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ascension s final stargate pt. 9 - an end and the beginning
Ascension’s Final Stargate Pt. 9 - An End and the Beginning

As said before, even as little as a year ago the ascension of Gaia and planet Earth was still in question. Since day one of doing my own personal mission I have understood that the biggest hurdle to the ascension of the planet was not even the darkside and New World Order control of it, and the Matrix illusion created to enslave all those souls coming here. No, the biggest hurdle, one that still remains today even though circumstances surrounding the issue have been ‘forced’ into resolution, is the current status of the female or ‘Mother’ energy on the planet.

After 50,000 years and more of a patriarchal energy dominating the planet, the problem is not the ‘male’ energy and it’s ability to surrender some of its power, but it is the female energy that has been so suppressed, beaten down, that it now refuses to ‘ascend’ and take its rightful place NEXT TO that of the male.

This downtrodden, doormat role of the female energies manifests itself in a thousand ways to the trained eye of an observer or someone whose role it is to assist women in getting back on their feet, so to speak. Yes, those souls choosing to come into this lifetime as their female half have chosen the hardest mission of all, but their success rate in overcoming this hurdle has been abysmal. As with any abusive relationship, the abused often bears as much of the responsibility for the situation as the abuser. Working in the healing situation one also comes to realize that so many of those ‘abused’ women have been the abuser, most often male, in many of their past lives and what they are going through in this one is just payback –karma. Many of these abused women when one takes a look at their past lives have exactly been that abusive male.

NO, it’s not an excuse. Someone, someday, has to break that cycle and raise above the ‘wheel of dharma’, karma, and everything else for that matter. Too much of what is taking place on this planet right now, particularly the genocide, is written off as karmic payback when in fact it is anything but. However, since the energies of the new paradigm are female, the ‘it takes a village’ attitude that is a manifestation of the true female power stemming from co-operation rather than the way the male energies derive their power from competition, there is really not enough co-operative energies to get this whole new paradigm started. Yes, there are glimpses of it, particularly now when the rising vibration of the planet and the decay of the old masculine paradigm exposes the inherent weakness of an ‘every man for himself’ attitude – but not yet enough.

To assist you with understanding the very nature of the male and female sides of yourself, spend a few minutes taking a look at how both the heart and mind work. Begin understanding the two halves of your own inherent nature (since the Higher Self is predominantly of the other energy/sex to which one finds oneself in the body):

For most of the past 12-13,000 years since the planet slipped down into 3rd dimensional existence our higher selves have not been in our bodies, rather they have been trapped in the etheric fields surrounding the planet, almost out of reach except for that slim connection known to most of us as intuition. Most of us, therefore, do not know what it feels like to be complete within ourselves. Hence the seemingly eternal quest for a ‘soulmate’ which is in fact only the connection or longing we always have to be with our other half . . . our ‘higher self’.

So many women when working on empowering themselves choose the competitive ways of man rather than the co-operative ways of women and so never truly do find that inherent power of the female Spirit. Religion has played a major role in suppressing the feminine and an understanding of how each SuperUniverse has its own Creator Son and Infinite Mother Spirit energies to ‘co-create’ It, gives one a whole new perspective on the subject and brings into focus the true need for BOTH to make a fully functional and not dysfunctional creation.

Women baulk at the notion that the Creator is called ‘FATHER’ not thinking in terms of complete energies but rather limiting their understanding to the sexes and to division, which the Creator is not. A positive (male) charge + a negative (female) charge + the neutral (Spirit) charge = a balance all-inclusive energy give the name FATHER, and more correctly termed IT in references not using that word. But of course so many women take offense at being called ‘the negative charge’. Limited thinking and partial understanding only keep the slaves as slaves. NOTHING can be truly accomplished without both sides of the equation coming to the for. Women cannot exclude males from the equation, and males NEED the female balance now that the old ways are no longer working.

Amy here channels HAROON, the Grand Mother Energy of Creation, on what is taking place with the ascension:

Through Amy Clavijo

Dear One, It is a time like no other and WE want to reiterate that WE are always here by your side awaiting an invitation to be an active presence in your life and all those who have surrendered to the will of the FATHER and hold one of the keys to unlocking all the treasures inherent in this process. Be prepared for a rapidly shifting physical experience and the need to stay calm and centered in the ONENESS that is the FATHER. The acceleration of clearing for many souls is taking a toll on the physical body in particular. Although you have asked for OUR assistance with this clearing there are times when you may find yourself in physical discomfort for a time. It is a necessary experience but do not allow it to shake your belief in what will transpire. It is a temporary situation and you can call upon US to ease your physical discomfort and also to allay your fears.

WE will never leave you. All sentient beings on this planet are affected. Be aware of the effects of this transition on all kingdoms of the Earth. Some will have a sense of things spinning out of control but hold fast to the anchor WE provide and know that being buffeted in the storm will pass in less time than you would imagine.

Notice those instances of bizarre happenings in the animal kingdom that may also come to light during this time. All are affected. The great spiral of creative force is like a tornado sucking up those elements in its path. Some are caught up and swirled violently then set down gently in calm and quiet as if the whole thing had never happened. Others are broken to bits and scattered to the four winds, never to be the same again. Both scenarios are possible and you must remember to focus on the immediate and not fear for the future. There are those things that must be taken to their roots in order to begin again and adapt to the changes that will one day become the norm.

Unlike any other time in Creation, now is the opportunity to converge in one lifetime and balance the energies of other lives. Never before has this been possible and, as Peter has told you, no one knows what is to come as it is being created before your very eyes and hinges on the intent of each and every sentient presence here on and in and around the Earth. The love of this beautiful Mother Earth will hold you fast to Her bosom if you wish to be with Her in Her perfected state. You must commit to doing what is best for Her in alignment with the will of the FATHER. It is Her destiny to move beyond what has evolved here as a result of many – too many - following the selfishness of their own free will. She deserves better and She will receive it. Finally. She wants to take as many of Her children as She possibly can and grieves for those She’ll leave behind.

Be strong and align yourselves with the Highest Light and Sound that exists that you might travel with Her and support Her in the creation of the golden presence She was always meant to be. It is possible. It is a gift . It is an honor for all who would participate in the expansion of the greatest LOVE ever known. Be with US now and forever. WE hold out your hands as WE hold you in Our hearts. WE’ve been waiting for you.

With the greatest LOVE you can ever imagine, HAROON