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Atlantis Pt 3: The Final Destruction
Atlantis?Holding Up a Mirror
by Peter Farley
Part 3: The Final Destruction

In the rise, fall, and final destruction of Atlantis, there are
indeed many parallels with our own culture. There are also many
warnings inherent in the information that comes through the Nine and
through Cayce about the use of technology as well as on the use and
misuse of power. Much of this information will come to light in the
next few years through the discoveries to be made in Egypt where
records of Atlantis were stored for future generations to learn
from. These seemingly harmless records may not be so harmless
though, and everyone waiting for their revelations may not be so
interested once they find out what they contain?as we shall find out.

Cayce mentions these records in a couple of life readings:
". . . there were evidences and prophecies of Atlantis being broken
up, and Egypt was chosen as one of those places where the records of
that activity were to be established" (no. 275-38, January 16, 1934).
". . . for the entity was in charge of those records when the last
peoples of Atlantis journeyed to the various quarters of the globe"
(no. 378-13, August 14, 1933).

The most evident parallels between their culture and our own are
that both cultures developed a high level of technical society, both
were world powers, and both were plagued with racial or social
problems. Both also developed weaponry that, if misused, could not
only destroy their own country but much of the planet as well. Both
were also heavily involved with experimentation on affecting the
climate of the world. One might say that both, also, never learned
from the mistakes they made but kept on going despite the obvious
warning signals. Other similarities will be noticed as we further
detail the final destruction of the continent, and the technology
which helped bring this ending about.

In Atlantis, the worst happened?not once, but on three separate
occasions, the last resulting in the final destruction and sinking
of the civilization entirely. It is little wonder that many of
Cayce's life readings that spoke of Atlantean incarnations were
filled with warnings to individuals about the misuse of their
abilities. Individuals who had misused their talents once before
might easily follow the path of least resistance and misuse them
once again. In judging these events, it might be helpful to remember
Kryon's warning that we are our own ancestors.

The influx of people or migration into Atlantis might be seen as
another parallel. According to Cayce's psychic data, the upper
classes of the Atlantean race looked like modern people, but they
used these migrants, the less developed "things," as servants and
for experimentation. If for no other reason, this fact alone might
suggest the presence of the New World Order in Atlantis, or at least
strong connections to its roots, for the arrogance of power and the
wealthy?the Illuminati--are very similar in both.

In Egypt, the Atlantean survivors considered the majority of the
local people no higher than "menial" in physiological development
and their culture and technical stance extremely backward, just as
they had on their own continent. This helped set up a tradition of
slavery in both Egypt and many of the surrounding countries as well,
a tradition that still persists today in many parts of Africa, and
was the root of the slave trade coming to the New World.

Clow remembers this phase in one of her past life excursions:
"There were other Beings on other levels of mentality. Some of them
were savages and primitives on the earth. They lived in Africa,
Brazil, China, in modern-day language. We bothered them, which was
really not fair. We didn't do that to help them."

The final portion of Atlantis, the island that Plato called
Poseidonis, contrary to popular belief, was destroyed in the
biblical Flood, the Great Deluge that occurred around 9,000 BC.
Two of the catastrophes that occurred to help bring Atlantis to
destruction were man-made. The first was through the misuse of
nuclear technology and the second through the misuse of crystal and
merkaba technology. The two that were ?naturally caused' were due to
the biblical Flood and the other was due to simple volcanic activity
from the natural processes of Earth's crust cooling.

Our modern culture is filled with deep reminisces of the Atlantis.
Much of this can be seen in the new and expanding medium for the
preservation of such deep-seated knowledge?the movies. Science,
however, labels it science-fiction for fear that they will lose
their power if we begin to take such myths and legends seriously.
The destruction of Superman's home planet, Krypton, in the Superman
series of comic books and movies, is one such example of a cultural
memory of Atlantis resurfacing after the destruction of Maldek,
although it has happened to many other civilizations and on many
other planets as well.

As with the fictional planet Krypton, when Atlantis was destroyed
many understood that the end was coming, as is always the case at
the end of a cycle. The Atlanteans were adept at experiencing many
levels beyond the "physical" which was at that time more 4th
dimensional. Since they had attained total control over their astral
bodies during their civilization, they made sure they could get
through into the future if they so desired. All they needed was to
establish a place or places on the planet which they could tie into
in order to be able to influence world affairs and still control the
power bases on the planet?these were the portals and ancient sacred
sites over which so many new temples and religious structures have
been built. This is where the temple technology and crystal
technology they had acquired from their home planets became so