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arrogance -- the grandest stumbling block of all
Arrogance -- The Grandest Stumbling Block of All

Working with my own spiritual training and with so many others quest to find a higher place of awareness, I\'ve come to understand the role ego and arrogance play in being `the Sa-tan\' or `tester of Souls\' along the spiritual path.

As Guidance has said so often through me, ego is the accumulated defense mechanisms of our childhood extrapolated into adulthood. It builds an energy center or `chakra\' between the thymus (seat of the Will) and the heart chakra the male and female aspects of our Being. It first forms in our life when we find our self-image being attacked in some way to where we find we need to put up some type of defense, and voila, ego is born.

Arrogance stems from the ego at a time when we find ourselves needing to judge ourselves against others through a lack of self-esteem, self-love, self-something. From that point on to support our own false sense of self or how we want to see ourselves rather than the true spiritual self we are, we turn to arrogance to build ourselves up in any situation where our false self-image may be threatened until this becomes a way of life to support a totally false sense of self.

\"What is needed here is patience, inner reflection and surrendering to the will of the FATHER . . . Your son, like you, has an arrogance of attitude. Humility in attitude is needed. The goal of the spiritual warrior is to conquer the Self/ the Ego. To serve the higher will is the reward, yet with it comes responsibilities. Honor the spirit in all things. Follow the truth. Practice right action. Not all things are cut and dried and meant to be reduced to their lowest common denominator. There are subtleties, shifting parameters, sliding sands, the details that are necessary to the whole picture . . . \"

RAJ\'s words to Betsy in this channeling outline the ideal purpose of experiencing Creation, the ultimate task of which is to `conquer\' self-will and the ego and to finally surrender to Higher Will and find the true humility and reward of serving.

Born and raised Australian, I know about arrogance. It\'s a way you hold yourself, a way you move, a way you talk, an image you project to others as what you want them to see rather than the true self hiding behind the screen. If you watched this season\'s American Idol you may have noticed this same `look\' in Australian, Michael Johns. It is a definite Australian trait built up from a simple lack of finding their true identity. One must look to their national past in Irish convicts, English settlers, a white-Australia policy, and many other races of immigrants before fully understand where the need for this arrogance came from. It\'s only in the last few decades that they have indeed gone a little beyond this type of need but many still carry it latently in their Beings.

As explained in Mila\'s channeling, arrogance is one of the thought-forms left behind by our alien `creators, the Annunaki, in order to keep us subdued:


The thought-form of arrogance is one that is related to the belief that one knows it all. In believing that one knows it all, evolution ceases. For evolution can only begin when one perceives that they know very little, and then strive to know more, and then evolution can begin. Evolution begins with the quest, the quest to understand, and the quest to rise above what one has always known. Arrogance is an opposing force to evolution, for in its very nature, it believes that there is nothing to learn, and nothing to rise above.

\"In the human records of your current metaphysical and spiritual movement that have been assessed by the Great Central Sun, there is little evolution occurring in any such movements. However, such humans often preach that there is evolution and that they are moving towards another dimension, and that they are evolving, growing, and ascending. And yet are they really? Underlying many metaphysical teachings is great arrogance or the belief that all is known. How can one ascend into the unknown if all is known? It is not possible.

\"We see that many of such movements have simply created their own self-perpetuating thought-form that keeps those affiliated in non-evolution and non-awakening under the guise of bringing forth an awakening. A true awakening requires that one move out of arrogance and understand how little the human form upon Earth truly remembers. You remember so little that the thought that you know it all is absurd from the point of view of the souls in the Great Central Sun.

\"One can create dogma out of any preaching. Therefore we advise those whom are awakening not to tune into the dogma of others, but to tune inward and open to their inner-landscape and begin to ascend. Ascension is an inner job that requires a state of non-arrogance and understanding that you know little, and are now going to give up what you know and embrace a new foundation of thought-form. Those that are leadership whom are ascending will continually change, continually bring forth new information, and continually share a new level of understanding of the human dance. Those that are not shall share the same information over and over again, as if it is all that there is, and as if it is the only truth. Ascending humans can learn to then distinguish between ascending and non-ascending information.\" - The Great Central Sun through Karen Danrich \"Mila\"

During my training, Guidance led me to the understanding that `middle-school\' is the place where we `win or lose\' so many souls. It is there at that time of our lives when we are most learning to deal with, or not deal with, peer pressure. After teaching University and high school, middle school was indeed the greatest challenge of all. Everything experienced in attempting to teach students in both could easily be traced back to attitudes and reactions formed during the middle school years, particularly that greatest fear of all, the fear of giving a wrong answer in class for fear of looking stupid in front of our peers. Herein lies the roots of what we now see in so many adults, particularly those coming from some religion or `spiritual path\' where the dogma is fixed and unchanging the grandest pretension of all the pretension that in an infinite Universe and Creation, in an ever growing and changing flow of Life, we above all, know it all and therefore have the right to judge other people\'s views and ways of living as being less than or imperfect. Knowing it all, of course we never take into account the individual\'s needs for learning, their past life experiences, or even what type of energy form they are, all the things that have led them to be here in this particular situation.

This type of behavior, this type of `stumbling block to evolution\' must end or be overcome in the real training of any spiritual warrior. As Lorri\'s Guidance commented at the end of one her recent channelings, \"Shandar, arrogance.......must leave the planet or it will not survive - Larinda, of the Spiritual Hierarchy\'s Council of Light.\"

We are never judged for anything we do, by our own personal Guidance, nor by the highest realms of Creation, either by our own personal Guidance or by the highest realms of Creation,. The spiritual worlds know the learning process, the difficulties that each soul faces in its ongoing struggle for `en-Light-enment\', for self-realization or for `God-realization.\' It also knows the exactitude with which the spiritual laws bring balance to everything in them, even to the worst acts of darkness of all. It\'s what Guidance has had me write so much about recently in this the grandest opportunity to clean the past slates of everyone willing to step up and make accounting for what they have done and then make amends.

Here, RAJ and HAROON of the Original Trinity, address Erica in one of her channelings about this very subject:

\"WE never judge, and do not blame you for leaving. Maybe you were not ready at that time but you are more than ready now and are like a big fish swimming in a little pond. Those around you have a barely functioning consciousness and it is no use to think of them as being on the level which you and others are on. We say this not out of arrogance but just to let you know what you can expect out of these people and not to be offended by anything they do. They operate from a child\'s perspective at best, but with adult anger and vengeance.\" - RAJ, HAROON, and the entire Spiritual Hierarchy

Arrogance and ego go hand in hand, often along with false humility. Having the connection to a higher level of Guidance and having the ability to use that connection to evaluate any situation or to see the karmic past of any individual does not constitute judging them. It is a state of knowingness, or Oneness with everything, that allows one to really see where a person\'s actions and life fit in to the bigger scheme of things. Denying this connection or these abilities is doing one\'s self and others a disservice. Standing in one\'s own power, humbly acknowledging that all and everything only comes through them as good and wonderful vehicles for Spirit, is the true way of service, the way of the spiritual warrior - the Samurai (the servant).

Humbly, in service, with Love, Peter