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ascension s final stargate and the coming aftermath - part 2
Ascension's Final Stargate and the Coming Aftermath - Part 2

Wanting to share as much as possible about this unprecedented event and what the subsequent fallout on the planet from its happening would be, my Guidance asked me to muster some of the channelers from my group to channel the Spiritual Hierarchy in order to share what THEYW anted us to know about it:

Through Eliz Roesner

HAROON AND RAJ: thank you so very much for all the guidance, love and support to continue with this work. Is there something you would like to share with me regarding the ascension stargate?

Dear Ones, Please know this gate is one of supreme importance because prior to this point WE could closely determine most of the affects your planet could be experiencing. At this stage, WE can only estimate the potentials. This gate was approaching faster than WE believed Earth Herself could withstand. With this gate therefore, WE see many humans still unwilling to surrender their self-willed way of life or even take a look at what beliefs and attitudes they hold that are out of alignment with their heart.

WE had hoped many more of you would be waking from the dream imposed upon you prior to feeling this new energy. There is a great potential to heal so many right now but very few have the desire to release any of their possessions and are struggling to continue to accumulate more `stuff'. In the coming months, many of you will begin to evaluate your definition of wants versus needs. Any wants not aligned with the raising of one's consciousness will be refused you unless by granting this will support a lesson that will in effect raise many awarenesses. You are all simply switching from one addiction to another. So many of your modern nations' ideals have seriously infected the entire planet. You all have been seriously emotionally crippled by advertising and an imposed competitive lifestyle which is an implanted worry that if you refuse to acquire the latest items you will then `miss the bus'.

WE want you all to realize there is only One bus out of here safely and catching it has nothing to do with anything you own or possess or are addicted to, including your own personal wounds as well as your treasures. You continue to believe there are solutions to your problems that lie in the accumulation of possessions even as you browse for more junk you can not afford. This is your driving intent to reach Higher than this 3rd dimensional experience and it is misdirected! You are all driven to fill the void created by your detachment from all your Highest connections. The FATHER's Light, Love and Music can expand outward filling up this space in you just as the darkness which is your life, sucks and consumes this Light within you to survive. As this reality, the true nature of darkness dawns on a larger number of humans, there will be an opportunity for them to see how their own actions and attitudes created the avenue for everything that they and everyone experiences.

For those of you deeply hooked into these addictions and influences, you can expect to feel great amounts of internal pain and confusion. It will be exactly as an addict without his fix only now, for you, the fixes will simply quit working. No amount of MORE will produce the desired affect. The need for the fix will grow and multiply affecting everything surrounding the addict's multi-layered being. The addictions will be the first attachments exposed for everyone.

A common thing you hear from many children these days is "I'm bored," and WE say to you now, these are the ones who need the most guidance. They are asking you to help wake them up in these approaching times so they may have direction and choice. You are all are so enmeshed with being entertained that there will be little consoling these ones until they are completely unhooked from the same lifestyle you yourselves have been living.

This exposure of addictions will be a double edged sword in affect as most identities are meshed in with their addictions. This combination of very base pleasure-seeking and loss of control is self perpetuating, making the addict feel both powerful and worthless at the same time and together they have potential to reinforce the male dominance now in place. How success is being determined in your world needs to shift away from that of acquiring rewards of any kind. These ideas of more accumulated possessions, more sexual encounters, and more control over others and your environment must and will here stop as the planet passes through this final ascension stargate.

WE end here in gratitude for being asked to share with others,
HAROON and RAJ of Creation's Spiritual Hierarchy

Sue Ann Mikrut was asked to channel upon the elemental sound in all of Creation which when used can now help people lift themselves out of the doldrums they are experiencing and also help raise their vibration quickly enough so that the emotional, mental, and physical baggage they are all carrying can be shed at a faster rate in order to facilitate an easier and `Lighter' ascension process both for the planet and for the individuals proceeding on.

Through Sue Ann Mikrut

The HU Song

Aristenna, can you tell us more about the HU sound and its use at this time of the ascension process?

Yes, Dear One,

Yesterday when you were grocery shopping We purposely had you buy a coconut which was contaminated with a particularly dark energy form tainting it. When Peter opened it he inhaled this critter and We warned you both that this time it would take something different to remove it from his energy field. What this something different was was the HU sound. The critter left immediately when Peter played the recording he had of this sound { http://www.eckankar .org/hu.html }.

We had you both go through this experience to inform you and remind you of how the HU sound raises the vibration level to the highest of levels one is capable of at the time and how unwanted critters, emotional blockages, attachments, etc., can simply be left behind as you move out of them to a higher frequency. The HU sound is a LOVE song to the FATHER. It is also the sound of Creation and the basis of the Love the FATHER is that HE then extends out to create the All That Is.

It is literally the sound of the FATHER and HIS LOVE and is a powerful force in healing and breaking up old thought and emotional patterns. It raises the vibrations of everything. Anytime a situation needs changing and uplifting HUing quietly or even silently to oneself can make this happen quickly. When you are processing old, unreleased emotions the HU sound can move you through these much faster. HUing is the fastest way to change your emotional state. Fear, remorse, anger, guilt, etc. can be transmuted quickly through and to the FATHER's LOVE by singing the HU.

There is much processing of old thought and emotional patterns happening right now as the planet goes through the last stargate, both on an individual level and a collective consciousness level. When you HU to break up your own personal blockages you are also helping to break up the blockages of the collective consciousness as well. You are very literally HUing for everyone and for the planet as well.

When you sing this sound you will notice how it comforts and soothes you for it immediately connects you to the FATHER's Love, to Us and to all of Creation. When you feel you have lost the connection to Us it can quickly be re-established by singing the HU. Also, when in doubt about the connection to Us being of the highest, and not compromised by lower level `guidance' using the HU before channeling or talking with Us, along with commanding for your Highest Guidance three times, will help greatly to insure you are connected to Us and only Us.

There are many, many ways and many situations when using the HU song to raising your vibration is most helpful and We invite everyone to experience this most powerful of cleansing and uplifting forces.

With Much LOVE and Affection, Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light.