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Another essential for the changing times - Taragon
With the changing vibrations of the planet and environment, one thing
most effected is the human digestive tract. The Spiritual Hierarchy
have asked me to suggest as a staple in people's diets to help deal
with these various and sundry problems (imcluding sleeping problems
associated with poor dietary choices). . tarragon, most specifically
the OIL.

Tarragon Oil:

Tarragon is a pungent, bright green perennial that has a warm flavor
similar to Anise. It is a very versatile spice, and is often used in
poultry, fish, and seafood dishes, as well as with fruits, vegetables,
and soups. Tarragon has been a popular spice in Europe since the 16th
century, when it was first cultivated in southern Europe. Tarragon Leaf
also has medicinal use, and not unlike most spices has been used to
relieve indigestion and other complaints of the stomach and bowels. It
has also been employed against loss of appetite due to illness, and was
combined with Horehound in cases of sickness with cough. It was once
believed that Tarragon Leaf could cure insect stings and snakebites, as
well as the bites of rabid dogs. A tea made with Tarragon and Chamomile
has been used to induce sleep. Tarragon Leaf is also a mild diuretic.
The herb was used in Ancient Greece as a toothache remedy, which makes
sense due to its containing eugenol, a natural anesthetic.