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ascension s final stargate - addendum
Ascension's Final Stargate - Addendum

I feel a whole lot Lighter, I don't know about you.

Last night (Thursday night) marked the end of the passageway of earth through the final stargate in its ascension process. No, like a never-ending road-trip, it doesn't mean that the earth will 'settle' here and make its home. As with Creation Itself and any evolving Soul, there's always one more step along the road. All this means is that one can rightly say now that the planet Earth and Gaia its consciousness is fully 5th dimensional, even if most of its population isn't.

What this means for me is the end of something truly amazing, a mission I never would have thought I would or could do (and no one else thought I would or could do either, including the Spiritual Hierarchy Itself). It also means that after gowing a 'ponytail'/spiritua l warrior knot for tha past 10 years as THEY had directed me too, I can now get a haircut . Also, I could if I wanted go back to Australia or to England to be with my wife. Since the United States has always been the 'frontline' of this ongoing battle, this is where I needed to remain. But at least now I have the option. It also means if I wanted hard enough I could leave the planet before the real 'sh.t' hits the fan. And knowing what that is there's no real reason I want to be around for that, but . . . we shall see.

Yes, I'm coming back for the building of the new paradigm. I have to. Hopefully some of you will be here too for that will be the fun part of all this, work though it may be.

Everything else, well . . what does a general do when he retires, when the real battles are over? I used to jokle that I had the 'golfing planet' booked for next lifetime , but really I'm not that much into golf. IT wa sjust one of the many things I put aside to do the mission. Now there's a newfound freedom of at least more options, not that I won't choose to remian and continueservice, since I really don't know to do anything else, any more. And yes, if you can help one more person along the way . . .

Here are three channelings from members of the group that didn't make it into the 9-part series. They shed a little more Light and Sound on the meaning of what we all have just passed through:

John Works Jr. (budthejjr@yahoo. com)

Dear One,

The time is NOW to spread LOVE into the hearts of as many as you can to quell the effects of the shifting of Earth's conciousness to a full 5D state. As WE told you before, many will not be able to withstand this higher energy of the higher dimension, and it will affect both their physical and mental states, bringing much suffering to a blind public not prepared for these energies beginning to swell around you that you are beginning to sense yourself. Know this for you is a time of reflection and preparation to have you ready to assist US in the very near future, when most will panic and lose control. Only those with connection to higher energies will comprehend what is happening around them. GUIDANCE will put you in the proper places to BE best of service to MOTHER EARTH and her children, and put a sort of settling around you that will allow you to DO the work. Soon you will see, if you haven't already that others will look up to you for your quiet confidence and ask you how you DO it. Then you will BE able to teach and explain GUIDANCE to them, allowing them to choose to receive US if it is their desire to. At this cuurent time there is no need to worry or even think about what or where to do anything, just trust that WE will always put you where you are needed. Keep US close, and take heart in that all is ALWAYS well, and that you are protected at any time.

With LOVE and LIGHT,

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 6:38 PM

"eliz roesner" lifewithwings@

HAROON, Thank you for your continuous guidance and support. Is there anything more you are willing to help people understand as we pass through this approaching stargate?

Yes Dear One:

Some of the dynamics that are present will become intensified. WE ask you to observe the larger gaps developing between the actions of self-serving individuals and those of other-serving individuals. Self-centered individuals will begin to notice a feeling of great separation in public places. As you well know WE are all connected by our soul's connection to CREATOR. You are also all connected to one another through Gaia. As a collective human peoples, She has fed you, housed you, given you air, water, clothing and loving energetic support for as long as She was able and willing to do this. This is the separation from your Mother Planet that will likely be profound and deep for those attuned to her energies. She is tired of the war, the abuses and the hate. She is aware this was created by a force that you all participated in developing to the extent it has become. She will not allow the stubborn determination to serve yourselves as self-appointed gods to harm her any longer. She has wounds you can not begin to imagine. All beings are asked to step outside themselves and help Her make it to a place free from this dark influence, away from what is comfortable for you and to do some things you don't want to do because it doesn't appear a benefit in it for you.

WE see there as a potential means to awaken more humans at this juncture through natural disaster. Humans are now very self serving, if there is no immediate reward within sight, very few will bother to investigate. Being self-serving also means self-pre-serving as well. WE encourage you to broadcast the benefits as you experience them while you're connected to FATHER'S support system. NO other support system will sustain you through what is to come. By altering a perception regarding where the source of the support stems, others will be able to see how interrelated your current global situations and spiritual connectedness are.

WE also see a potential for mass spontaneous kundalini symptoms. Any who are experienced with this are encouraged to give as much assistance to those in need of moving though the effects, which can be varied and severe or even deadly.

WE thank you for this opportunity to share more information with others,

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

Thursday, February 26, 2009 7:57 AM "Jennifer Totu" jennicol.geo@

Selfless Love for Mother Earth

Dear Ones,

When Mother Earth is entering the final stargate in her Ascension process sometime this week, there will be people who will join her and others who will choose not to go with her. Those who do not choose to go are the ones who will choose not to let go of their old ways of living; afraid to let go of material possessions, and money has become their god. They are those who couldn't let go of the their religious doctrines and dogmas. They are trapped in the world of Matrix still sleeping in the program planned by the darkside and not understanding the reason for BEing.

We are happy and very pleased that you have chosen to work with us in this unprecedented time in history of your planet, supporting Mother Earth in her Ascension process. This a wonderful example, of humans helping Mother nature hand in hand, rising the planet's vibration. We couldn't wait for you to really see us again, and remembering that we've always been a FAMILY. We are already seeing Us together standing side beside side holding hands and you saying never letting go of this remembrance again. That day soon will come and would be the most magical time in your Earth's history.

The changes will not be all at once, but will be happening in stages, and the sensitive ones will feel the burden of Mother Earth ease step by step. Prior to Her entering more into the 5th Dimension, many chain of events will crop up here and there. As you can see in your present moment, severe weather conditions affecting some countries worldwide, forest fires, earthquakes, floods. This is Mother Earth cleansing herself from all the toxins and pollutions caused by your people. citizens protesting for their freedom and couldn't withstand being dictated by old-thinking leaders. You are witnessing all of these not only in your country but countries around the world. Your souls are awakening to the truth of oneselves, the truth that no power should be given away and no one should use power to control and manipulate others.

A feeling of something big will happen yet couldn't pinpoint what it is. That is a feeling that a lot of you will be experiencing. It is in the air, your moment-to-moment guidance with Us will help you very much on how to overcome the emotional and physical aches and pains that will accompany your Ascension with Mother Earth. We advice you to eat well, more vegetables and drink lots of filtered water and spend more time with nature. Learn to be a healer so you may heal yourselves and others when it is needed. We understand there is one technique that is easy to learn, what you called EFT, this tecnique will help you address your emotional ups and downs. Remember to always breath deeply, deep breathing will help us to connect more easily with you, and so able to hear Us clearly.

When you and Mother Earth finally arrive in the 5th Dimension, the feeling of love of one another, among your people, the animals and nature will be felt so strongly, and the tears of joy will be in your hearts and they will be feeling of never again hurting one another, love and charity all around. There will be one thing that is so beautiful that we will never forget, that is the remembrance of the love of the FATHER Creator and Mother Earth.

Listen to your intuition which is US guiding and assisting you. Recently this dear one, Jennifer, was attacked with indigestion problem after drinking milk and We suggested eating curry with rice for her lunch. We are glad she followed our advice, she followed her intuition, which was Us guiding her. Days later she experienced aches and pains all over her body, and suddenly the feeling of extreme loneliness and We let her cry as much as possible, the tears brought out toxins from her body, moments later she felt better.Peter ass kicking job has paid off *S*, it is not an easy feat as you may know already, to be connected to Us 24/7 sometimes is not easy, for your light shines brighter then those around you, darkness will find every means to bring you down. Therefore it is paramount that moment-to-moment guidance with Us is to be carried out at all times. We thank you once again for such lovely support from all of you. Mother Earth is very touched with
you selfless LOVE for Her.

With Love We are always ONE,
SpiritIAM & Spiritual Family of Highest Hierarchy

All parts of the original 9-part series are available in the messages section of this goup.

In service, Peter