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ascension in a nutshell
Ascension in a Nutshell

(for Fearless)

The spir-al is the sacred form of Spir-it. Everything in Creation spirals both up and down in a neverending progression from higher to lower, rising up through the dimensions or worlds of \'God\' and down again in a varying pattern and progression from one level of vibratory attunement to another to another –ALWAYS (except in this one case) dependent on the conscious awareness of those concerned. This is known in the East as the inflow and outflow of God\'s Breath.

Bonnie Jean Hamilton explains some of the outer effects here. The mechanics of it and the specialness of the event that was never expected to take place on planet Earth but is now taking place is the story told in my 9 volume history of Creation and the New World Order – Where Were You Before The Tree of Life? and in the myriad articles written and posted at my website

28th of February 2008

We are leaving this world of hate and anger to find a new place of love and unity. Can you feel yourself changing and growing? We are experiencing major energy changes on the planet at this very moment, very strongly. We are riding the energy waves, rolling through vibrational frequencies, manifesting our new light bodies with positive thinking.

Do not be afraid; I know it is confusing and scary and, at times, extremely difficult. Be gentle and kind to yourself as you leave the old, outdated methods to discover new, beautiful ways of living. Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are enduring tumultuous upheavals, causing mood swings, anxiety, and dis-ease within our bodies. Do your best to be happy and focus on bringing love and light into your life and the lives of those around you.

You are a multidimensional being with a spirit spanning many interconnected energetic levels. Your attention may currently rest in the 3rd density physical form, but this shifts when need be. The Pole Shift, Earth Changes, Energy Changes, whatever you call it, it\'s all the same thing: the planet is moving into a new state of consciousness and those who are ready and want to move with it, will. Those who are not ready will stay here in the old frequencies. Everything is okay. All is as it should be. We will most likely not lose our physical bodies when we transition but, even if we do, it doesn\'t matter; We have many levels and forms of self beyond the physical shell.

To help ease the effects of ascension, find a quiet space and meditate/contemplate/JUST BE. Grounding, Centering, and Shielding is recommended:

Find the most peaceful place you can; sit under a tree, lay in an open field, or get comfortable in your bedroom. Close your eyes and begin to relax each muscle group from your toes to the top of your head. Take your time and make sure every bit of your body is loose, without tension. Now imagine roots coming out of your body and going down into the Earth. Just like a tree, your roots connect you to the planet and give you a strong, firm foundation. Your roots go down deep into the solid ground, and you can feel them take hold.

When you are sure your roots are strong and firmly buried within the Earth, begin to feel the source of life within your body. Everyone has a center; that place where your energy settles and feels at home. Some feel it in the solar plexus or the chest; it varies individually. This is the spot where your silver cord emerges from your physical body and connects you to other levels of your self. Find the spot where you feel comfortable centering your energy and feel the strength of your spirit in that place. Imagine a beautiful white light coming from this place within you. It fills your entire body until you are glowing.

Let this bright white light expand outward to create a bubble of brilliant light around your body. Imagine this protective bubble forming a strong outer layer that cannot be broken from the outside. Take at least a couple minutes to focus your attention on your new shield. Now you are protected from any disruptive subtle energies coming from the physical, etheric or astral planes. The more you practice Grounding, Centering, and Shielding, the easier and faster it will get. And the more you do it, the stronger your shields will become.

Please take care of yourself and focus on being happy and helping your friends and family through these energy changes as well. Love, Peace, Happiness, Unity.

Blessed Be,

Bonnie Jean Hamilton (more)