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and then came the end of time . . .
And then came the end of time . . .
by Peter Farley and Sue Ann Mikrut

With no real objectives or purposes to fight for anymore, the one thing the
military trainers can still instill in their troops to drive them into senseless
battles is the idea of 'No man left behind.' When a drill instructor gets his
raw recruits for a 6 or 12 week training program, his one way of showing them
love in the face of the tough outer persona he must put on is to teach them the
best he is able, knowing that soon their drills will not be drills and that the
enemies will be real. This is why so many recent 'teenage' rehabilitation
programs are based around the idea of a boot camp. It is being 'cruel' only to
be kind, for to not be tough on these recruits is to know that they will be
ill-equipped for the struggles that are soon to face them.

Teenagers are no different.

As most of us adults have at one time or the other realized, life is
rough and the 'it can't happen to me'-"I'm invincible' attitude we all hold as
kids soon disappears with the first layoff at our works, with the first major
illness in our families for wich we do not have the money to get the necessary
help, or the first death of a loved one or friend. Life is hard and students
these days are
like raw recruits going out into the battlefield ill-prepared for the
realities of what is out there, let alone for the sheer horrors of
what is to come for those uneducated or unaware.

It should be relaized that our teachers, our parents, our other
instructiors in life, have to be hard only to be kind. Tough love is
true love. Mushy love that only serves to weaken an individual is no
kind of love at all. It cripples the receiver and only helps to
satisfy the giver in their own weakened state to pass along their co-
dependence so that they no longer feel alone.

Sue Ann channeled the following piece from Aristenna tonight that deals with the
changes soon to come and how, in truth, we are already
beyond the time of choosing which side of the fence we need to be on
to deal with what is to come. Spirit has chosen these last few weeks
to 'scream' in a few people's faces as a last desperate measure to
get them off their fences but all to no avail. They flunked this same test in
past lifetimes and once again chose not to listen or get off their asses and do
the right thing. Again, Spirit always wants to
give it one more try, but eventually time runs out and there are others who also
need a chance.

I've used the photos of the tsunami in the Photos section of my 4truthseekers
yahoogroup a couple of times to prove a point, and I will reiterate that point
one more time. It's been told to me since day one that people would not budge
until they see the changes
coming directly in their faces. Well those photos prove one point --
even as the wave which will destroy them and their comfortable old
ways approaches, people will still not move until the wave is breaking over
their heads, obviously convinced that some type of miracle will save them rather
than their own two feet. ( )

The period of 'no time' described in the Mayan calendar is now coming to an
abrupt end and the transition period of earth changes
and destruction of the old ways of doing things will follow soon
there after. All you need to know is in the works available through
the website and the files section and postings of the group. If you
will not do the moment-to-moment Guidance practise then even that will not
matter for nothing else will be there to lead you when the earth shifts -- only
your own personal Guidance.

It's not bad news if you're at least going on with the ascension. Any
way you leave will allow you to take your next step, but if you
really want to make a statement about who you are and your
understanding that true spirituality is about what you do for others,
then you will learn and you will stay and you will be here to help in
whatever way you can. Every awake Being will be needed as the planet
charters a new course for a new destination and a new timeline not
quite yet determined.

It will take all the strength and courage you have. And rememeber, help those
who are going on. Do not waste your time with those who have chosen not to move
forward with their ascension process because
of their own silly choices. Discriminate. Allow Guidance to show you
where it is best to spend your limited energies and resources. Know you'll be
fine if you're doing this, for now is the time you have the chance to win your
greatest medals.

With Love, in service, Peter

Being Ready
8-07-07 through Sue Ann

Dear One.
WE want to let you know about what will be happening very soon.
Things will start to change weather wise even more than is evidenced
by today's headlines. Within a few weeks things will once again go
into extremes and not let up for a long, long time to come. Those
who will be ascending and those who will be going to another place to
finish out their lessons have almost been decided. There are
shockingly few who will be ascending with the planet. Those who have
developed their Guidance by this time will be given instructions as
to what they must do. Unfortunately those who have not developed
their guidance will be in a state of confusion. WE will be bringing
together those who will be able to help each other during these last
few times. This small community will be able to survive by
reinforcing their life outside the matrix.

This weekend you and Peter will be doing more important grid work.
WE will let you know on an as to need to know basis, just be ready to
go whenever it is time.

You have successfully extracted your sister from your energy field,
but you must do exactly what you have done with all the other things
you have been attached to; never long for anything from the past as
this will only bring it back and then you would have to detach from
it all over again. Let the past go completely as the future will be
completely new. WE are here to fill the void of the things you have
let go of. Fill it with the Creator FATHER'S LOVE and our LOVE and
our Guidance. WE are here to have those conversations with you that
you used to have with the people of your past. WE LOVE you very,
very much and love talking with you.

With Much LOVE and Guidance,
Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light