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Atlantis Pt 2 : Holding Up a Mirror
Atlantis : Holding Up a Mirror
Part 2: : The Beginning of Disharmony
by Peter Farley

The time came when the Atlanteans began to use their knowledge in
ways that became self-serving to just a few as mentioned by Plato.
This self-serving use of energy sowed seeds of disharmony that began
to grow. Discord arose as to the proper use of creative energy. The
culture split into The Philosophers, Healers and Communicators on
one side, and the Scientists and Technology community on the other,
and both struggling for control. The Master had long ago vacated the
Holy Temple in the center of the Great River of Life.

This struggle for power that lasted for several millennia finally
found the power falling into the hands of the technological and
scientific community. They were very knowledgeable in the ways of
manipulating energy for their own purposes. As the power fell to
them, more and more they created things that were not for the
benefit of all, but for the benefit of a few. Those in power felt as
though there were differences between various facets of society.
They felt they were superior to those that followed the
philosophies. The scientific and technological side felt others were
inferior or of a lower class. If they were of a lower class then
they could not have the understanding or the ability to govern

The philosophers were the first to be attacked. The philosophers
were isolated into one area of Atlantis. How could this happen? The
scientific and technology leaders gathered the philosophers together
for the pretense of a joint meeting on Atlantean affairs. The
scientific and technology leaders then placed an energy field around
the philosophers. They could not go beyond the energy field that
surrounded them, nor could others enter into the energy field. While
all was provided for the philosopher's existence they no longer had
any influence over the culture at large.

Thus the scientific and technological leaders began to divide
Atlantis into sectors. They began to re-locate different cultures in
isolated pockets of communities, much as the New World Order has
intentions of doing again. Sectors were developed. Energy fields
were placed around these sectors of division to eliminate cross-
cultural communication.

Those leaders that evolved into the control of the government began
to use their knowledge of creation in a way that they felt would
bring forth what had never been created before. They became
intoxicated with the prospect of creation. Realize that when you
know how to manipulate energy into a vibrational form creation is
not difficult. There was no limitation or thought of the common good
as they built upon the creation of technology.

Much as was portrayed in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, there was
a huge crystal obelisk erected that sent out energy pulses that kept
everything subdued. The population was not unhappy. Nobody wanted to
rebel. It was like the energies just said, "You're happy," and that
was accepted by the population. There was total control over the
population. What you must understand is that this was less then ten
percent of the population that had all the power. As the scientists
and technologists began to take control of Atlantis, they became
more and more intoxicated with their own power of creativity.
Sound familiar?