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ascension reset‏
Mission Accomplished
through Sue Ann

Dear One,
Peter accomplished the resetting mission early Saturday mornling. It was a complete success, though WE had to led Him through a couple of hours of complicated twists and turns to bring Him in through the back door.

Planet Earth is now safely programed for Her long awaited ascension. She has gone through lift off and now She has Her instructions for Her journey. WE are most grateful for all of those who have participated in this long and complicated Grid work and have helped Peter along the way, directly and indirectly.

Soon there will be many changes and WE strongly urge all of you to practice using your Guidance on a moment-to-moment basis. Do this all day long until it becomes a habit. WE are here wanting a moment-to-moment relationship with you and are eager to participate in helping you through the next phase.

With Much Love and Gratitude,
Aristenna and the Council of Light

2. Combination Locks
through Sue Ann

This is a very great day as nothing can stop Planet Earth now and She will ascend true and straight according to plan. The last grid point was well protected at the end (or middle) of a labyrinth of places that needed to be adjusted one way or another before anyone could safely enter to down load the information. Also, the combination needed to be corectly done or the planet would have self-dstructed. This was the darkside\'s vendictive attitude of \"if we can\'t have planet Earth, than neither can you.\"

During the contolling of the planet the more important grid points were locked open or shut(depending on what their purpose was) with these types of combination locks. Some could be as simple as two turns to the left and one turn to the right. But the main points such as Salt Lake City and Mt. Shasta and of course this last one had been locked in place with several combinations to insure they would not be changed. The darkside had all the girid points set to imbalance the planetary energy by increasing the male energy. This was designed to keep the planet in a mental/male state. At the same time the female/heart energy was shut down to create even more of an imbalance. This of course kept Her from ascending when it was Her natural time to ascend.

I provided much of the information as to how the combination locks on these important points were set up and how to dismantle them as I was the one who designed them in the first place. This information was given to Peter through His guidance from the Council of Light. This was a well orchestrated and executed plan for undoing the lockdown the darkside had on Planet Earth. Much has been accomplished and now We enter into the next phase. I extend my extreme gratitude to all of those who have helped Peter with this process.

With Much Love and Gratitude,

3. The Florida Labyrinth

I know I owe you all some explanation of what took place over the
past week because you have helped support the work for this long and
deserve to be in on the end with me. Understand however that we drove
more than 7,000 miles in 6 1/2 days, much of it overnight, fought off
some very nasty beings including two wraiths that I ended up bringing
home with me, and am in a \'state of disbelief\' that the work is
finally over --my work at least.

Spirit gave me a very well earned gift this afternoon that it played
back-to-back on the NFL channel the stories of the 1997 and 1998
Denver Broncos football team. For more than 8 years now I\'ve joked
that I\'d rather be watching old John Elway and Broncos reruns than
doing this work so now I guess I can *smile

John Elway joined the Broncos the year I got divorced and on many a
Sunday afternoon not only brought his team to a comeback but also
saved my life. To watch their two Super Bowl winning years back-to-
back gave me a sense of the Superbowl win you and I have just
achieved, and a sense of pride in what w eall have accomplished even
if so few would even comprehend what has been done.

The journey carried a metaphor all along with it, the metaphor of a
labyrinth and finding that \'inside inside\' place which is the still
small self within. The places we had to do the work along the way all
had meaning in this metaphor, and the forgiveness and healing that
went along with the journey for the other two on the team also played
right along with the labyrinth idea.

As usual so much is only understood only after the doing. I
appreciate Sue Ann and Aristenna keeping you informed of the ork
since you deserved to all be there as, like Mike\'s Guidance shared
after the final place was done, \'What you came here to do is done.\"
Those words had so much meaning on all levels since it really was the
culmination of not only 13 years of work for me and 55 years of
training, but tens of thousands of lifetimes of struggle for all of
us. The future of the planet is now secure and NOTHING can now change

Still much work to be done, but for now I need some rest so I will
process the learning from this, enjoy my moment of a Superbowl win,
and get back in action here very very soon.

Still two volumes to be written now that the story has an ending and
that will be next but won\'t take long. I\'ll have them ready for you
by the Fall, I promise.

In service, still, Peter

4. Returning LOVE
7-17-07 through Sue Ann

Dear One,
WE want to talk about how the changes are manifesting on a subtle
level. After this weekend\'s work was finished there is now a
softness to planet Earth that has been missing for a long time. As
you put it, it feels gentler. It will be easier for people to
connect now and to open their hearts in many ways. The matrix and
the standards and things of the matrix will still seem important but
not as much anymore. The feeling of being in this world but not a
part of it will heighten. People\'s hearts will seem to be somewhere
else while their bodies and senses are still here. There will be a
feeling of quietly going somewhere else.

It will be easier for those wanting to connect with Guidance to do so
as the electromagnetic interference has lessened and will continue to
get less and less. Many people will have a quiet understanding of
something; yet not know what it is they understand. These same
people will gravitate towards kindness and a knowing there is LOVE in
their hearts that they must follow.

Unconditional LOVE is surging onto the planet and those who open
their hearts will be able to feel this influx greatly. The short
interim between the pushing of the reset button and before the planet
starts Her cleansing in earnest with great weather changes is a great
opportunity to connect and refine your connection with guidance as
the matrix has been weakened and LOVE is returning to the planet.

With Great LOVE and constant Guidance,
Aristenna and The Hierarchy of the Council of Light