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asking for help
Dear One,

The most important thing for you all to know now is that we are here to help
you. Our help, however, may not be according to your
expectations. You wonder why we do not protect you from everyday
accidents and all pain. We are not here to keep you from learning for
yourself what it is you need to learn. All of your life is about
learning. Most of the help that we give, you do not even notice, nor
could you comprehend it; yet it allows you to be in those situations
where you can be of assistance to others as you chose to do so.

We do not help you escape from situations that you find uncomfortable
or embarrassing because you can learn and grow from dealing with
those. We do not take care of everyday situations to prevent you from
dropping or spilling things or cutting your finger. You must pay
attention to your physical environment to take care of those things.
We can however, keep an entity from the dark side from overwhelming
you while you are still unable to do so by yourself, but you would not be aware
of that. So although we are always here, you may not see how exactly it is that
we help you.

Many people want to see miracles before they will give any credence to the
spiritual world. That is not going to happen. Spirits are not here to take care
of any inconveniences that you might have to suffer
because of your past choices. We will not change the weather or
prevent any natural disasters from occurring either. The forces that
you have already set in motion to happen due to your collective
choices will occur. We cannot intervene where you have freely chosen.
We can help you to learn from your mistakes, however, and we can give
you assistance in other ways. Regardless of what you are able to see
from your 3D perspective we are helping as much as we are allowed. You allow us
to intervene when you ask for our help. Just do not limit us by your
expectations and judgments of how it is supposed to look. Ask, and then be open
to unexpected possibilities and all will be well.

With our greatest love,

Aristenna and the Spiritual Hierarchy