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ascension s final stargate and the coming aftermath - part 5

Ascension’s Final Stargate and the Coming Aftermath - Part 5

Saturday night was a difficult time for those aligned with true Spirit as it was like having your old 3rd dimensional body squeezed through a vesica pisces orange juicer and having all that old ‘crap’ left in your body squeezed right out of you and your new 5th dimensional flesh sack left drained of everything much like the old paradigm is being drained of everything it had as a foundation and now to those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear, it is just an empty old sack with nothing real left in it.

Through "eliz roesner"

Dear HAROON, can you please tell me anything I need to know right now about passing through this final ascension gate?

Dear One:

WE see great potential for anger, panic and inner insecurities mounting around feelings of being deceived, by feelings around a lack of money, and by fears that basic needs won’t be met. This will be surrounding the world economic situation that had been created in order to distract you all as well as further strengthen the powerful stranglehold over the private lives of the people on your planet. There is no coincidence the world "credit crisis" is escalating in the westernized nations at the same time/space as this approaching ascension gate. The fears can be very much like what you experienced but much more magnified for the many who are attached to their possessions and continuing to believe the current governments were designed to assist their peoples. For those who have lost possessions they have attachments to, this reaction will be even more fearful and intense spreading to others who have felt the increasing fears of losing material security. There will be a potential for a tremendous amount of collective worry.

There is, however, also a great potential for unity if an attitude of cooperative-worth can replace the current paradigm of competition, shame and victimization being projected. You have seen how this fear in others feeds off of each other and multiplies and just how well fear works to keep these same people from action. It can fuel itself into debates and diatribes but not into any cooperative action with a victimization attitude. WE need you to help US shift this attitude from that of blame into one of responsibility. WE want to shift this in as many people as possible while the situation is in this phase. When there is a connection formed with US there can be no fear as these two cannot occupy the same space. You will know who can be reached and who are beyond approach. Project the most love and security and emotional connectedness you can hold to US and the FATHER energy everywhere you go, asking always where you are needed most and what WE want you to do. This will take more focus and more energy than you are used to using day to day. Expect to be hungrier and more tired.

Damage control is of no use with these changes as you all are seeing what is occurring with bailouts and stimulators. A strong resistance will be brought to any situation by damage control. This approach will simply disrupt the flow of what must occur because it maintains the old ideals and keeps your minds from opening to new potentialities. You have seen this in several cases already where one is attempting to FORCE the old ways, ignoring the obvious to you, hoping this will continue to work or work in a new way. Reassure people with your thoughts and with your heart: "This will become easier as we all let go of control and forgive ourselves and each other."

WE continue to ask you that you go out and assist the planet as you have before. Anytime you feel the sense that She is in need in areas around you, please ask US to show you where and how you can assist Her. WE encourage you to write more often now as well. WE will be giving you information in smaller doses but more frequently as things develop, so to speak.

WE love you and WE thank you for the opportunity to share this information with others.

HAROON, Grand Mother Energy of Creation

“WE want to shift this in as many people as possible while the situation is in this phase” – As said in an earlier part of this article, for those of you who do not feel you have a mission or who do not know what that mission is and are to scared or too lazy to ask, take HAROON’s words to heart that the grandest mission right now, as Oskar Schindler said it best at the end of the movie, Schindler’s List, is to “save just one more.” Educate yourself as to what’s taking place and assist other by educating them as well –if, and only if, they are ready and willing to hear. Guidance knows who is open and who is not. Ask.