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And now for something completely different . . a Week in the War
And now for something completely different . . a Week in the War
by Peter Farley

"Somewhat disappointed, as most men are, in matters connected with
household love and domestic life, I often think of the young Gy as I
sit alone at night, and wonder how I could have rejected such a
love, no matter what dangers attended it, or by what conditions it
was restricted. Only, the more I think of a people calmly
developing, in regions excluded from our sight and deemed
uninhabitable by our sages, powers surpassing our most disciplined
modes of force, and virtues to which our life, social and political,
becomes antagonistic in proportion as our civilisation advances,--
the more devoutly I pray that ages may yet elapse before there
emerge into sunlight our inevitable destroyers. Being, however,
frankly told by my physician that I am afflicted by a complaint
which, though it gives little pain and no perceptible notice of its
encroachments, may at any moment be fatal, I have thought it my duty
to my fellow-men to place on record these forewarnings of The Coming

Vril -The Coming Race

Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton

I have done my utmost of the past few years to bring to people some
understanding of the world as it is-not the way they see it, but the
way the world really is, the way they refuse desperately to see it
until it's going to be too late. I did my best under the
circumstances faced.

The past week or so has been a good highlight to what I have been
able to do over the past 10 years.

It began last Saturday when we did the first sound-encoding ever on
the planet. In doing so we brought something new to the planetary
grid that has never been here before-the female equivalent of
imprinting of the Soul signature. Then on Saturday evening I worked
with a client who had such a backlog of physical karma of abuse I
basically had to suggest to her that she go out and get herself
abused some more. It's never been an easy job.

Sunday saw me driving from Pennsylvania to Kennebunk, Maine, to help
free up the stolen consciousness of the East Coast cities.
Torrential rains that started while I was driving up from San Diego
were now floods that prevented me from doing the work in upstate New
Hampshire where the energy had been stored. Instead Guidance had me
turn on the release-gates associated with it down the coast where
the Bush's and other residents of the dark planet Kochab have made
their one and only settlement on this planet, a place where they can
feed off the stolen energies of others.

Other male and female grid points nearby needed opening and closing
to allow this energy to flow more freely into the grid since it
could not be released all at once from its prison. These valave
spots were down along the road in various places. The ones in Cape
Cod needed closing down to restrict the flow of this energy to the
bottom-feeding rich people who reside there along with the Kennedys.
The grid points near Seabrook Nuclear Power Station needed to be
shut down as a precursor to the work to be done out at Montauk, Long
Island; Seabrook being the power source feeding negative energies
out into the grid from the torture and terrorism inflicted on
humankind by the experimentation going on at the Montauk time-
travel facility. The vortex/time-travel rift created by this
experiment had been a way for many different types of entity to
access our world and enter into this dimensional reality.

I requested of Guidance that I also be allowed to do the work to
restrict access to the grid by those dark forces headquartered in
New Haven, Connecticut, the center of darkness on this planet
through such organizations as The Skull and Bones, centered in and
around Yale University.

Thinking I was done for the day I followed where Guidance led and to
my dismay it led to driving all the way out to Montauk the tip of
Long Island at 11 o'clock at night in order to be able to do the
work early on before Darkness could follow my movements. Nine
hundred miles that day, but as I have learned over the past few
months of doing the important grid work, once you begin, the timer
starts clicking away the minutes that allow you to enter the same
motion of changing the flow of energy along the grid lines. It was
unexpected, but it was what was needed. Once you enter into service,
that's the only question you are really allowed to ask, "Is this all
necessary?" And then you just do it.

The next morning the iridium that would effect the darkside
accessing the grid in that point was planted near the Montauk site,
along with other grid points further on down the island where the
Montauk lines fed into other major grid patterns.

I asked Guidance about freeing up the stolen female energy stored
in 'Strawberry Fields', a locale in Central Park, New York City I
had thought was a key target in this adventure back East. They said,
no, not yet, some other grid points needed opening and closing
first. Some of these were in Pennsylvania, near Reading and
Allentown. Since the freeing up of the grid in California,
especially Mt. Shasta and Death Valley, more female energy was now
being allowed to flow through the grid. The grid bomb had been
diffused temporarily. The vril cannon near La Jolla meant to disturb
the female vortexes in the West had been de-activated. The stolen
consciousness of cities such as Tucson and Albuquerque had been
rescued and returned to the grid, albeit not to the specific cities
themselves. The Highest female energy in this Super Universe had
been freed up from the darkside and allowed to return to the Central
Universe for healing. This, the bravest soul in Creation, had
already returned in order to complete her mission of bringing sound-
encoding to this imperfectly created part of Creation.

It was a grand and wonderful time for humanity, but humanity slept
on. It was too complacent, too docile, too enamored of its daily
trips to Wal-Mart to be milked of its ever-dwindling energies.

Two days later I was back on Long Island headed to Montauk again to
help Gail with her mission to download grid symbols that would help
her 'turtle' people here on the planet. Again we asked about
stopping in Central Park to do that work there but again we got a
no. The darkside knew we were here and they planned well to defend
their stolen cache, but they could not foresee things the way our
Guidance could. A trip to Central Park by train the next day we were
told would not happen and instead we took a day of rest. As with
every mission we get, strange things do happen that oppose our
efforts-particularly in the form of weather. That next day, however,
the entire New York City subway/train system went down due to an
unexplainable power failure.

Instead, Gail and I were directed to drive to Atlantic City and free
up the sluice gates that would allow the trapped female energies to
escape. Three grid points later and the energies began to flow, not
as freely as if rescued from Central Park itself, but at least they
would re-enter the grid and be accessible to those that needed a
little more of the 'love energies' now almost non-existent on the
planet. We celebrated with breakfast at one of the casinos before
parting ways for now, she to pursue further 'turtle downloads' in
Kansas City and Cancun, and I to the hardest mission of all -
Orlando, Florida.

Heading South in Memorial Day weekend traffic I believed I was
stopping off in Tennessee to work with one of the mailing list on
her health. It has always been a part of my training not to keep the
work in my head where it might be accessed by the dimensional forces
aligned against the completion of the work. Right before heading
into TN I was side-tracked onto a different interstate. As usual, it
was important to follow moment-to-moment to Guidance, even though
the purpose was not fully evident to me yet.

The purpose did soon,however, become evident. It was Atlanta-the
Second Tower and the dark Eye of Sauron. This was the center of all
the New World Order's hopes and dreams for employing a New Jerusalem
template built across the United States to open up ALL the portals
for the dark forces to enter this reality and take over control of

It was, as usual with Guidance, impeccable timing. 5.30 P.M. on a
Memorial Day weekend Saturday. The traffic was light and the old
Saturn with its 174,000 miles was not strained by gridlocked road
conditions as it had been getting out of New York and New Jersey
this weekend.
I knew the point immediately because the tower built above it was
exactly that -in the shape of Sauron's Tower. It was Atlantic
Station, a new outdoor shopping center with underground parking and
a tower with unbelieveably similarly designed edges to that
portrayed in the Lord of the Rings movie. How arrogant The dakside
is with its 'in-your'face' controls. The one thing thy cannot
prepare for is the center of chaos theory itself -the flapping of
the butterfly's wings-the one person doing what he or she came here
to do and following the Guidance to do it, moment-by-moment.

The 'power point' was located in the grocery store, right in front
of the baby diapers and formula. Experience has taught me to e
nonchalant while doing the work looking like I belong, or at least
looking as harmless as I can during these paranoid times. It was 15
minutes in and out. A grocery store 'Memorial Day' burger as
celebration of the grid totally shut down to any chance of
utilization by the darkside for its New Jerusalem gridwork. I was
there when they tried to do it before during the times of Joan of
Arc and the Duke of Anjou. That time it had been the Gothic
cathedrals of Europe they had tried to use for their template. In
the unfinished plans of Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland lay the key to
the unfinished template.

Now it was the Phoenix itself rising from the ashes in the form of
the United States which provided a new opportunity to open up for
the invasion forces again. This time there were plenty more here to
help make this a reality, but once again they're planning didn't
account for the butterfly's wings.

I feel sorry for the woman who was supposed to get some healing that
day. I hoe she understands the greater need for humanity to be saved
first, at least those who are willing to go on with ascension.

A nap in a rest area beside the freeway gave me an opportunity to
download some of Gail's 'turtle' symbols so that I could implant
them into the grid between Montgomery and Mobile, Alabama-and then
the long hot drive into Orlando.

Now here I sit waiting for the call to rise and go do the major grid
points around the city before returning to San Diego. Orlando,
Disney's ultimate theme park and the perfect place to harness,
control and steal the energies of millions from around the world who
come here seeking only to have 'fun'-no wonder Hitler admired him so

The grid work is almost done. The world has been saved for future
generations who come here to rebuild after the coming devastation of
this Vril race now appearing on the planet seeking to control all of
Mankind. All of this is now . . . inevitable. Changes are here and
further changes will come very very soon, as we see every day if we
are watching the smaller events taking place around the world day by
day. The female energy is beginning to flow. Some empowered women
are rising to help the others understand the difference between
authentic female empowerment and that which Oprah represents, the
New World Order-controlled and manipulated female energies.

My work here is almost done and with a few more sound-encoding
treatments it will firmly be locked into the grid. Like the person
writing in the preface to this article, my health is not good.
Devices implanted in the Grid Points have effected my very core
energy structure so that it is difficult for a physical body to
maintain it. It will be a good time to leave before the fireworks
really begin, but then . . .

Hello Peter ~
My introduction to you was through my dear friend Jo. I feel
compelled to read more of your work and have enjoyed having my
perception opened further through all that I've read from you so far
(not yet including your books - but I'll surely get there). I
recall sadly shaking my head over reading the info. about Doreen
Virtue. Yes, I've read some of her books (among countless others of
the spiritual, consciousness raising variety over the years), but
the head shaking came more from wondering about "all the others" out
there bringing in the messages. And mostly, I feel sadder yet that
I cannot connect with my own highest source of information and have
a high level of discernment of my own that I can always count on.
Even my dowsing ability seems questionable to me lately. I was told
I should be able to easily channel information according to my Human
Design Analysis, but I don't. I was told these gifts would awaken
with cleansing, reactivation, reconnection of the DNA - it didn't.
I've participated in the 24 strand DNA activation offered by the
Rocky Mountain Mystery School. I was accepted by the Heirarchy and
participated in an Adept Initiation which I was led to believe
would futher my spiritual gifts, power and protection. Soon enough,
opportunities for spiritual evolution grew to include multi-
dimensional information. With enormously frustrating feelings of
being blocked, I have persued many types of clearing work both in
trainings and getting clearing help from others who have abilities I
do not. I once had a woman clear negative entities from me and go
on to clear one of my aspects who was apparently quite dark and some
awful dark filaments leading to me from my monad. This she said was
necessary for ascension - for all aspects to be cleared along with
me. I was supposed to feel better - I didn't. I've had healers
remove spiders from my heart, a crystal implant from the heart, some
sort of armour. I have been told that I'm from the angelic realm,
that I'm from a water world, that I'm Pleadian, Arcturian, etc., and
so too at last, that I'm an AI. The woman who told me (Jelaila from
the Nibiruan Council) was disgusted when she realized I was AI and
acted as if she really disliked me (to put it mildly). A timeline
was accessed during the week that our group was assembled for
Galactic Counselor training. It was revealed that I was an AI
scientist who created a scalar device that was pyramid shaped. This
was the device that was ultimately used to blow up Maldek. Because
(unlike many of the others there for the training) I couldn't access
my own information, this all sounded much like a story to me, but I,
along with several others, was successfully humiliated. I've tried
to put it all away and sought others to find out the truth... But
the problem is.... everyone accesses differently. The frustration
has grown into the knowing that I must access for myself. I need
help to understand who I am and how to get clear. How deep does
this rabbit hole go? How do I clear my karma? Where do the blocks
exist and how can I best clear them? I know I need a boost in
energy and clarity about my potential. I am one who has always
wanted to know the truth about everything. I want to know why I
feel so deperately inadequate to be AI (it must be deeper than my
rather crude introduction to learning that AI's exist). So that's
the nutshell version of my story of frustration. Thanks for bearing
with me. What does it mean for an AI not to have the complete
amount of soul? Can that be changed? Why am I crying now???
When you have a moment, please give me some sign from you. I write
to you tonight knowing that you are very much on the run these
days. Tomorrow afternoon, I will go out of town for the Memorial
Day weekend with my family. I ask you please, when you can, please
advise me on whether or how you can assist me. My discernment is
not completely AWOL. I do believe you can provide the level of
assistance I am longing for.
Be Well and BIG Thanks for Your Time ~

So many still left to help . . .