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animals, ascension and stephen king
Two recent movies have shown how animals play a major part in warning of potential disasters. One is Nicolas Cage's Knowing where visions of what's about to take place with the planet is shown through visions to the children, one of which is masses of animals running from forests all aflame. The second movie which is even more relevant to what's taking place on the planet right now is the movie made by Lawrence Kasden of Stephen King's novel, Dreamcatcher.

In this prophetic novel/movie, the animals are shown running from the forests en masse but all stricken with disease. In 2005's New, And Ominous Warnings Being Given to the Americas By: Sorcha Faal, she wrote:

"As the world continues to reel today from a seeming to be never ending series of global chaotic events, more ominous signs of imminent cataclysmic events are continuing to occur.

"Reports have been received today that another warning sign from the whales has now been delivered to the doorsteps of the Americas with the beaching of a large pod of "at least 17" whales in the North Carolina Region of the United States. Another media report says about this event, "More than 30 pilot whales beached themselves on the coast early Saturday, and at least 15 of them died, officials said."

"Prior warnings to the Great Tsunami of 2004 were given by the whales to the peoples of the Indian Ocean region, and where in this news report we can read, "In late November a pod of 53 pilot whales beached themselves at Maria Island less than a day after 97 pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins died on King Island."

"Western people continue to be in much amazement with animal warnings, and especially with the news reports from the Indian Ocean region where, it is acknowledged, "Wildlife officials have found no evidence of large-scale animal mortality, instead there was evidence of life -wild and free. Along the Cuddalore coast, where thousands perished, cattle, dogs and other domestic animals survived." , as detailed in this one report titled, "Animal Instincts Can Save" from India.

"Animal instincts are so linked to each other, and human beings, and to such a strong extent, that among the hundreds of reports received from the devastated regions we can see that even the elephants worked to save themselves, and also human beings, from mass death. "Agitated elephants felt the tsunami coming, and their sensitivity saved about a dozen foreign tourists from the fate of thousands killed by the giant waves." it was reported by media sources from New Zealand.

"The connection to human beings also with these warnings can be seen also by independent Swiss Researcher Michael St. Clair in this report from the Australia Magazine Nexus about the 1908 Tunguska Explosion in the Siberian Region of Russia, in which it is said, "Obeying some inner sense and supporting, as it were, the pronouncements of the shamans, the wild animals began to leave. The birds flew from their nesting grounds, the swans left the lakes and the fish disappeared from the rivers. An immense expanse of taiga, measuring several tens of thousands of square kilometers, lost its fauna. Only those who did not believe the shamans' words remained in the danger zone . . ." January 16, 2005,

In a March 15th interview with radio talk show host Michael Savage, retired geologist Jim Berkland (who predicted the World Series Earthquake of 1989) said unusual animal behavior, along with other factors like tidal patterns and lunar alignment, are earthquake predictors because they indicate changes in the earth's magnetic field. He cites the recent incident of millions of dead fish turning up along the California coastline prior to the Japan quake and tsunami. Before the Loma Prieta quake in 1989, Berkland noted that in addition to lunar/tidal factors, twice the usual number of cats and dogs were listed as missing by pet owners in California prior to the quake.

Over the past year or so of growing planetary unrest and catastrophes the reports of mass animal die-offs and strange animal behavior have been myriad. And, with each new earthquake or volcanic eruption, new stories of animal forewarnings emerge. The very timely website Extinction Protocol documents many of these animal events in a number of sections along with the 'earth changes' you don't hear too much about in the mainstream media:

In response to my Guidance-led writings on the planetary ascension we're all now going through, many people e-mail me telling me how they're going survive by living off the land, weapons locked and loaded.

Unfortunately, the reality of all this is that many to most of the animal population will suffer right along with the human population. The oceans, lakes and streams are all so polluted in one form or another that even the fish and marine life don't want to live in them. New World Order-bred chronic wasting disease ( seems to infect much of the deer population of the country. The air is polluted, much of the ground and ground water is polluted so that even if these earth changes weren't taking place, Mother Earth and along with her, mankind, would have little chance of surviving another two decades as things are currently going.

Reality bites. So many people that think they know something about the ascension process and what the planet and its population are going through, really don't understand what's about to take place or the severe consequences it's going to have on those not spiritually in-tune, and physically prepared as well.

A number of people have reported to me lately their instinctive drive right now to get 'in shape', just as my own Guidance is now pushing me to be more physically prepared for what's about to take place, along with the other dimensions of preparedness I've already worked on. One must be fit and 'in-tune' with all levels of this multi-dimensional process known as ascension if one is going to stay to be of service to Creation in assisting to ground the new paradigm here. If not, you will be leaving for other ports of call in Creation's endless panoply of experiential holographic life choices.

Just a friendly warning in case you weren't once a boy scout and haven't adopted their motto for what's going on and what the animal population of the world is trying to tell you -- Be prepared.

In service, Peter