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back to the future and beyond
Back to the Future –and Beyond
By Peter Farley

In the process of writing Volume 9, the level of aid we are
receiving from such high-level Beings as the Spiritual Hierarchy\'s
Council of Light, the Pleiadean Star Council, the incarnations of
various involved \'personages\' and the Spiritual Hierarchy Itself, is
phenomenal. It blows my mind simply to sit here and write these
words knowing most people cannot even comprehend what is taking
place in their own lives, let alone in Creation. I, too, feel a
little overwhelmed at this moment, knowing someone will tell me I
should read such and such a book or some of this sounds like someone
else\'s work, and yet, none of this is true. The history of what is
taking place here cannot be found to such a level anywhere else on
the planet. I know. I\'ve looked –and I am humbled.

The following is an excerpt we were receiving/working on today and
the Spiritual Hierarchy wanted to share some of it because it
indicates what level of work is being done to solve the near
desperate situation we now face here on Earth, and the urgency with
which Guidance suggests you take these warnings seriously. They have
been warning us all for more than a decade now and because of the
power of our New Age thinking, we still wish to believe that
everything is as it should be and that none of us need do more than
we are doing to make all this work out for the better—for ourselves,
for our loved ones, but most of all for the entire planet and
Creation Itself. It\'s just not true. None of us is doing enough to
make all these things work out in favor of Creation. I give you
these excerpts from a tale of two planets, Mars and Maldek; one now
an almost lifeless hunk of rock floating in the vast ocean of space,
the other, sacrificed so that we may live, fragmented, blown to bits
in a war that had and still has, everything to do with keeping safe
planet Earth and its docile population.

Earth and Mars compose a pair, able to create beautiful marvels
through their union. Earth is Gaia - the female aspect of Creation,
while Mars is Hamdor - who plays the part of the Male.

The relationship between Mars and Earth is linked to how Enjliou and
Callia had problems in their relationship, and the harmony of their
creative union (the Creator Parents of this SuperUniverse and the
difficulties that were had in its Creation –see Vol 1).

Then it was that they were brought back into the Central SUN of the
Central SUPER UNIVERSE for healing. They were given the task of
building a pair of planets, and through these planets, a method by
which they could interact with each other so that They would again
be in balance and be able to create, this time in harmony with their
connection to the FATHER.

Mars would be Enjliou, and Callia would be Earth—the planets the
therapeutic means by which both Creator Parent energies could
interact with one another, and create balance in their relationship,

The balance between Mars and Earth reflected the state of harmony
between the two Parents and it was so important that this balance be

The connection between these two planets, these two reflections of
the Creator Parents, was a Portal directly to the Central SUN, a
pathway back home, if you will, directly to the very heart of
Creation Itself. The flow of Light from the Central Sun was so
intense that it could keep enough Light and enough Love coming, and
this Flow would ultimately prevent any further imbalance from coming
between Enjliou and Callia *ever again*. It would be a symbol and a
sustainer of their union.

They were given a tool to learn and to be kept going, stronger than
ever, especially with the help of this Portal. The Portal was both a
result of the interaction and the connection between these two
Planets, while, at the same time, it was also a means to keep them
both very close together - balanced and well in tune with one

They had given origin to Maldek (the planet which is now the
asteroid belt), as a third planet, and this time, the Son was to be
good natured and live with Them as a balanced loving child. Maldek
was taken care of by ARTOLA, who surrounded the Planet with His

The link to the FATHER which had been restored was mirrored by the
link that these three planets had with the Central SUN. And Maldek\'s
link to the Central SUN was the mirror of ARTOLA\'s connection to the
FATHER as well, the strongest connection of all, and since it didn\'t
consist of a needed part in a couple, it was then less prone to
danger. It had the important role of keeping Earth and Mars
together, a function of keeping harmony between the two. The link
between Mars and Earth was the harmony itself; it was the Portal
linking back to the FATHER. It was also the most important target
for the dark forces to attack.

Then Lucifer comes with his intent to maintain a separated universe,
to stop the healing that would be the beginning of his ultimate
defeat. He came to disrupt the harmony of the family - just as
before, in the beginning.

His energy came to strike with the Nibiruans. And he would not
attack ARTOLA, who was the strongest Being in the Universe, but he
came to strike the Creator Father - Mars, the reflection of
Enjliou\'s character in this play.

Enjliou resisted, but Nibiru had the means and was pulling Him back
to the dark intent where He once was, and this could bring about the
disruption of all the healing work done while the Creator Parents
were back in the Central SUN. With this, ARTOLA came to prevent the
corruption of Enjliou. To protect his Father, he knew that Maldek
would be left much unprotected, and that Nibiru would then be able
to steal the Planet through the corruption of its consciousness.

Without ARTOLA to shield Maldek from Nibiruan influence, Nibiru took
over Maldek, and then the war began...

The most important piece on the table was protected, but there was
the loss of the protector piece. The Protector gave up HIS planet
because with the interference of darkness it would be hard, if not
impossible, to keep things as they were without risking everything.
It was the wisest choice, and the Highest Will, most of all, in
connection to the FATHER.

The link between Mars and Earth was the last thing to be lost during
the war. It is now almost extinguished because of how Mars has been

Mars was deactivated, and in the process Earth became vulnerable.
Now ARTOLA has taken on the role of protecting the Mother presence
of Earth, and expelling darkness permanently from this Universe. And
it will be accomplished; success of THE LIGHT is the result that
SHALL emerge from this conflict.



The male is kept out all day, working, being subjected to stress and
eventually burns out, just like it happened to Mars during the war.
And the female submission that is enforced by current society plays
the part in \"trying to weaken and defeat\" Mother Earth in an attempt
to also take from men the male role of protector that Mars once had.
Attempting to disrupt the balance is present even now as men try to
be the boss of their wives and are too tired to realize how they are
being fooled into doing this instead of cherishing and supporting
the personal power their wives hold.

This weakening of the female presence is an attempt to weaken Earth
as the Female Creative Parent of the universe. At the same time it
sets men and women against each other, killing mutual support,
diminishing the Love capabilities of man-woman relationships, and
lowering the flow of Love that comes from the interaction that Men
and Women have.

This in turn effects what they create, and thus, the children of
such couples are being born from an unbalanced relationship.
Unbalanced relationships bring forth problematic children who hold
the vibration of the conflict between the sexes, perfect for keeping
low the level of harmony in families and the Male-Female interaction
on a world-wide scale.


The external surface of mars has no life such as it once had. There
are now only a few desert-like plants, and some more resistant 4th
dimensional insect-like life forms on the planet.

The illusion of how it is gushing with life is an illusion shown to
some, but it is only how it used to be, but now isn\'t anymore.

There is more life inside than on the outside, however. There are
life forms on a 4D-5D level of existence, healing the inside of Mars.

The Planet\'s Heart is greatly weakened and seeks to expand and
repair its connection to the Highest levels of Consciousness that
were harmed during the war.

They were let go of, partially, as a voluntary measure, as only then
would there be no danger of darkness using Mars as a ladder into the
Highest levels of Creation (see the Origins of Darkness series of

Now the fire is focused on Earth, but it is more of a matter of
choice for the Earth Beings, a choice of whether they want to ascend
or stay here in the physicality to carry forth their 3rd dimensional
state of being and consciousness.

If they stay, they will be removed - killed. Their choice is over
this fate. They have the power to heal the darkness in themselves.
They have had the path shown to them many, many times. If they
choose to ignore it, even though it is a hard thing to accomplish,
it will ultimately be their succumbing to darkness, and they will
have to be removed so that the planet can survive.

The termites must be taken out unless the house is to be consumed by


The Nibiruan council struggled between inserting population directly
onto Earth or building a much more complex path to colonization.
They desired the planet, but also wanted an infallible plan. They
chose the path of a better-engineered plan instead of simply jumping
into Earth.

Hamdor (Mars) was inhabited by a group of Pleiadean Beings, living
in harmony with the Universe.

Earth also had inhabitants, brought forth by the Local Spiritual
Hierarchy, as described in the Volume 2 Book (available free at my
website). Earth\'s inhabitants were not war-like, however; they were
primitive life forms - multidimensional and peaceful, nature beings,
at one with the Planet - Gaia.

Mars was attacked by the energies from an external source; the
(artificial) planet of Nibiru engaged in a war with Mars. Since Mars
was unable to overcome Nibiru by itself alone, the Martian Beings
that had come from the Pleiades, called upon help from the

Pleiadean Starships came to the rescue, making it hard for Nibiru to
challenge their power.

Before the war grew to a larger scale, Nibiru attempted to corrupt
Maldek, the planetary son of both Mars and Earth. Maldek, being of a
more immature consciousness, became contaminated, and began co-
operating with the Nibiruan forces.

Nibiru brought its population, the Annunaki, to Maldek. The
leadership of Mars became enraged, it could not happen, their son
could not be stolen from them like this.

So Mars entered the war with Maldek as the planet would not stop its
new dark activities. The Pleiadeans on Mars tried to avoid the war
but it was the only option available to them because Mars could not
allow the Nibiruan forces to overrun it. It had to stop the darkness
from spreading in this most important Sector of the Universe.

Nibiru was behind Maldek during the war, the order was Earth, Mars,
Maldek, and then, Nibiru.

This is similar to how a man protects his wife from a son gone rogue
against the family, and the corrupter of the son stands behind him,
whispering corruption in his ears.

The Nibiruan \'planet\' came here looking for the higher dimensional
portal; it was the sector, it was the relationship between Mars and
Earth and Home.

But Mars was too strong to be corrupted, so they took his son
(Maldek), made it fight the Father, and in the process be destroyed.

The Father was terribly wounded during this war, and now Earth is so
very vulnerable to being raped by the dark forces, and this is
exactly what is taking place. The New World Order is raping Planet
Earth, destroying its nature and killing its inhabitants: The
plants, the animals and the humans. Not to mention how the humans,
the sons and daughters of the planet themselves, play the ultimate
role of killing their own mother, destroying their own house.

Earth is very kind; she takes care of her children and tries to
teach them. She takes them in Herself so that they can learn; she
protects them from harm, while still letting her children experience
it if they have the will to. But the level to which the children
have come to experience darkness is too great, and even Earth is now
having to let them go. It is the only way for the ascension and the
process of restoration to begin taking place.

Unless these humans are removed, darkness will eventually conquer
Earth as well, and this Creative center of the Universe, this
gateway into the highest levels of Creation, will become corrupted,
and will have to be taken out in order to prevent further damage. It
would be equivalent to cutting off an arm to prevent a disease, a
cancer, from spreading.

This is what ego is, a cancer. It took darkness into Maldek and
almost killed the Father with his own Son. They destroy what they
cannot conquer, they weaken things until they can conquer it, and if
they can\'t, then they kill the target.

But this cannot be allowed. The DNA that resonates with this ego can
be changed and removed when people give up this will to control and
the patterns which allow them in turn to be controlled. Those who
are still attached to \"enjoying\" darkness are a problem until they
let go of that will. Until then they have a chance to let go of it,
to ascend and to leave permanently behind what caused them the
problems and the feeling of separation in the first place.

But if these people hold on to the darkness, hold on to this
vibration of DNA, of soul codification, then they will have to be
let off from Earth.

In this race, Darkness cannot win; it can only prolong its process
of being defeated, unless it gives up and \"wins\" so to speak... Wins
the ultimate prize, the prize of being healed.

The Pleiadean Intergalactic Affairs Star Council