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arcturians and the universal experience
Arcturians and The Universal Experience
From: WildRiverRouge@...
Subject: Arcturians
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2007 23:56:47 EDT
Peter, I am a Tribal Elder, I have heard some wonderful things about the Arcturians. They have an agenda far above and beyond the others in the universe. And they have powers that are far superior to others in the universe that they use for good. What's your opinion and take on this? I have several younger students asking many questions about this.

Pale Horse

My respects, Pale Horse.
Indeed, if Elvis Presley can be considered a good example of an Arcturian then yes, Arcturians are above the rest, but having worked with his spirit as it still seeks to learn his lessons here on the planet then I know that Arcturians have their lessons much as anyone else does.
Arcturians are the 'creative people' such as Mozart, Brahms, many of the classical musicians, Elvis, many artists of some renown, and some of the greater sculptors and writers --it is the star system where Soul learns to express itself in the many different forms available to it 'artistically', but it is just one stop along the way of an endless number of classrooms through which each individual fragment (which we all are) of the One larger Soul MUST travel on our path of learning and experiencing every aspect of the Creator's grander body called Creation.
To say they are higher as 7th dimensional Beings than any other is silly for this is a 14 dimensional SuperUniverse with a 15th dimension being manifested as we speak as this planet rises now to fully plant itself into the 5th world or 5th dimension. IS an apple better than an orange, or are they simply different fruit?
Of course this is the Jacob's Ladder of progress through the dimensional planes and experiences we all must make on our way to learning the only true lesson there is --the unconditional love of the FATHER and of all IT's Creation -- and then service to the FATHER and all that WE helped manifest.
Arcturus is simply another stop along the way. Can u see the grander picture from the 7th floor of a building or from the 14th floor of a building?
As I'm sure you know every Native American tribe and most indigenous peoples point to the Pleiades as the home of their Star Elders. The Pleiades are for the most part 6th dimensional, chased there as star history tells us by the Sirians, the 'dog' star working for the Orion's 'the Hunters'. Until I nearly got sucked into a nasty little trap by a Pleiadean New Age speaker working for the darkside it just hadn't occurred to me that the Pleiadeans were anything but 'peaceful' and working for the Light.
It was the Pleiadeans who were the main forces for the Light in the Mars-Maldek wars against the Sirians and the Annunaki (reptilians) to protect Planet Earth which left Mars a dead planet except for a few living below the surface, and Maldek a floating garbage dump we now call the asteroid belt.
Ascended Masters, archangels, the White Brotherhood, you name it . . Thoth Himself, all have their darkside participants and those working for the Light and those playing both sides of the fences. There are good and 'bad' reptilians just as correctly portrayed in the old TV miniseries "V". The forces of Creation are neutral and to be a Master of these forces does not say to which side you have aligned yourself with. People do not think of most of these New Age Ascended Masters as being anything but positive, but Thoth's confession, posted in my yahoogroup recently, helps us understand the grander nature of the war at large between those of the dark and those working for the Light. He has been the guiding force, the Darth Vader if you will, for almost all the darkside agenda since early on in this SuperUniverse's creation. And now he seeks to heal and to help undo what has been done to make this corner of creation so, so dark
This weekend we will be forced to separate those forces of darkness and Light as we seek to shut down the use of Mt Shasta by the darkside agenda, while still protecting this sacred place for the workers for the Light. A difficult task to say the least. And it has a lot to do with the Face on Mars at Cydonia, a remnant left by your peoples from long, long ago.
Someone needs to do a better job of explaining the agenda of each and very aspect of the local star systems involved. I have done my best in the 7 volumes written so far of Where Were You Before the Tree of Life? but as much as anything the writing has been guided for me to understand the grander situation so I would be able to do the grid work I've been doing to overcome the stranglehold the New World Order has on this planet right now.
The Spiritual Hierarchy have decreed that between now and the full ascension of the planet, They (and those who wish to participate) will be going for 'broke' in terms of overcoming the darkside agenda on not only this planet, but also on all the planets under darkside control in this corner of the Universe. Welcome to my world . . and we're all in need of a few more warriors who know how to do more than just speak fancy words.
Thank you for all you and your peoples do to help the rest of us understand there is more to life than raping and pillaging our most beautiful planet of all.
With Love, in service, Peter