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Another Time And An Inner Place Pt 2
Another Time And An Inner Place Pt 2
By Peter Farley

The end of the Mayan calendar in 2012/2013 represents a crossroads
in Time where some will go one way and others another, depending
upon their choices. It is also the end of time as we know it.

A friend wrote to me a while ago to fill me in on what was going on
in her life at the time, and the changes she was encountering, many
of which might seem familiar to us all right now:

"In this time there seems to be many changes and shifts, both in
focus and in process. I hope that you will find your way through in
KNOWING. Although there are many things going on in my life right
now, I do not think that any are out of the Father's Hand, simply a
closing of this past time and a shifting to the future. Usually this
time of transition has a few bumps in the process and this time is
no exception . . . This time is simply built of extreme change and
the development of readiness to begin the times coming. I suppose
the worst part of this time is the trying to make today as the past
rather than allowing today to be as it is - neither the past nor the
future. It is always a pleasure to hear from you, Peter . . . You
are going to find your way through because you have had all the
lessons. The understandings you have been given will, if you allow
them to come to you, bring you where you need to be. I wish you well
in your future and know that eventually, when this time is over, we
will all meet again in the Father. My new life will be starting soon
and from the moment it begins, the life I have lived here will be
ended. This means, as I understand it, that nothing I have endured
in this time will ever happen again and that those who were here to
grow with me and who have chosen their way will not be part of my
new life. I have mixed feelings about this, but I see the future
shining brightly.

". . . This time is an ending/beginning for all of us. The past 14
years of working, learning and growing is ending and the new
beginning will be a clean break from all that I have known in the
past. There will be no past in my future. This means both places and
the people who have occupied them. I give to you a promise that just
as you will be striving to grow and be prepared for this time, so
shall I. I also promise you that the future is of the Father and
that there is nothing that will stop the changes coming, for the
ending of the Darkness here is inevitable. I look forward to that
time. I wish you the very best. The Light to guide you is always
present and visible if you but choose to look. Kathy "

A statement my guidance has given me that has helped me understand
the difference between time in our dimension and time in the higher
spiritual realms is "Time is everything, and time is nothing."
Everything in our realm because it is what we do with this time that
creates our choices for the future. Time is nothing in Their realm,
for even though time does move a lot slower in the ascending realms
or dimensions, in the highest levels, time and even the concept of
eternity do not really exist.

What Kathy once had occurring in her life, also seems to be
happening in mine ? all those with whom I have created karma with in
past lives seem to have been led to me in this one to `work it out'
or `let it go' so I can then move on into the new paradigm taking no
baggage along with me.

This is possible for all of us right now, within this time of
transition, but the work MUST be done and the INTENT must made to
rid ourselves of all that is of the old understanding.

Time also cannot be mentioned without some mention of place, and
much has been written these days about 'the Inner Earth.' In
beginning to write this work, my guidance preferred to call
it "an Inner Place" because, although it is underneath the normal
crust of the planet, it does not comprise the interior of the earth
itself as people would think of with works such as Journey to the Center of the
Earth as their ideal.

Since beginning this work, the stories of an Inner Earth have always
been somewhat negated by my guidance, however there has been a lot of discussion
about portals and entry ways into an inner place, some of which somehow related
to that mysterious place in France called Rennes-le-Chateau, and to "the Hollow
Earth." The clues have been tantalizing.

The understanding I have been given, the experiences I have had since first
writing this piece, and the clues throughout
the book now become clearer. That is that there is a maze of underground bases
on the planet that stem from the time of Atlantis, with certain entrance and
exit points, many of which are marked by
pyramids and temple or sacred sites. Some of these entryways
are 'under water,' which makes sense of UFOs seen disappearing into
oceans and harbors around the world. These bases are, for the most
part, interconnected and now very heavily utilized by the New World
Order for their own purposes, as they once were used for storage and
transfer of items such as the Visigoth treasure. They also act as
underground bases, or like the one discussed in the book with regard to the
South Polar region, as underground operations centers.
This underground system utilizes many of the gas-pocket caves our
wrinkled earth crust contains, described by Commander X in one of
his many compilations. It is possible to utilize this underground
system to move beyond continental boundaries.

Just as in Wells' The Time Machine where the Morlocks have adapted
themselves to underground living as a protection against events
taking place on the surface, there are also underground "aliens"?
though guidance prefers to call them `Beings", some of whom have
been experienced and written about during paranormal
investigations. Some have had contact with surface humans, and yes, some just
like the Morlocks, have been known to eat humans.