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ascension s final stargate and the coming aftermath - part 3
Ascension's Final Stargate and the Coming Aftermath - Part 3

The myriad effects of the ascension process on people in general cannot all be listed here right now. Certainly apathy is one of the major ones affecting everybody right now as the old paradigm tries desperately to hang on while the new paradigm is waiting for those who move on with the ascension to still build it.

According to the prime Directive in Creation, that of free will, the generalized consciousness of the people on this planet has decided NOT to go on with the ascension, mainly because it has had no exposure to true spirituality for tens of thousands of years on this planet, and has become apathetic to anything relevant but the seeking after further entertainment, possessions, and 3rd dimensional pleasures. Yes, this has all mainly been due to the `alien-controlled' New World Order and its programming of humanity as a slave race, but still the slaves bear much of the responsibility for allowing this to happen and not rebelling sooner.

John Works channeling of One of the Spiritual Hierarchy members addresses this problem of apathy and the resulting directions people are choosing through their own non-involvement withe whole process:

Dear One,

Many people are aware of a change due to come in 2012, with differing ideas based upon prophecies and studies which have confused them into making guesses based upon their own individual experiences, and not done with the help of either inner or relevant outer Guidance. Little do most of them know that the year itself, or specifically any time in the year, has little to do with what you already know. Here, NOW, in 2009 the shift is occurring. What happens three years from NOW will simply BE a culmination of the events leading up to that time when man must face his future. Upon consulting your waking dream cards you were shown the extent of what WE just told you. The first card, the train, shows that there will BE a journey by all, but not on the same train as the lack of group consciousness tells you that darkside conditioning will leave many unprepared and left waiting at the station when your train leaves. The second card, the bridge, is symbolic of the journey by MOTHER EARTH into the higher realms, which coincides with your current journey. The third card, the airplane, dictates to you that there is not much time left before this is happening and ties into the email Peter sent you about the final Stargate passage this weekend telling you that changes begin in earnest after this time. The others will simply get onto another train on another track, following their egos and not following their Guidance onto the train that leaves with MOTHER EARTH.

Your dream and the cards indicate that you must BE a part of this process of Caring and Consideration to those whom are still on the cusp of learning the truth, and to help save as many as you can in the short amount of time left to do so. You are beginning to see and feel the higher energies with OUR help, and others will not BE able to deal with this as time goes on. You are shown this every day with more and more stories of crazy acts and less and less good deeds going recognized, overshadowed by those preferred by the ruling paradigm that keep people afraid and unknowing of the kindness and LOVE of the FATHER.

When you explained the feeling yesterday to your girlfriend about how you can feel your body vibrating to the point you feel you might burst apart, and it was good, she could not understand it, even after explaining higher density to her. People will simply not know what is happening to them and will not be able to deal with the higher energies at work everywhere as the MOTHER EARTH moves into HER final ascension phases. As you accept these higher energies and let them work through you and not against you, you will notice how you are safe as things become more unstable. Those without Guidance will not be able to have US assuage them and help them accept and process the higher energies of the higher 5th dimensional levels into which Gaia is moving. They will succumb to their perpetual fear and fall prey to the darkside, which as you know cannot survive as easily in the higher realms as it does on the 3rd dimensional plane where it has ruled for so long. What was once reality to them will fade and be replaced with something even more treacherous, and disease will prevail. What was normal shall become abnormal, and truths will become lies. Those left unprepared will try to survive in an unsurvivable environment, yet only those with connection to their inner Guidance will know what to do and when to do it. You will be able to move amongst them with both purpose and direction as others question their very own existences. Those of a lower vibration have already begun to unravel, and you will see more and more happening soon enough, so walk unafraid and release all worry to US.

WE LOVE YOU and wish for you the best of everything at all times.
With LOVE and LIGHT, RAJUNE articles/ lesson_1_ channeling_ your_own_ mission.php