to become as he was as they were trying to influence the world\'s
first commercial rocket project he was working on in Russia and Norway
which he was the head man.

This was now becoming overwhelmingly negative and scary and the
experiences were occuring day by day involving events and people that
seemed to just enter my life at will.

Other experiences began just being around people who accused me and
betrayed me for all sorts of reasons even when I was not actually
speaking even if I was just there in the moment.

At this point I possibly made the wrong decision to move from the UK to
Cyprus and literally became a hermit trying to work all this out..

I won\'t even mention the negatives that occured here in Cyprus but right
now I have managed to keep myself to myself and hold down a professional
job which only pays me enough for a subsidence living here.

Always I am drawn back to my spititual work however when I began to work
I again saw reptilian energies and lots of negatives which I assumed
were trying to put me off my work as I had experienced this before.

I have continued onwards and am able to return to some of the beautiful
energies I love however have noticed as soon as I do I am again having
more health problems and financial problems, other challenges with some
friends around me who change and become strange but it always hurts
because it\'s usually something I have not done physically?

Despite some of these occurences I contine alone bacause one thing I am
used to is being alone not fearing that.

I feel that almost every negative to scare me or keep me in place has
been applied and despite tremendous hardships in many areas of my life I
have battled on regardless.

Your statement as follows:

No one ever sent an army of soldiers out to fight a war without any kind
of support personnel. Neither does Spirit.

I never feel I have not had much physical support and most people I help
obviously go on with their lives when any work is finished as it should
be. However, I don\'t have a community close to me in any way that I can
speak to or or share experiences withetc and when I have tried those
people have turned against me for one reason or another that I dont
still understand.

Most healing and learning takes place in interaction with other people.

Not my experience at all, I see jealousy, negative people turning on
each other constantly.

I am trying now to work with my higher guidance from a period of rest
having had to concentrate on the outer world affairs just to live,
however I dont feel that I am moving forward and again left alone not
knowing or feeling where my skills are utilised best.

And to be honest Peter if my work was constantly facing such negatives
as I have experienced in the past I am not so sure I could cope as apart
from anything else my physical body is often subjected to ME style
symptoms that make me lethargic and uninterested.

Could you give me any advice at all here please as I so wish to
understand that with all I have gone through there is some sort of place
in the world where I can best utalize my skills for the greater good.

One thing I do remember is when I was born onto the planet is that I was
so premature and killed myself basically by not feeding at all.

I remember a priest giving me the last rights and my adopted parents who
were at the side of the bed being told to go home as I was a gonner. I
was very happy about that. -)

I then remember someone crying at my cot which I later found out to be my
adopted father and after that everything went blank and apparently I
raised myself back up and began to feed thus saving my own life.

I tell you this as I have often wondered if I pulled anything negative
through with me during that time that has hounded me during this life
bacuse i remeber it being so black feeling when I was desperate to go
home and not continue to live in the human body, I mean is that even

I love children as I have noticed you do and for the reasons you have
stated as I too have so much compassion being born into this world the
way it is.

I have completed some work with teenagers in the past who were clearly
addicted to drugs and drink etc but who I could also see the reason why.

I have also completed some work with people who are termed \'Mentally
challenged and again can see the spiritual energies involved in that.

One of the worst instances I remember was astrally travelling to another
planet and being undercover with no back up as always lol, and almost
being caught, strange that after all these years my job is as a former
police officer and a lot of my work involves due dilligence in other
countires, particularly the Middle East and I often work undercover in
the physical plane.

So as you can see in the physical world I live in there is not much room
to inject much spirituality by the very nature of the people I work with
and the jobs that I do.

My apologies at such a lengthy e-mail and a life story you must recieve
with regularity, however I have spoken to no one about these matters for
5 years now and am seeking a little guidance.



I am becomming very tired of these reoccuring situations and experiences
as I wish to know my spititual path of work but feel I canot do this
under such constant consistent negative conditions??

Peter and the SH: Julie, firstly, Guidance is having me share your e-mail with
the group because it basically sums up so much of what has been said in the past about how lonely the spiritual path can be because realy when it all comes down to it THER IS NO SPIRITUALITY on this planet, and almost all of what we see that calls itself spirituality is the darkside and manifests itself as devisiveness in the followers, oft times casueed by the \'teachings\' themselves and by the leadership or gurus.

People ask me why the books haven\'t been published and why I don\'t speak at the
big conferences even though I have the experience, the knowledge and the
credibility, it\'s for exactly the same reason --we live inside the Matrix, a few of us being imbedded into it to help, but the slave mentality is too strong and as you feel and I have experieinced so often during my time here, you just want to give up and lay down and let it all go. As one person said in response to one of my articles posted ina nother group, \"why don\'t I justs top trying to help people. the world is bleak enough without showing them the reality of what\'s causing that bleakness. Why don\'t I just relax and basically let the slaves be slaves . . .\"

The work I do for the planet and its going into ascension, and for Creation,
supercedes anything I do for the individuals. As said so often in my writings I
usally get the impossible cases anyway so I cannot be atatched to the results of any successes with them or not. I apologized to Joe yesterday when he wrote to me for not having been able to stimulate him to be who and what he is in this lifetime. He wrote back admitting it was his failure not mine. When we do what Spirit and Guidance ask us to do we MUST let go of any attachment to results and instead leave it in the hands of Spirit and those others involved. We have done the best we could in following Guidance and that is the best we can ever do.

Tomorrow Sue Ann and I are doing one of the last major pieces of grid work we
need to do in the final ascension process, and that is to \'release\' the docking
mechanism for the booster rockets on the planet so it may move into the higher
dimensional corridors in preparation for entering its final stages. Your help
will be needed but you know, your help has always been there since Cyprus is a
central \'lift off\' point for much of the planets energies of Light. I was there
back in the 70s and loved it but one Friday my ex-wife and I were led to get up
and leave for southern Turkey. On the monday after we left, Turkey invaded
Cyprus as you well know and many people including tourists died.

Spiritual mastery is the paradox of being the most fun-filled and loneliest path one can ever take, and it is that exact loneliness that drives most \'seekers\' off any true path to spiritual greatness. We have in this group some very high-level beings here to assist with all of this, as I have had enter my life all along the road, people here to assist me with my mission, and you know what, there\'s only a handful that ever do any of what it is theyc ame here to do. But you also know what, the work gets done anyway because I allow nothing to stand between me and the work and I get it done regardless. But you know who don\'t win spiritual medals for helping, you know who don\'t get the pleasure and the most awesome feeling ofall of doing what it is theyc ame here to do, you know who else is in danger of losing all that awarenbess they have worked so hard to acquire . . you guessed it.

Your work is more dimensional than in the physical, and that\'s okay , it\'s all
getting done as you are a conduit for those energy transfers taking place in
Cyprus, and Guidance and I thank you for the work you do and for going through
the hardship to do it. Hang in there, the last stages of lift off are in
progress and it\'s people like you who have helped make it happen.

Love and best wishes, Peter and the Spiritual Hierarchy of Creation.