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arcturians and the universal experience‏
RE: [4truthseekers] Arcturians and The Universal Experience

It seems impossible to convince New Age people that their gods and
gurus are just darkside manipulators who have no intention of doing anything but harvesting their energies or shutting them down by convincing them that everything is being taken care of and there is no need to \'worry\' let alone get up and do anything about the worlds situation.

Into this group are those who are convinced that one particular
alien race or another is going to come take care of everything for us, unlike Mike\'s Lyrans who themselves said the other day \"WE ARETHE CAVALRY!)

Here is Irene\'s original posting, and what follows is a response
from the Lyrans I asked Mike to channel for us . . .

Hi Pale Horse and Peter

Have a look at>
Janosh, who works very closely with the Arcturians, is doing some
wonderful work around the planet spreading the word and the work of the Arcturians. He will be in Hawaii for the 7:7 activation on 7th July. He has been already addressed the United Nations on a number of occasions. His artwork and designs are transformational.

We met him last year during the activations he did in Melbourne in
April and will again see him in November when he returns to Australia. The Keys of the Arcturians, based on the sacred geometric designs in the crop circles are beautiful and have holographic codes embedded within them.

Love and Light

Irene & Peter Kormoci
Health Healing & Insight
PO Box 362
South Yarra, Victoria, Australia. 3141

Irene 0408 005 408
Peter 0415 221 185



I would like to ask the Lyran Team what they know about Janosh in
particular and about the Arcturians in general?

We understand your question and can give you information about this.
Janosh is a talented artist from Arcturius. But, like the rest of
the group his head is in the clouds and his feet seem to never touch the ground. This is good in the sense of inspiration for artistic ideas and endeavors, but does not serve this entity well in practicality and also lends itself to a certain naivety as well.

It is true that this entity and the Arcturians have talents, skills
and abilities that will help in the ascension of the Earth. The only
problem is, they think they have all the answers when in truth they have a few of the answers. An example would be having only a hammer to build a house. You may have the most beautiful, technologically advanced hammer ever produced, and you may have really great thoughts and ideas about the hammer and what it can do, but in
reality having this great hammer is only going to get you part way
through building a house. Have you ever tried to saw a board with a hammer?

The dark side knows this, which is why they will gladly throw this
Arcturian a bone as in the case of the UN showing. Why would a dark
establishment such as the UN allow something through their doorways that in the end could be a detriment to their plans and purposes? This is a way of soothing this entity\'s ego, but in the end does little in the way of lasting consequences for the betterment of Earth\'s ascension.

The Arcturians as a group love to have their egos stroked and will
even give up the power they have for the small ego gratification they receive. The example of Elvis is a good one in that he gave away his power to Col. House in return for money and prestige instead of honoring the gift within and using that gift for the betterment of the Earth which he knew to do as his mission to
Earth. This is all we have on this matter at this time.

Your Lyran Team from the otherside.