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august rush earth changes and society s leveling
August Rush: Earth Changes and Society’s Leveling

Many people have been getting dreams and feelings and déjà vu experiences about this time, and many have particularly been getting hints that something more in the earth change process will occur in August:

“Hi Peter. I know I haven't kept in touch, and I'm sorry for that, especially since I come to you know seeking aid. The past week of so I've been getting numerous flash backs. It seems to me that I've dreamed this time line before but forgot. About a year ago I think I had dreams corresponding with events happening now. But I can't remember anything until it happens. I think I messed with something naively either then or a long time before, but I don't know what effects it had. I don't know... I could just be crazy and confabulating memories but so much seems to be syncing up. What's more I and others are getting the feeling that something is about to happen around here (Hastings Nebraska). None of us are any sort of experienced in such matter. I am deeply devoted to worship and service to god (that which is all) but I am not what you'd call well versed in esoteric knowledge and I have not been able to fully detach my ego.
I guess I trust you, (now, at least and all of a sudden), and am asking for advice.”

These people are what I call ‘Ark-crashers’, people who have not prepared for these times even though they were told and had some sense that things were all going to change. They haven’t done the work to prepare for the changes but now want help and Guidance on what they should do. Like another animal stealing the stored, hard work of a squirrel putting away its nuts for winter, they are the ones survivalists talk about wanting to come steal the stored food of those who have spent time preparing. It is a moral dilemma everyone who’s staying needs to confront – now rather than later on. If you’re one of the Doomsday Preppers who’ve spent a lot of effort preparing for the hard times, do you share your hard work with those who come to you wanting help and to feed off your hard labors? Or do you turn them away and possibly let them die? If you feed them, how many do you help? How far do you go with this assistance if it means your own family suffers or may die as a consequence. Each person and each family needs to answer this question for themselves, hopefully in full contact and with the input of their spiritual Guidance.

For my own sake, Guidance has had me preparing for years, sometimes without hope of this ever happening, and yet every day now, more and more, the signs are obvious and imminent. Last year my dreams showed me earthquakes before they would occur, with relative accuracy as to the area as well. Lately it’s been déjà vu experience almost daily of living this ‘dream’ and of something, something ‘big’ occurring very soon thereafter.

Nostradamus has one line about this time that refers to ‘society’s leveling’ and specifically mentions August:

8 4 4 Foiblesse a` l'aigle, et force au coq naistra …
SEAS BOIL SEAL* false St. (saint) orbit
Softer blast I (Egypt or ice age)
*In OMENS & SEALS: second trumpet. Coq is also Puppis of Argos

Potent golden faintness (golden host) approach - upraised in the year of the rooster - is this the Rapture, 2065 Wormwood ?
egality – represents an extreme levelling of society
GALILEE: could be the area, or a chain reference to the CARPENTER which is Norma = Leo (of Treaty 9) and or Leo the month of August. ALIASES: agendas
COQUIN a malicious rogue ISTAR: Sirius = Dark Men
CORE: maiden = Virgo or Kore under Giza: the stage gate

Courtesy Helen Parkes

From Helen: VOLCANO plus something else‏

Peter, I have plucked out the August lines - attached - there does seem to be some consistency, especially when applying the CODES WITHIN CODES to the quatrain line involved

3 35 1 Du plus profond de l'Occident d'Europe
found in 10 84 1

AUS. HASN'T TAIL I (ice) L (flow)

(bad sulphurous air) volcanic or radioactive

SUN TAIL ATLAS I|H (Egypt|hagaliz)

TAIL I (ice) HALT SUSAN (Rice?)

A (Saturday) NUT HAIL I (ice) LASTS
I HALT IN SULTANAS (end of Vine)

C.M.E? The cremation of Giza?

Blue Star (sun) Kachina (Moira)
U = from the Universe
Tall Whites – angels
I = Ice. ATLAS = Earth
NUT: August 5 to September 1
Vine is September 2nd to Sept 29

I : Eve of winter Solstice = December 20/21
A = (Fir tree day, December 22nd

The first Saturday in NUT (Aug 5/ Sep 1)
SAT = Saturday (Aug 6th 2011/Aug 11th2012) A pyroclastic eruption
After Hours – in the evening
or in TAS (Tasmania)
SUSTAIN ASH L (flow) TIL A (Fir tree day = Winter solstice)
TAIL AILS NUT (August 5th to September 1st *) [to] ASH (February 18th to March 17th)
TAHITIANS ALL SUN - implies the other side is all night
There are two ASHes – the Celtic Zodiac tree date and the pyroclastic volcanic flow
There are two “A”s here – the key note for Saturday and the Celt key letter for the Fir tree, the Winter Solstice
TAIL AILS: *Meaning, find the Saturday following August the 5th, say, if it is 2011, that would be the 6th of August.
Then to find the last Saturday (because it says to March 17) before March 17 (say in 2012) which happens to be March 17th.
NOTE: this ASH must be the “PALL” in several lines, one of which says “PALL NOT PASS PALENQUE” 8 86 3

ATLAS ASH UNTIL I (yew ) Dec 20
or ATLAS I(ice) UNTIL ASH ( Feb 18 - Mar 17) less likely due to the ice event being more permanent

So it’s not all clear exactly what’s about to take place. My Guidance triggers me with the word ‘fire’ and has me watch the Nicolas Cage movie, Knowing, a lot in order to watch what chaos is like and know I must be prepared for hat ever eventuality occurs because when it come sit will come thick and fast. I sense volcanoes more involved than anything else; Helen suggests the word ‘sear’.

Prophets maybe want to be exact in what they prophesy to occur but that’s not my task, my task is to have people and help people connect with their own spiritual Guidance so that no matter what occurs they will be in the right place, doing the right thing, prepared for what’s about to happen, and willing to serve the Higher Will no matter what the cost.

The website details daily earth activity of just about every nature. If you put are able and willing to put the pieces together you’ll see that nothing on Earth is ‘normal’ anymore. And the only two words that count right now or that will count with what’s taking place right now are Guidance and flexibility.

Here’s something to assist you with the first, the second one you’re on your own:

Channeling Exercise: Learn to channel your own Guidance with this simple, easy to use exercise:

The following simple technique is how I have taught so many to successfully channel their own Higher Self or Guidance, correctly, the first time and every time that fear does not get in the way. Do yourself a favor and print out the exercise and read through it as people tend to `skim' articles on the computer rather than read for the full deepest meaning of the words:

I am writing to tell you about a way to channel. It is called the "Dear One technique".

First, I would suggest going to a quiet area where you can sit comfortably in a relaxed state, somewhere where you won't be bothered. If you are serious at all about your spirituality and therefore give your Guidance and your own spiritual nature the respect it deserves you will set aside to do this without being interrupted by the outside world. One of the greatest reasons for people failing to do this is that they are too worried about other things or their day to come rather than being HERE and NOW to connect. If appropriate, sit and do the HU for 15 minutes before sitting to write - http://www.eckankar .org/hu.html The HU belongs to know religion or spiritual path. It is for everyone, regardless.

Then, either on paper or set up on the computer in a Microsoft Word or word processing program, begin by writing - "Dear One," on the page. This is your guidance referring to you as the "Dear One". What you then write is THEIR words to you, not yours to Them. From there, begin writing whatever comes through you however you receive it. Do not stop and judge the message, and do not try to edit or spell correctly or anything for this shifts you into the analytical side of your brain instead of the creative heart side. All that can be done when you are finished. Keep writing whatever you are getting and do not stop until your Guidance signs off. As a free writing exercise you never lift your pen from the page in doing this very same exercise just allowing everything to flow outward until done.

If you have a little trouble beginning then you may need to start out with a prompt, something like, "The most important thing for you to know right now is. . ." to get you started. Your mind may try to get in the way or you may get flustered. Do not think about things. Do not question. Do not wonder if you are doing it right. The best motto for this is `Just do it'. If something happens to stop you, just start over again by writing "Dear One," and then continue. When you are finished, you may channel a closing such as "With Great Love" and then channel the name of the Being or Beings or your Higher Self you are channeling. If you do this once or twice daily for 10-15 minutes it should become more comfortable to do within a very short time. Learning to trust it depends on you and your connection. That's why I am here initially to help confirm things for you as I am able to work with anyone and everyone's Guidance. A little confirmation in the beginning helps you feel secure with the process and tends to help you move forward instead of easily finding an excuse not to do it.

Always COMMAND that only those who are for your highest good and those who serve the Highest be allowed to channel through you. Some may channel their Higher Self, that part of themselves connected to every other Soul and to the Creator Itself. Some have more specific missions to channel messages for or from the planet, for specific groups of Beings on the planet, or for the Lightworkers as a whole.
When you are comfortable with the process you can then begin asking questions which you should write down, and then channeling an answer, again beginning with "Dear One,". To strengthen your own innate talents of doing this, ask your Guidance for an answer inwardly whenever you have a decision to make anytime or all of the time throughout the day. Should I wear blue or green today? Should I go this way or that way to work? Should I go to McDonalds or Wendy's for lunch? Should I have the chicken or the hamburger? This is working with moment to moment Guidance and the channeling and it both help strengthen the channels between you and your Guidance.

If you can even get just a yes or no answer to such questions, with time, you will be able to deal with any situation that confronts you by simply asking Guidance. Constant practice builds the ability to hear, see, and to trust.

Guidance will rarely ever ask you to do something which is not a part of your spiritual makeup. You always have the right and should eventually learn to challenge whatever you are getting by asking/commanding THREE times "In the name of the Highest, is what I am getting correct?

Yes, there are other entities out there that like to play games, but you are not trance channeling and as long as your intent is pure, nothing should ever be able to bother you.

Read the other lessons in the Connecting with Guidance section after you have done (not `tried') the channeling technique a few times. I am always here personally to help individually with this task until you get comfortable with it. Most people I work with get upwards of 90% correct the first times they do this. I am always happy to let you know the results of your initial efforts should you so wish and what else you might do to improve your connections. . Some of you out there have specific messages for people and some others around you relating to the talents/skills/ mission you have brought into this lifetime. I can also help you with this should you see fit to ask for this kind of assistance. The key word here again is `help you'. It is of no use to you if I simply tell you your mission since without you being connected to your own Guidance in some real way, the chance of your ever doing your mission is little or none.

Above all, Enjoy!
Laugh and Be Well,