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Announcing: The Essential Spiritual Survival Trainings
Announcing: The Essential Spiritual Survival Trainings

Over the number of years I've been doing this type of work, things
have changed as times have changed and as people's needs have
changed. I've done three day intensive healing workshops, one day
healing workshops, channeling classes, talks on many of the various
elements of what's taking place depending on the message the
Spiritual Hierarchy wanted to get out at the time . . I've been 'out
of circulation' for almost a year now writing Vol 6 --The True Nature
of Planet Earth and doing work on the grid system of the planet and
the place this planet plays in this time of healing for the

A little vague? well I probably have a larger body of work on all
these subjects and how they fit together than anyone else, so it's
hard to pin things down because the subject matter covers every area
of awareness. As the energies of the planet have changed and, people
want to step up and bat but without quite knowing how or having their
own skills honed, the focus has shifted. As I have said before, until
now They have wanted to help those people who want to help be ready
for what is to come. I have been working with the Spiritual
Hierarchy for a decade now until, as anyone who spends time with me
can tell you, I don't do ANYTHING --from eating to sleeping to going
to the bathroom-- without asking Guidance, because that is the level
I have to be at to do this type of work. I have had to live what it
is They want me to teach. Hence, the great difficulties I have lived
thru and such episodes as dealing with the four hurricanes in Florida
last year even though I had been warning many not to be there at that
time for a long time before it occurred. There is literally nothing
that has come into my healing room that I cannot relate to and no
experience coming to this planet in the future that I have not dealt
with on one level or another, the microcosm or the macrocosm. I have
taught every level of school in my life as well as cleaning many
toilets so that I would know how to reach every type of audience
except for those whose decisions are already made. I have had to
survive in every kind of spiritually dangerous situation as written
about in so many of my works, and worked with almost every type of
Being in this area of Creation so I could then go out on the road and
do these kind of talks, classes and workshops.

You (Kristin) and a few others were the stimulus for starting this
next phase of the work, the Essential Spiritual Survival Trainings.
It happened what, less than a week ago, so to say there is anything
on paper besides what they have given me as the basic work to cover,
there is not, but it never takes me long to put something together. I
write my 300 page volumes of the book in 4-5 weeks each--and if you
read them they're the highest information available on the subject.
They're not just channeled work either, but rather thoroughly
researched and intricately put together unlike any other works out
there. I/They realize my credibility is needed to attract people to
come to such training sessions, but it is there in every word I have
written over the past 6-7 years, not one word of which is without
Their Guidance, and in every moment of the life I have been living
over the past decade. Hence, I can and will give you an outline to
tell people what this will be all about, but people have a terrible
habit of wanting me to explain everything over and over again to each
one of them individually rather than do their own legwork of reading
what has been written through me. I cannot and the Spiritual
Hierarchy do not want me to cater to that anymore. People have to do
their own legwork. This whole thing will get too big to cater to
people's tendency to laziness.

One thing all of us must realize in doing this work is that so many
have already made their decisions on which way they are going in this
time of choosing. It is simply those who are still sitting on their
fences who can still be 'saved', with no attachment to which choice
they make. Our job is simply to help educate them to which choices
there are and the resulting consequences.

California and the West Coast being full of New Agers have not been
easy to crack so I have not done much out that way yet. On the East
Coast it has been easier because they did not buy into "the old
teachings in the new package" of New Age so easily so that has been
our focus for quite a while right now, but now it is time to take
this nationally wherever people want and are willing to help us get
them started. The costs of it are very reasonable since Guidance
knows everyone is pretty much suffering from a lack of energy of all
forms right now. Having people get up and be ready for what is coming
down the turnpike is much more important as the time grows shorter.
The same with the reduction in the healing session costs and the
talks by donation only. If we can get people to the talks, the rest
will fall into line. Soul is the only aspect of Being that can
absorb the higher truths and so people gain that understanding on the
higher level if we simply put the message forward.

New Orleans and Katrina are only the latest wake-up call for Mankind
that things are changing and if you refuse to get the message, if you
refuse to change your ways of thinking, if you are attached to the
old ways of thinking and living and being, you shall not survive what
is to come down, and your chances of ascension are going to be buried
beneath those very ways of thinking you cling to.

My writings have said over and over again that the general
consciousness of this planet and many others involved with this
planet are not going on with the ascension process. Any aware person
can see the tombstones in the eyes of those people walking past them
on the street these days. Whole cities have had their consciousnesses
wiped out over the past few months as a part of the New World Order
takeover and control of the grid. Violence and anger grow everywhere
we turn. Now, finding anyone who is even half awake in many areas of
the planet is almost impossible. This is not a judgment. This is not
a lack of compassion. This is a recognition of the choices people in
general have made to stay in denial of what is taking place on the
planet and the denial within their own personal consciousnesses.

As Bob Taft shared with me the other day after sending out my article
on the makeup of the US (alien-wise): "By the way, in your post "How
we were Controlled" a very psychic and very aware friend wrote
back: "Most interesting. Rings true. Too bad folks won't give up
their egoism and thus stay trapped in the prison."

Indeed, people remain in their self-imposed prisons because they want
me to prove there is a God to them rather than lifting their own
abilities to see things the way they really are. Their own laziness
creates and maintains the prison in which they exist.

Recently, two of our best channelers in the group made their choices
not to move forward with their spiritual missions here on the planet.
Even contact with the highest spiritual energies in Creation couldn't
help them overcome their own egos and the cowardice that stems from
the lack of willingness to take responsibility for who it is they are
and what they came here to do. I have been through that. You have
been through that. And everyone at some time has to face that choice
of self-will versus Higher Will. It is the nature of the war taking
place in all this area of Creation. But Guidance has us all move on,
knowing there will be others to take their place. Should we all sit
and mourn their loss? No, as those who live in the true spirituality
we have to move on and respect their choice as their exercising their
most important freedom in Creation ?the right of Free Will.

Their choice to blame others for their decision-making is the essence
of cowardice ? the unwillingness to take responsibility for who they
are and what they do. I am constantly criticized for not catering to
people's laziness and lack of respect for what it is I work with when
all I do is work for Creation on every level of existence at every
moment of the day. This is because so few people have a realistic
understanding of what it is to be a spiritual warrior. Turning the
other cheek, allowing people to try and pull others down to their own
level, is NOT the way of true spirituality. It is the Christian-New
Age idea of being tolerant of even those who would steal our basic
freedoms from us. It is the denial of the darkness that rules this
corner of the Universe, hiding in so many disguises, and which it has
been my task to help educate people to.

It is the nature of Mankind to try and bring God down to their level
rather than lifting themselves up to where they can be the conscious
co-workers with the Creator and the Higher Levels of Creation. We
are here to help those who want help AND who are willing to do the
work and make the choices that support their desire for higher levels
of awareness, the awareness that comes with service to and with
Spirit and the Creator energies of the Universe. We are NOT here to
support people in their victim states of consciousness. This is a war
for the survival of all of Creation and there are no victims in war.

In service, with love and best wishes, Peter

The trainings Guidance is having me put together -- The Essential
Spiritual Survival Trainings--are one-day intensives held over a
weekend where a `by donation' talk is given on the Friday night, the
training done all day Saturday, and the Sunday used for personal
healing sessions or further healing training. Details of the
trainings will be forthcoming shortly. They can be done ANYWHERE in
the United States with at least ten people in attendance for the
training (at a cost of $55 per person). Right now a session is being
organized for Sacramento, California. Other target areas mentioned by
the Spiritual Hierarchy are Portland, OR; San Antonio, Texas; and
Phoenix, AZ. If you can help set up an event in any of these areas it
would be greatly appreciated. After these, Guidance is willing and
has always been willing to send me anywhere someone is willing to
host me or help set up an event of any size. You help is all that is
required to again, help so many others. You can help the helpless in
the events that have already taken place, or you can help so many
more to deal with or even prevent those events scheduled to occur in
the very, very near future. The choice is yours, the medals are