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Another Time And An Inner Place Pt1
Another Time And An Inner Place Part 1
by Peter Farley

"According to John Lear, William Cooper, and several other
the U.S. government may have made a 'pact' with a non-human race
as early as 1933. According to some this 'race' is not human as we
know it,
yet it claims to have it's origin on earth several thousands of
years ago."

As a novelist, H. G. Wells made his debut with The Time Machine in
which the narrator, Hillyer, discusses with his friends the theories
of time travel. A week later their host has an incredible story to
tell - he has returned from the year 802701. The Time Traveler had
found two peoples: the Eloi, weak and little, who live above ground
in a seemingly Edenic paradise, and the Morlocks, bestial creatures
that live below ground, who eat the Eloi.

The Traveler's beautiful friend Weena is killed, and he flees into
the far future where he encounters "crab-like creatures" and
things "like a huge white butterfly" that have taken over the
planet. In the year 30,000,000 he finds lichens, blood-red sea and a
creature with tentacles. He returns horrified back to the present.
Much of the realistic atmosphere of the story was achieved by
carefully studied technical details, the basic principles of the
time machine itself containing materials regarding time as the
fourth dimension years before Albert Einstein published his theory
of the four dimensional continuum of space-time.

The Time Machine was followed by The Island of Dr. Moreau (1896),
which we have already seen is a very accurate depiction of
Mankind's `creation' by the Annunaki. The story is told in flashback
by a man named Prendick, who concludes the tale: "Even then it
seemed that I, too, was not a reasonable creature, but only an
animal tormented with some strange disorder in its brain, that sent
it to wander alone, like a sheep stricken with the gid.".

The history of planet Earth goes back far beyond where we picked up
the story 100,000 years ago. The Alien Energy Forms I have found
that are spreading throughout the foodchain and infesting human
beings with a Mad Cow-like disease, particularly in upstate NY where
I first researched them, were here long before we were ( I am told)?
whatever that means. They feed upon a human's energy form and `grow'
the longer they are inside the person's energy field. Some of them
seem more sentient than others?not too different from Wells' version
of the Morlock and the Eloi.

Throughout his long life Wells was deeply concerned with and wrote
voluminously about the survival of contemporary society. For a time
he was a member of the Fabian Society, envisioning a utopia in which
the vast and frightening material forces available to modern men and
women would be rationally controlled for progress and for the equal
good of all.

His final novel, Mind at the End of Its Tether (1945) expressed the
author's doubts about the ability of humankind to survive under such
technological advancement.

As we have seen, it is indeed the technological advancements made
by `the scientists' that are both killing us, and imprisoning us,
even though media has a penchant for telling us we are all living
longer and healthier lives.

Time itself, is a neutral force like all of the energies of
Creation. It has been one of the central themes of this first five
volumes, whether the word has been used or not ?for is that not what
history is, a record of time? The powers that seek to control
Mankind have used Time as a weapon, both to use the past to create
their image of a Future, and to use the Future to alter the
undesirable Past. These are the things that happened in truly pre-
`historic' times?the times the New World Order do not wish us to
know about in their falsified telling of history.

Many of us too have come `back from the Future' to heal this past in
which we now find ourselves. This is the inspiration for many many
movies about time and `coming back from the future," not the least
of which is '12 Monkeys'?recommended viewing for those reading this

Time is an intricate puzzle. As we said in another chapter, time is
a slinky, but it's also a Maze. Some of these movies talk
about `different timelines,' and this is where most of us get lost.
I have met people who were a part of the Montauk experiments in
Time, others besides Al Bielek, `people' whose travels through time
have created separate timelines that needed to be brought back
together (remembering Time is circular) before they could go on with
what might be called, 'normal lives.' Others who seem schizophrenic
may be people who are in fact `lost in Time.' And, like others I
have worked on, Al Bielek still has a time warp around him which
allows other entities to access through this gateway into this time
and this dimension.

The end of the Mayan calendar in 2012/2013 represents a crossroads
in Time where some will go one way and others another, depending
upon their choices.