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Bedsheets and Bullsh*t
Bedsheets and Bullsh*t
By Peter Farley

No one will admit more the fact that it is often very difficult to
work with me. Over the years there has been a trail of people who
even `hate' Peter Farley for what he was asked by Spirit to do. I do
not in any way shape of form get paid for the work I do with most
people on a day-to-day basis, only the honor of serving Spirit,
something very few people ever get to experience on a very real

Once upon a time, Spirit took the biggest asshole on the planet and
drove him to the brink so that, as in so many spiritual paths, he
would jump off and know that the parachute would be there to soften
his fall. Driven to the point of `Groundhog Day', the asshole jumped
and found himself in the most mystical, magical place of all, a
place that far outshone the bright lights of Disneyworld or any
other place known even to the gurus. He was an impossible case, and
when he took the leap of faith and made the jump, he earned the
unenviable task of also working with those others deemed `impossible
cases' by the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Along the way many people came and went, and very few if any made
the leap that he had made, but that was to be expected because in
this `the past' timeline, this is the very same choice they also
made then. Some good was done, some semblance of greatness was
achieved. When his work was done they told him he had not only
achieved the impossible, since he had come to calling the people
working with him the Mission Impossible team, instead They told him
he had achieved the unimaginable. In the short space of time he had
allotted to him he had gone beyond the original requirement of
writing some books and working to kick some asses off the fences
they were sitting on. Along the way he and others accomplished the
truly impossible, the task of saving Planet Earth from the
destruction that was its due after the way it had so sadly been
ignored by those sent to do the work of helping it.

In the healing room, when a client turns the healing session back on
the healer and accuses them of seeing only THEIR issues instead of
those of the client, then the healing session ends because the pre-
requisite for any true healing is that the patient first accept
responsibility for what they have done to create their own `dis-

Paul Twitchell, the modern-day founder of Eckankar, authored some 40-
odd books and 20 or so years of discourses with the hope of getting
people to accept responsibility for who and what they are and what
they came here to do. He failed, and is the first to admit it. The
darkside co-opts EVERYTHING on this planet and we all allow it. Look
at the state of Eckankar today to see what can happen to something
with amazingly essential and pure teachings when put in the hands of
humans, and co-opted by darkness and reptilian leaders. Paul once
said that all the books, all the discourses, all the spiritual
exercises, were just to keep the mind busy until the person learned
the true meaning of the core of all Paul's teachings, Just Be.

I too have a saying. . It is all so hard getting to the point where
you realize it's all so easy. The New Age `bedsheets and bullsh*t"
teachings make everything mental and seemingly difficult so they can
laud their power and wisdom over us when in fact it is we who have
the power and they who have nothing but parlor games and smoke and
mirrors learnings.

I was awarded the task of working with the `impossible cases' simply
because at one time I was one of those impossible cases. My friend
Sharon who started me along this journey had been addicted to
prescription drugs but that had made her a far wiser counselor at
the Betty Ford Center than any of the other non-experiencers.

My learnings along the way have been harder than most people can
ever imagine. Eckankar has tens of thousands of people seeking to be
the Master instead of BEING the Master. Many of them were once my
friends, but none of them could follow where Spirit wanted to lead
because they still had too much investment in the world of illusion,
the world of Maya, the world of the old paradigm, the world of Self-
Will. Some who had even seen themselves working with me in a future
of serving did not step up to bat. . why, because they could not
accept the only true lesson of spirituality there was. . surrender.
It is as one dear friend said to me before going off her own
way. . "Peter, I have always been a leader, I do not know how to
follow." It is the choice for the Higher Will over Self Will. It is
the only choice. In the past 10-12 years I have not read a book,
listened to a tape, taken a workshop or class in any form of healing
or spiritual `learning'. All I have done is listened to my Guidance
and done what IT asked me to do. That is the lesson. I tell people I
can make them a Master in 5 minutes or less because all a Master
does is surrender and then serve, but that's too simple for Western
thinking. And too aggressive for Eastern thinking. It means becoming
a spiritual warrior. It takes making a choice, making a stand, and
then following through no matter how high the muck and mire grows,
no matter how caustic the opposition becomes. It is not only being a
hero for one moment on 9/11, but being a hero 24/7 for every day on
into eternity. I've always said it is easy to die for someone, the
real trick and heroism is to LIVE for someone 24/7, no matter how
much one is shot at, abused, spat on or mistreated. So many I have
worked with lately have bitched and moaned at the first signs of
discomfort in their lives when `attempting' to follow a spiritual
undertaking. If it were easy then we would all be the Masters we so
hoped to be.

Gandhi said it best. "The best way to find yourself is to lose
yourself in service to others." Paul Twitchell said it
best, "Spirit / the Master, gives you the lessons you NEED, not the
lessons you want." There is no point to this article, no attempt to
defend what it is Spirit has me do in working with others. I have
gone beyond needing the approval of those who themselves have done
so little. As Robert said in his piece yesterday, it is often times
difficult working with Peter and others seeking to `truly help' you,
for the ego and the mind resist at every attempt to knock them from
their point of control. If it takes losing everything to find your
very own Soul, then the price is cheap for the magic of truly
serving is beyond anything one could ever imagine.

And I have no regrets, and offer no excuses for what it is I do or
the way in which Spirit has me do it. It is only out of LOVE and
Service that any of us try to move you beyond your current
limitations. The choice to stay or go lies always in your hands.