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aristenna on the salt lake temple‏
Dear One,
Concerning the Salt Lake Temple, it is as Peter said a pipeline into
the center of the earth that is sucking the energy out of the center
of Creation. More so it was going to be used in the other direction to contaminate all of creation with self-will and darkness. In other words it was going to be the next battle front for the dark side. As of now it is sucking the planet of much energy. This energy is being stored and contaminated with fear, lust and hatred.

You and Peter will be shutting this avenue off and putting a
permanent lid, locked forever onto the top, the receiving end of
it. This will stop the intended use and sapping of the energy of
Mother Earth. You, Sue Ann have the key to lock this down forever
and then the key will be given to the FATHER. Take aluminum foil
with you. Locking down the opening at the fireplace in your bedroom
was a practice session for the Temple work you will be doing. This
will change much.

Concerning the one in your house [My house just happens to sit on top of one of the locks associated with the temple --go figue! *S]: It will need to be closed, covered, bolted down and locked too. It was a back-up, or back door way to undo, or get the temple one reopened. When you return you will be able to accomplish this easily. You are Ma\'at Thoth\'s wife, ask Peter to confirm or not as to the validly of this. This would explain a lot about you, would it not? Let Peter read this and we will go from there.

With Great LOVE,