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(from Vol 3)
by Peter Farley

The primary law of the Universe is the Law of Balance. Everything in
Creation strives to be in balance. In biology it is
called ´homeostasis', the overall desire or tendency of biological
systems to maintain a state of equilibrium. This tendency ranges
from systems of internal balance in individual organisms to
ecological patterns of balance in a community of organisms, as can
be seen in the balance between the numbers of predators and prey in
the wild. The so-called Gaia hypothesis of the earth as a living
organism, which gained great popularity in the 1980s, can also in
some ways be regarded simply as an extension of the homeostasis

Living in the lower worlds of duality as we do, we have come to
think of balance as a balancing of extremes. Meat and sugar in our
diet are a good example. When most of us eat meat, we crave
something sweet. This is because meat and sugar are a balance for
each other in the body--extremes in the vibrational quality of foods?
yin and yang. So when most of us eat our normal diets, our body
swings from one extreme to the other like a pendulum in order to
eventually stay maintain this precious balance. When we eat brown
rice, which is a fairly balanced food on its own, our body does not
go from extreme to extreme, but finds its balance comfortably in the
middle of the pendulum arc.

Spiritual balance, as many masters will tell you, comes from neither
being for nor against anything, but remaining comfortably in a
neutral place, thus allowing for positive or negative balance to
flow in when one goes too much to either side, and being accepting
of it. Our purpose in Soul is not only to balance our karma (our
balance of payments) from lifetime to lifetime, but to actually rise
above the worlds of duality and karma. If we do everything in the
name of the true spiritual FATHER, and act with this intent, we can
create for ourselves a karmaless state, that some religions
call ´enlightenment'.

Those who seek to use the ancient mysteries seek mostly to use the
powers of the occult, and indeed, this is the power of the ´hidden'.
A science-fiction movie made a few years called The Hidden is about
an alien that lives inside people and seeks only to destroy first
that which it fears will harm it, and seeking ultimate control. This
is a great metaphor for the hidden aspect of the ancient mysteries
which create this desire for power in the people who wish to have
the knowledge without also attaining the true spiritual balance
needed to use it.

The ancient mysteries in and of themselves are not ´evil', it is
only their use by unbalanced people that makes them dangerous
and ´evil'.

In Egypt, Ra acquired the epithet Amen, "The Hidden One." Yahweh was
also given the same title. Lucifer is often referred to in his
various forms as the ´hidden god'. One may think that by using these
powers they are using the occult powers of Creation without any
incurred debt to that Creation. This is not true, for the occult
powers and their ruler, Lucifer, live upon others' energies, and
like the alien in the movie, they do the using. This is known at the
highest level of each and every one of these organizations, but is
often kept from the individual lower members.

All of the ancient mystery cults and religions on this planet have
their roots in Atlantis and Lemuria with the knowledge brought to
the planet by the Sirians and other sundry allies--especially the
Men from Orion. It is this knowledge and these kind of groups who
once came to rule Mars and Maldek, as well as Atlantis and
eventually Lemuria. They have now pretty much consolidated their
hold on the rest of the planet as well. The result has always been
the same?darkness, destruction and death. . .