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ascension s final stargate and the coming aftermath pt. 7
Ascension's Final Stargate and the Coming Aftermath Pt. 7

Never before in the history of Creation has such a `self-willed' planet made it into ascension since, like DNA itself which is a light-processor for the individual and group consciousness as well, planet raise and lower through the dimensions depending on the frequency and vibration of those who inhabit it. Obviously, after 50,000 years of New World Order control, no one could say this planet and its inhabitants were ready for ascension to a 5th dimensional level where self-responsibility is the key phrase and where `it takes a village' should be the motto. Again, John channels RAJUNE of the Spiritual Hierarchy:

"John H. Works Jr." budthejjr@yahoo. com

Dear One,
The dream last night with the languishing teenage girls was something meant to show you the general apathy of the public. You are learning that people just do not care about others in general due to
their darkside conditioning. This will not bode well for them when things are beginning to get rough. As you know, people tend to pull together in times of crises, yet the trouble here will grow so climactic even this will not be able to save most of them from what is to come. People will not be able to pull together as one, there will not be a sense of community, and the apathy will run rampant as others will not care enough to help each other, leading to great fear and panic. This is in turn will bring the `every man for himself' mentality that most will adopt, and those in the dark will resort to dark tactics for fear of death and loss. You too my son have felt this `I dont care attitude' towards others and you know it is not the right way to go.

Upon learning the true history of the Earth and neighboring planets from Peter's works, plus what you have learned on your own already, your thoughts have changed and you now feel a greater responsibility for what has happened. During your trip to New Mexico, Peter began to fill you in on your role in having caused what is NOW happening to your people on the planet. Like so many people now reading these words you have had a greater share in causing what is going on than you would possibly care to admit. You felt the sadness and misery associated with this on a soul level and it made you feel truly sorry. You were then given a chance to begin making amends and shift your paradigm to a desire to help others instead of harming them. Being given a chance to apologize for your crimes against humans and others was your first step. CREATION, having recognized this, led you to your next decision which was letting you figure out that you needed to BE a catalyst for change and become one with SPIRIT, that which you are now working on. You realized then and even NOW that having apathy and not caring is simply not doing what you came here to do in this current lifetime.

Although their grip on the planet is waning, the darkside energies are still very strong here, and their aim is to move as many souls to a 3rd dimensional location somewhere else in this Superuniverse. Where theyc an continue to live off their energies just as they have been doing for tens of thousands of years now, the basis for the vampire legend. This will allow them to maintain a foothold and draw power upon leaving MOTHER EARTH, power needed to sustain them as darkness has no Light of it's owna nd must fee dof the Light of others.

WE need you as an energetic weapon, if you will, to help counter this by opening your heart and just letting the LOVE flow through you. As the war for souls rages on WE will fight to raise the vibration of the whole as ONE, hoping to awaken as many as WE can as the days pass on. By pure intention, using positive thought forms, you may stand with US in the fight. You are a mighty cannon, able to fire the artillery of LOVE at the battleships of darkness. By listening to US you will know when and where to fire.

The more WE grow together, the more will BE expected of you, and WE say to you and everyone reading this, remain vigilant at all times, unafraid of change or anything that happens to come your way for there is nothing that together WE cannot handle. Your confidence will remain steadfast as long as you choose to give your fears and worries to US in the face of constant danger. The LOVE of the FATHER will win this war and bring about the purging of all DARKNESS back into the LIGHT in this sector of CREATION. A good LIGHT WARRIOR is impervious to pain and dis-ease for he is ONE with HIS service and lives not for earthly gains but for the honor of SPIRIT and to BE a representative of the FATHER and all HIS children.

Great joy and happiness comes through serving, it is the message for so long Peter and Guidance have pointed out to you. You are finally beginning to comprehend this and apply it to your NOW. Always, every day, ask to BE more In Service and to appreciate more the FATHER and the Infinite MOTHER SPIRIT that makes every day possible. Rejoice in this day and live only for the SERVICE.

Representing the Spiritual Hierarchy, Council of LIGHT, SPIRIT, and the whole of CREATION, RAJUNE

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