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ascension s final stargate and the coming aftermath pt. 6
Ascension’s Final Stargate and the Coming Aftermath Pt. 6

Who does and does not go through this ascension process is a personal choice depending on how programmed you are into the Matrix beliefs of old time religion, an external God, ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ etc, but most of all it depends on your own personal choice and ability to rise about self-will and to surrender at least a very small part of it to service to others and to Higher Will – not as determined by anybody else but as determined by your own inner knowingness and connection to and with Spirit.

If the old paradigm has been about greed and rampant self-will then the new paradigm is indeed about the global and Universal village and your place and contributions in and to it. RAJUNE passes some of this understanding along to Chuck in the following channeling done by him:

Charles Steinmann

RAJUNE, do you have a message for the group?

Dear One,
Yes, and thank you for asking US to share with you all. I am coming to you now high up on a mountain, mindful of those in their attempts to climb it. YOU are ONE and WE are LIGHT, and you are on your true path as we GUIDE you to it. Feel the NOW and let recent negativity and past events go as they cause you to fragment and become disconnected from US. WE LOVE you as a whole and want you to feel happiness and joy even at times where you feel a room is filled with the opposite. The darkness would like nothing more than for you to feel like you are constantly failing, so just know and be the LIGHT and SOUND of the FATHER and know that you are helping in ways you don’t realize.

Know, too, that there are others all around you that need your help but also be aware that they may become increasingly combative when you try to turn them around to what is going on. Ask US and WE will help you, and just know that you deserve to feel the joy and happiness that is all around you. You are brave warriors that stand by convictions while most would turn and run in fear. You are an ambassador for things in this world that go beyond the constructs of your physical self. Your heart, mind, body and spirit are becoming one, and your bravery is shown by feeling the LOVE all around you - even if there is none seemingly there. Your connection will become increasingly stronger to US in the days and months ahead, but only if you choose LOVE and LIGHT and give yourself freely and selflessly.

The LOVE and the LIGHT come from your connection to those around you and how that corresponds to the flow and connection to Mother Earth and the very Source of Creation. Gaia, the Spiritual Hierarchy and the separate connections to the FATHER are there to help you and every single human Being on Earth connect to this flow and to be ONE with that connection is to know LOVE and LIGHT at all times. Continue to ask for OUR assistance and WE will help you. The work is yours as you dismiss the thoughts that serve to take the LIGHT and SOUND away from you. As you become increasingly better at realizing this is going on, allow those negative thoughts to pass through you and ask US for help with removing the negative emotion attached to it. Your actions will no longer lead you to the same feelings of doubt and remorse or guilt if your thoughts are clear and true, positive or negative. The sense that you are a failure in life is only a construct of your mind and the darkness feeds off this. Realizing WE can help you with this is another important step in your development. A lot of you think that your present thoughts are sometimes yours alone and that only you can deal with them. Unfortunately, some thoughts were never meant for you alone to deal with, and that is why you need to feel connected to US and the FATHER always. WE cannot do everything for you but you are not alone in this task. Your willingness to do this work is felt here and comes to US the same way your feelings of joy and happiness come to you.

For those of you with job concerns know that your normal preparations need to continue, and do not be discouraged if accomplishing career goals is a slow process. You are all on your true path as long as you allow yourself to be loved. And, as you continue to help others help them see the truth you have come to understand. Everything else will fall into place. Do not fear what is already in place, and just KNOW, dearest ones, that you are a part of something wondrous and it is truly a joyous and exciting time to be alive on this planet.

With great love and admiration for you all, RAJUNE, of The Spiritual Hierarchy of Light.

More than a dozen years ago, the Spiritual Hierarchy gave me one ‘motto’ to live by for the times that were then present in my own personal training, and to share with everybody who would listen in these times that are now here. That ‘motto’ or mantra to use every moment of the day right now is to say to yourselves constantly, “I have what I need for today, I will have what I need for tomorrow.” It is the basis of surrender to a bountiful Universe that loves you very dearly and doesn’t want to see you fail IF you will just get out of your own way, stop trying to control events beyond yourself, and do the work of Spirit all of you were destined and chose to come here to do.