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ascension s final stargate and the coming aftermath - part 4
Ascension's Final Stargate and the Coming Aftermath - Part 4

Many people write to me asking about their missions here in this lifetime and it is often difficult to tell them that the mission they came here with may no longer be valid since so many of us were successfully shut down by the other side from doing our jobs. This, however, does not mean our lives here are wasted in this rarest of moments in Creation. When you lose one job in life do you not then pick yourself up and go right out and look for another? For those of you still on your missions much of what's taking place is about understanding what DOES NOT work in this old paradigm that's dying so that you will then have ideas about building something new that does work a new education system that does not stifle children's creativity and wonder; a sytem of running a `village' that does not have its foundation in corruption and greed; a way of living life based on self responsibility serving a Higher Will than one's own.

For those whose old missions have passed the most immediate job that needs doing is educating those who still have not made their choices as to ascend or remain behind to continue their same old 3rd dimensional lessons about attachment and rampant self-will.

Jennifer's channeling of her Highest Guidance reflects this choice to still serve in new ways of grounding the Light of the new paradigm onto the planet and assisting others to also know and understand what is taking place here, NOW, in Creation:

"Jennifer Totu"

Dear One,

Today you had a thought about places that are in darkness, places that need a ray of light, and so two places came into your mind, a place where there are people who are ill and a place where old beliefs still reign. You thoughts were about choosing either place to shine the light of the FATHER.

Where there is light there is love, and in darkness, love is absent, but the light will shine this love within them so they may see the FATHER's Love for themselves. Darkness loves to feed where there is darkness. People with low vibrational energy do not know the difference for they have never tried to steer their hearts into a place of knowingness, their true selves, their Spirit selves.

Keep your physical body in good shape, dear one, and your mind clear and only focused on the highest of the FATHER's love and will. These will be your armour when you finally choose to be where you are meant to be.

With Our greatest and highest Love,
SpiritIAM & Spiritual Family of Highest of Hierarchy