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Ascension . . . did you miss it?
Ascension . . . did you miss it?

By Peter Farley

Ever since 07-01-07 people have been reporting to me the strange effects they have been experiencing spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Also, the almost sheer revulsion they have to fast foods and for anything edible that is not of a higher or ?live? vibration. These reports come from different parts of the world so it?s not just something wrong with one country or one country?s food chain.

From: gm

To: peter farley
Subject: Re: An Experience of Sound Encoding

?Hi Peter, I haven't talked with you in a long, long time. My name is Gena and you came through Nashville TN near my area once and stopped and we met, had something to eat and you did a healing . . . for me.

?Any way I'm writing because I've just read this latest email and I wanted to ask you if you've been doing any mass sound encoding? Especially during the first couple of weeks in Jan.? The reason I ask is that I have been experiencing many of the same things that Sharon wrote in this email. I know this has been a very spiritual experience and very euphoric as she describes and now the introspection has set in, calm but definite, but nothing sad either. And there is a certain irritation with humanity to WAKE UP! There is also this urging into a deeper level of self-examination.

?Well that is my little story and I'd love to know if your the instigator here LOL! If you are THANKS if not well it really doesn't matter much now does it ;o)! All the best to ya Peter and take care.

Sincerely, Gena

In reply: I remember you well, Gena . . . Anyhow, to answer your question ... since They were just having me write an article on the subject, if you look at the postings in the yahoogroup about 07-01-07 you'll find that basically those who were ready walked through the doorway to ascension at that time, and since then it's been like living in the movie The Langoliers (by Stephen King) where all the energies of the past are flat and tasteless, particularly food without any living vibration.

I don't think I can really take any credit for this except being a vehicle for the changes to occur and for those who are attached to something Higher through me because of the sound encoding work or past life or this life connection. Thanks for opening up about this, it will help in writing the article ?seems like They had me waiting for your e-mail *S Hopefully too it will give you some new drive to also get up and help. L and BW, Peter

From Texas: ?In fact ever since then, most of the time food tastes plastic. Raw vegetables do not if they come from a high-end food chain grocery.

?I woke the next morning feeling cheerful, a lot of my doubt was gone about many things of late. Just mental chatter that meant nothing. But for some reason I could not shut off not matter what I did. It was really annoying and some of it was old negative talk tapes that I had not played within me for years... I woke up and it was gone. And has remained gone . . .

From Australia: ?. . . I am eating more and more vegetarian and little meat as possible - the wife and son crave for meat at this stage . . . It was a hot day on Sunday and we wanted to take-away - we bought some Nando's (chicken) and the food was like plastic - the worst kind I've eaten. I was mentally sick . . . we have stopped eating McDonalds . . . KFC . . . The only meat we eat is the meat we buy from a halal butcher - I do feel sick every time when I eat meat . . .

For some people everything has changed, while for others there is still the hesitation of standing in that doorway between the old and the new paradigms, having trouble letting go of the old even though the new is now so visibly tangible and so very, very real.

As Gena expressed in her e-mail and the lady from Texas also re-iterated, one of the residual effects is the anger or ?pissed-offness? those who have stepped through that doorway feel towards those still sitting on the fence or not moving at all. Just about everyone has seen The Matrix series of movies, and if you can just stop for one second and imagine what it would be like for those outside the Matrix being ?inserted? into the Matrix and how they would feel towards those still caught up in the illusion which surrounds them.

It is not an unspiritual way, simply honest, to say it that for some the feeling is of ?seeing dead people?. Old things no longer seem to carry any meaning, old worries seem to have evaporated, old friends . . . well, all one can do is share their experience and hope those we have loved or hold dear will come along for the ride.

Many people have been saying and writing that the ascension is here and now for the past few years. After 07-01-07, it definitely is even more true for some. For all the others still time to make the choice and walk through that door, time is growing short and there?s still so much work to get done.

Addendum 1): Since 07-01-07, even being in a city with 300-400 restaurants and fast food chains, finding anything which appeals to eat besides what is cooked at home with Guidance-chosen ingredients, is very, very difficult. The one place which at least satisfies is a fiends little French bakery where the food is all fresh baked or made AND it is made by a happy, cheerful, loving person.

Groceries are limited, and the former lesson article on the 10 essential foods for this time Guidance had me write is becoming more and more relevant. Kosher or halal foods in general seem to fit the bill for higher vibrational foods, but even Whole Foods Market and other ?health-food? stores and even organic labeled foods often score low on the level of foods which meet the 5th dimensional pre-requisites for nourishing substantial food. Meat becomes optional, although vegetarian usually fits better the live food standard far better. This is still very much an individual thing depending on your own personal Guidance, but it?s time to get acquainted with that Guidance and begin using it, or to wait for the Langoliers.

Addendum 2): As a number of channelers have suggested, smoking is one of the major things that can hold people back from the ascension process. The best way to deal with this if you still smoke or have smoked is to a) give it up and then b) look at hydrogen-peroxide therapy (Google it) ?H2O2.

For those still thinking marijuana does something positive for them, you must realize that the ascension process is all about the DNA?s ability to process the Light and Sound of Creation. No drug is more damaging to the DNA than marijuana. Think about it.

Health - Marijuana

Marijuana damages DNA at least as much as tobacco and may have a link to lung cancer, according to a study of mothers and their new born infants.

Researchers in America have found that blood from marijuana smokers has nearly three times as many DNA mutations as that of non-smokers.

But Dr Marinel Ammenheuser and her colleagues at the University of Texas Medical Branch now have evidence that marijuana smoking causes the same kind of damage to DNA as tobacco.

Damaged cells

Dr Ammenheuser said her group studied a group of pregnant women who were marijuana smokers, but who did not use other drugs, and did not smoke tobacco.

She said: "We did a test to detect changes in a particular gene in the DNA in their white blood cells, and found that the marijuana smokers had three times as many DNA damaged cells as the non-smokers.

"We did the same test on the blood cells for the umbilical cords of the new-borns of some of the marijuana smokers. These infants likewise had three times as many damaged cells as those of non-smokers."

Hundreds of chemicals are produced when marijuana leaves and buds are burned in the smoking process. . .

Worse than cigarettes

Dr Ammenheuser said: "We can't actually make statements about cause and effect from our study, but we can say that marijuana smoking probably increases your risk of getting things like lung cancer, in much the same way that we know that tobacco smoking increases this risk.

"My research indicates that smoking just a few marijuana joints seems to cause as much DNA damage as ten or more cigarettes.

"I think it is because marijuana smokers hold the smoke in their lungs for longer and do not use low tar, filtered marijuana joints.

"And they generally smoke the joints down to a very small butt, which increases their exposure to the cancer causing chemicals."

Dr Ammenheuser admitted that proving marijuana causes cancer is difficult because most smokers also use cigarettes, or use tobacco as an ingredient in a joint.