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Are you Prepared?


by Peter Farley
Andr? Gonzatti and Erica Grier

"As for a possible New World Order takeover, some skeptics -- in
spite of the lessons that should have been learned from World War
II -- claim that conditions could never reach such a point. However
what if the following report has any truth to it?
"#3 - Keep in mind that the following incident ties together the
United Nations-new World Order scenario, the Oklahoma City area, and
multi-national U.N.-backed military forces now training on American
soil. The following information comes from a source which has
investigated actual United Nations' preparations, in the United
States, to deal with any resistance to a 'New World Order'

Take note that FEMA is a major New World Order front with SEVERAL
extensive operational underground bases which, like underground
Trojan horses, exist beneath strategic locations throughout the
United States:

"'FINCEN' confirmed pre-deployment locations: south and east-central
California; west-central Montana; north Texas; west-central
Wisconsin; north-east Illinois; south-east Michigan; central
Indiana; south-west Ohio; north New York; south Delaware; south
Maryland; north-east Virginia. north-east North Carolina; central
south Florida.

"All FINCEN equipment is black, FINCIN uniforms, helicopters, etc.
FINCEN are foreign military and secret police brought into the
United States for deployment against the U.S. citizens. Most
identified FINCEN units are at company strength (160+). Some are as
large as brigade strength (2600+).

"FINCEN'S mission is:
"A) House to house search and seizure of property and arms.
"B) Separation and categorization of men, women and children as
prisoners in large numbers.
"C) Transfer to detention facilities of aforementioned prisoners.
"Confirmed MJTF [Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force] police locations:
north-west Washington; central, south California; south-west, south-
east, north Wyoming; north, north-west, south-west Nebraska; north
Texas; south-east Missouri; west-central, south-east Wisconsin;
north-east Illinois; central, south-east Michigan; central Indiana;
north-central Kentucky; south, south-west Ohio; north, south-east
New York; south-central North Carolina; west-central Georgia; south-
east Florida; central(south) Alaska.

"'The MJTF is the velvet glove on the iron fist ? motto on the cover
page of the MJTF guidelines and authorizing legislation.
"The MJTF Police is made up of:

1) MILITARY - Converts those National Guard Units that are not
banned by the president, into a National Police Force.
2) Converts all surviving local and state police to national police.
3) Converts street gangs into law enforcement units for house to
house searches [L.A., Chicago, and New York are in the process now]
1) House to house search and seizure of property and firearms.
2) Separation and categorization of men, women and children as
prisoners in large numbers.
3) Transfer to and the operation of detention camps in the U.S. [43+

central, south California; north-west, west, south-west Montana;
south Arizona; north Texas; east Michigan; north, south-east New
York; north New Jersey; north-west, north-central, north-east North
Carolina; west-central Georgia . . .
"Detention facilities authorized through FEMA and augmented by DOD
budget amendment passed with 1991 fiscal budget:
"north, south-west, south-east Wyoming; north-west, north-east,
south Nebraska; north, central(?) Texas; central Wisconsin; central,
south-west, south, south-east Michigan; north-east, west-central,
south Indiana; north-west, north-east, central, south Ohio; west,
north, east New York.

A) Each site can detain between 32,000 to 44,000 people min.
B) It is indicated that the Texas and Alaskan sites may be much
larger and more heavily armed.
C) For the areas west of the Mississippi, OKLAHOMA CITY is the
central processing point for detainees and can handle up to 100,000
people at a time.
D) The Eastern processing center is not yet identified at this time.
"Detention facilities -- 23 FEMA Authorized and stationed; 20 DOD
[Department of Defense] Budget authorized and stationed -- 43 TOTAL.
#4 - The following is from the Patriot Archives ftp site at:

The Federal Emergency Management Agency
Although an excellent article, the January 1995 edition
of 'Monitoring Times' magazine published only a tiny portion of what
FEMA has been tasked by Executive Order to perform. FEMA was brought
into existence by Executive Order.
All the frequencies I have for FEMA follow my comments here:
Federal Emergency Management Agency [F.E.M.A.] [and other emergency
F.E.M.A. [Federal Emergency Management Agency] has been 'authorized'
for the past 15 years by Presidential Executive Orders to confiscate
ALL PROPERTY from the American People, separate families in the
current 43 internment camps [already built and operational by the
way, 5 of which are located in Georgia. The largest can confine
somewhere on the order of 100,000 American citizens], called
relocation camps by the 'government', for assignment to work camps;
declares martial law and totally OVER-RIDES the U.S. Constitution.
Presidential Executive Orders that are related or control this are
given at the end of this. Two of the state prisons here in Georgia
are currently empty, although manned by a minimal number of staff,
have been setup and intentionally unpopulated by prisoners just to
support this political policy.

Concentration [internment] Camps. An Executive Order signed by then
President BUSH in 1989 authorized the Federal Emergency Management
Agency [F.E.M.A.] to build 43 primary camps [having a capacity of
35,000 to 45,000 prisoners EACH] and also authorized hundreds of
secondary facilities. It is interesting to note that several of
these facilities can accommodate 100,000 prisoners. These facilities
have been completed and many are already manned but as yet contain
no prisoners. [Remember all the talk of over-crowded prisons that
exist...]. In south Georgia there are several state prisons that
except for a few guards, are completely devoid of prisoners.
Under F.E.M.A., the Executive Orders which are already written and
is the current law of the land, calls for the COMPLETE suspension of
the United States Constitution, all rights and liberties, as they
are currently known. The following executive orders which are in the
Federal Register located in Washington DC for anyone to request
copies of, call for the suspension of all civil rights and liberties
and for extraordinary measures to be taken in, as most of the orders
state, "any national security emergency situation that might
confront the government." When F.E.M.A. is implemented, the
following executive orders will be immediately enforced:

? E.O. 12148 - FEMA national security emergency, such as:
national disaster, social unrest, insurrection, OR national
financial crisis.
? E.O. 10995 - "... provides for the seizure of ALL
communications media in the United States."
? E.O. 10997 - "... provides for the seizure of ALL electric
power, petroleum, gas, fuels and minerals, both public and private."
? E.O. 10998 - "... provides for the seizure of ALL food
supplies and resources, public and private, and ALL farms, lands,
and equipment."
? E.O. 10999 - "... provides for the seizure of ALL means of
transportation, including PERSONAL cars, trucks or vehicles of any
kind and TOTAL CONTROL over all highways, seaports, and waterways."
? E.O. 11000 - "... provides for the SEIZURE OF ALL AMERICAN
PEOPLE for work forces under federal supervision, including
SPLITTING UP OF FAMILIES if the government has to."
? E.O. 11001 - "... provides for government seizure of ALL
health, education and welfare functions."
? E.O. 11002 - "... designates the postmaster general to
operate a national REGISTRATION of all persons." [Under this order,
you would report to your local post office to be separated and
assigned to a new area. Here is where families would be separated].
? E.O. 11003 - "... provides for the government to take over
ALL airports and aircraft, commercial, public and PRIVATE."
? E.O. 11004 - "... provides for the Housing and Finance
Authority to relocate communities, designate areas to be abandoned
and establish new locations for populations."
? E.O. 11005 - "... provides for the government to TAKE OVER
railroads, inland waterways, and public storage facilities."
? E.O. 11051 - "... the office of Emergency Planning [has]
complete authorization to put the above orders into effect in time
of increased international tension or economic or financial crisis."

(What about an 'engineered' financial crisis, which in turn would
most likely lead to 'social unrest'? This all depends on the
decision of the current President. But then we must ask, just how
legal is the U.S. Presidency anyway? Many within the Continental
Congress, fearing the rise of Monarchy, had originally opposed the
establishment of a Chief Executive position such as the one that
General George Washington was elected to. They were assured however
that those who followed Washington would have his example of
integrity to base their own presidencies on. I have a suggestion: do
away with the U.S. Presidency and the entire Executive Branch of
government altogether--especially now that it is, according to many
sources, under the control of unelected Military-Industrialists
since the coup of 1963 -- and give back control of the government to
the congress as it was in the beginning. Congress by majority vote
can do away with the Executive position if they choose to do so -

All of the above executive orders were combined by President Nixon
into Executive Order 11490, which allows all of this to take place
if a national emergency is declared by the President. The burning
and insurrection in Los Angeles in the case of Rodney King could
have executed [and partially did execute] these Executive Orders.
? Executive Order 12919: "National Defense Industrial
Resources Preparedness" signed by Clinton June 3, 1994, delegates
authorities, responsibilities and allocations of F.E.M.A.'s
Executive Orders [last entry] for the confiscation of all property
from the American people, and their re-location and assignment
to 'labor' camps. The Executive Order also supersedes or revokes
eleven (11) previous Executive Orders [from 1939 through 1991] and
amends Executive Order 10789 and 11790. This executive order is a
declaration of war against the American people by the [Secret]
Government of the United States in concert with the United Nations.
Operation Dragnet. Janet Reno can implement this operation upon
receiving one call from the President. Arrest warrants will be
issued via computer to round-up over 1 million Americans who
may 'resist' the New World Order. Americans who are not 'politically
correct.' . . . Concentration/internment camps have already been
built to accommodate these American prisoners. See above paragraph
as these internment camps have been setup and are run by F.E.M.A.
Operation Rolling Thunder. Reno and Benson have mentioned this
operation which comprises county-wide sweeps of house to house,
dynamic entry, search and seizures for all guns and food stockpiles
by B.A.T.F., state national guard, activity duty soldiers, as well
as local police. This function is also run and coordinated through

Public Law 100-690 banned almost all religious gatherings [not yet
enforced], grants no-knock search and seizures without a search
warrant; expands the drug laws to include EVERY American. This will
generally be the prelude, or in addition to, a F.E.M.A. operation
and contingency plan implementation.
The Omnibus Crime Bill of 1990. Ensures confiscation of all private
property via money laundering, environmental violations of the Clean
Water and Air Act, and extends as far as child abuse. This act also
coordinates activities through F.E.M.A. and the Department of the
Army, Commanding General, U.S. Forces Command, Fort McPherson, GA,
which is the executive and implementing agency upon initiation of
many of these acts. The responsible agency within U.S. Army Forces
Command was what used to be known as the Deputy Chief of Staff for
Operations, Plans Division [DCSOPS, Plans], which was changed
several years ago to J-3 after the Headquarters became a joint
headquarters. They keep on file copies of all F.E.M.A. Emergency
Management Operation Plans, including those plans developed by the
Army to support the F.E.M.A. plan to eliminate the U.S. Constitution
upon implementation. According to current plans, the Constitution
will be 'temporarily' discontinued and shelved until the real or
perceived and declared 'threat' has been neutralized But
once 'shelved,' as with almost every other action of the Government,
it STAYS shelved.

The Crime Bill of 1994. Banning of all military weapons which are
necessary to the formation of a militia [when needed], denies other
military equipment to the people's militia units prelude to
confiscating ALL guns in the hands of private citizens, destroys the
1st Amendment, and makes virtually every American an outlaw. See
above comments concerning the house-to-house search. The agency
responsible for the actual implementation and search is the
Department of the Army in concert with local and state police,
including F.E.M.A., FBI, BATF, and other Federal Agencies.
SECRET UNDERGROUND BASES. There have been documented over 60 secret,
virtual cities, UNDERGROUND, built by the government, Federal
Reserve Bank Owners (such as the 'Rockefellers', etc. - Branton),
and high ranking members of the Committee of 300 [some of these
underground areas can be seen in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas
City, Kansas]. In additional, there exist underground Satellite
Tracking Facilities which have the ability to punch your 911 address
into the computer and a satellite can within seconds bring a camera
to bear on your property to the point that those monitoring can read
a license number on an automobile in your driveway. These facilities
have as of Oct. 1, 1994, been turned over to the [foreign power of
the] United Nations. (Note: Forget the license plate, according to
Norio Hayakawa, this satellite technology is now so sophisticated
that they can clearly read every word on your driver's license,
supposing it were in view of the satellite. - Branton)