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ascension - right here and now
I woke up a alittle after 2p.m. this afternoon because God was bowling outside my window. I hadn\'t gotten to bed until after 8 this morning because I was working with people online all night long, sometimes doesn\'t seem with much success.

It started raining as I woke up, and yes with some lightening, thunder and hail all mixed together. It\'s rained nearly every day for the past two weeks at least sometime during the day. The nasturtiums opened their flowers, the asparagus is spouting like crazy, so is the lettuce now that I can keep the birds out of it. The garlic is coming up, the mint is taking over apatch of the yard , and the grass ahs turned green overnight. I can\'t comapre the weather to anything I\'ve eer seen except maybe Florida. There\'s too much sunshine in between the rain to be the Pacific Northwest. I think I\'ve finally managed to kleep the squirrels out from underneath the back patio near the hot tub. Our local woofcrafter is building me a bird feeder for the front yard . . . I know I\'ve earned this \'retirement\' with all my unceasing work, and much more yet to come, but it\'s always still a miracle and a gift to allow Them to give me things I could only dream of.

Guidance had Sue Ann liquidate a couple of assets so we\'re paid up on rent till the end of the year. We\'re just about done with stocking up on food and toilet paper (*S), I think we could feed an army for a year, but from what it sounds like we just may have to. Still a couple more things to get but at least it won\'t be hardtack and beans as things begin to happen in a major way now.

Oh, and yes, sitting at the computer Wednesday afternoon, out of the blue They just came out and said, \"It\'s starting.\" Now I didn\'t have to ask what thatw a sall about. I\'ve been trying to get others to be aware of this for more than a dozen years now, but this time it\'s the real beginning of the \'end\'. The thing we\'ve all been waiting for, hoping for, and yet dreading.

It wasn\'t half an hour later Guidance had us in the car running to Trader Joe\'s to stock up some more, and then Thursday it was across town to where meat was on sale and so was gasoline. A quick stop at Costco got us some more bulk items to stock away. And when I ask They say, Yes, one day we will even run out of this. Tomorrow I think I\'ll get a couple of cases of beans just in case.

We were a little afraid that we\'d have to ride this one out in Las Vegas, God forbid, but even in the depressed housing market someone showed up who bouth the house -- probably the only house that\'s sold in the past year. A long moving period, but Guidance led us right to this house in the mountains of New Mexico, 15 minutes from town but a world away from anything; a house that the owners had only THAT DAY decided to rent.

So I sit here, no radios or TVs on, listening to the rain and after 12 years of doign my mission and a lifetime of struggle, there\'s an amazing feeling of peace. I know it won\'t last long as things begin to happen, people will come, and there will be lots of work to be done as the shell-shocked people wander aimlesslya round looking for reasons.

Driving to Santa fe on Wednesday to shopw I felt the Earth shudder only maybe an hour after Guidance has said, \'It\'s Starting\'. Later that night on an IM with Dawn I mentioned it and her comment back to me was, \"So you felt that too?\"

Lindsey, a former partner of mine, had a bad habit of jumping up in restaurants with a worried look on her face. She would be experiencing \'dimensional\' earthquakes while the rest of us felt nothing. It was a little disconcerting to say the least. No I feel them, too. The shifts are occurring on a far more rapid basis than ever before. I talk with poeple around the world who I know will be dead soon , and it\'s saddening to not be able to do anything to help - spiritually at least. The end of the slave paradigm is coming to an end but as with Spartacus, most people are still waiting for someone else to lead them out of slavery. And it\'s really now beyond that time of aid.

So Guidance felt this would be a calmer way of sharing with you the \'good\' and \'bad\' news --first that the change is upon us now bigtime, and second that if you\'re not prepared for this, serious last warning.

Wishing you strength in the coming days, Peter and Sue Ann