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ascension s final stargate and the coming aftermath pt. 8
Ascension’s Final Stargate and the Coming Aftermath Pt. 8

No other mission is now more important than ‘getting the word out’ about why the world seems to be literally ‘falling apart.’ No, it’s not the end of the world as some are beginning now to say, but, yes, it is the end of the world as we know it.

Since the ancient days of old MU, Lemuria and Atlantis, spiritually has been controlled or at least severely influenced by the ruling agenda of the alien-controlled New World Order, those from Orion, Sirius, and yes, even rogue elements of the Arcturians and Pleiadeans. Massive wars have been fought that have destroyed planets such as Maldek (now the asteroid belt), planets have been made uninhabitable (Mars), and all along Gaia, the consciousness of planet earth has maintained it’s steadfast direction and purpose to be the crown jewel of this area of Creation. As little as a year ago its future lay in doubt for no other planet in existence had ever been through ascension carrying such a heavy load of dense consciousness and darkness. The movie, Titanic, was a metaphor for what was going to happen to planet earth if something did not drastically change. But it did, and thanks to a few hard-working dedicated individuals, whole areas of Creation Itself have been ‘re-arranged’ so that now a grander healing is taking place on every level, both from the very top down with the healing of certain members of the Creator Family whose original dysfunction we all have been living, and from the bottom up, in each and every individual who has said to themselves “Enough! I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!’ and then changed something within themselves and the world surrounding them that forever more would not allow the ruling paradigm of this abysmal Matrix to further promote its lies.

May people have died along the way. As was said at Obama’s inauguration, many suffered and died so that this black man could be elected. Well far more slaves have died fighting to keep a little candle of the FATHER’s light burning on this planet so that it did not implode in upon Itself and create another black hole swallowing up all the Light it could find. Someone had to keep the candle lit so that others could then do the far more difficult work of changing that which was controlled, namely the grid system of ley lines and ‘sacred sites’ on the planet, the energetic miasms of reptilian culture that have threatened for so long to overtake us all, and finally, to expose to those who would listen all the darkness that this child-killing, soul-stealing, even flesh-eating reptilian culture has inflicted on this planet for so long (namely The Changeling-type reptilians thinking that they can do as they please upon the planet and the slaves will not rebel).

No one is a grander role-model for this time and this place than a Thracian soldier, slave and gladiator of the first century B.C. named Spartacus who sought only to set all men free. Oskar Schindler who saved the live so many Jews during the Second World War, and a thousand other names who now live in legend are all the role models for those who would seek to see this ascension process succeed, for indeed no man is free unless all men are free. In the village WE will soon need to create for the new paradigm, there is no spectator gallery, no cheering section, only a place for all to work together, build together, and share what they have learned about how things may now work as the old ways die and new ways are needed to create a planet that truly is the crown jewel it was always meant to be.

Through Eliz Roesner

Feb 23, 2009
Dearest RAJ and HAROON: with a focus on the bigger picture, how can we assist others to understand what the planet is going through as we pass through this stargate.

Dear One:
WE are seeing a shedding and releasing from your beloved Earth much as we have asked individuals to forgive and release their own personal attachments. Gaia is your planet's consciousness, Her Being, Her Soul. She has experienced eon after eon of abuse, maltreatment and entrapment from so many different directions. She volunteered for a set time to suffer all this abuse, but Her time is now done. As a planet, She is struggling less and is moving more rapidly toward Her destined new home and away from the intimate control and power structure imposed upon Her. She has needed to lock Her heart down as many people within Her density have done out of self preservation and protection. This is because She hurt so deeply and could barely assist Herself, not because She is uncaring or insensitive to the people living with Her. As her heart opens widely again so too will the awareness open that She needs to push away all that doesn't fit. Her experiences were for healing a larger part of the whole as well. She was not a victim but She was also trapped in place by the density of perceived victimhood. She willingly allowed humans to use Her body so they could learn and experience. She was as willing a participant in this grand experiment gone so wrong as you have been, one who has taken responsibility for her choices and chosen to let go.

Interferences from those others not invited, those who took advantage of Her wealth of resources and loving nature were the source of Her pain and suffering. Her time in this experience has ended but She has needed much more strength and support to move from this location into the new space She will next occupy. As She moves forward, the density She sheds will become heavier and more difficult for the imprisoned souls with Her to navigate through. This WE see will be the most difficult for humans to understand in terms of how this affects them because most cannot see their planet as being more than a big blue rock for them to own and continue to take from when and how they choose. Those with a ‘squatter's rights’ attitude toward Her could be seriously dislocated and disconnected from Her support unless a serious change of view occurs from within. For example, look to the collapsing oil industrial complex, built into a power/control structure by robbing and selling Gaia's body for profit. This oil empire has very much been terminated in its infancy as far as these things go.

There is a vague inner knowing within many, however, a detached feeling from nature, a sense of changing under your very feet. You have all convinced yourselves you are masters of this material realm, that you can control your destiny through the stuff you possess, your scientific advancements, your restrictive laws attempting to force Gaia to provide Herself freely to you in ways you have all designed for yourselves. She is now about to let you all know this was selfish and She will remain free and no longer tolerate greed, hatred and abusiveness in her space in any of its forms. Everything you have clung to, wanted, and worked so hard for lifetime after lifetime has nothing to do with the reasons why you have come to Her in the first place. With each earth-change about to occur, collective memories of tragic choices and horrific discriminations will be released for you all to accept and to own as your responsibility. She is giving back what rightfully belongs to you and accept completely you must, for there will be no blame or scapegoats in this place where She is headed.

WE thank you for asking US to share more insights to the events unfolding before you all. Remember please that you are loved and always well cared for if you only ALLOW.