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before the devil knows you re dead . . .
\" You be Jesus, I\'ve got a war to fight, a. .hole.\"

Not a very spiritual way of answering someone who wants to tell me how
he can take me the next step in my spiritual growth? Depends on how you
judge your sirituality, doesn\'t it? And of course if you have true
spirituality then you \'know\' what\'s going on with these people, with
pretty much every person, so you\'re not judging, just letting them know to get
out of your space because they\'re offending the NUMBER ONE law of all of
Creation - free will and non-interference.

Also, if you happen to pick on a tired old general who\'s just spent 24
hours driving 900 miles and doing very important grid work to help save the
planet and its people, then you better have done something already in your life
that demnstrates your spirituality, not just preaches on it.

The problem comes when people try and separate spirituality from daily
life, from aliens (yeah lost a lot of \'spiritual\' friends because I
deal with \'aliens\'), and of course from the New World Order who is
trying to dictate our spirituality towards thier dark side (just like
this a. . hole) rather than allowing us just to be . . . spiritual.

There are lots of people out there, many of you or most of you, jumping from
\'pathbto path\' hoping to find someone to hold your hand and lead you into the
Light instead of BEING the leaders you are, connecting with the non-path that is
serving and following Guidance, and helping lead the way for others as you
agreed to do coming here into this lifetime (should the planet not be destroyed
and actually make it into ascension).

It\'s just the intense programming we\'ve all been through lifetime after lifetime
on this planet and others, and have done better than all the rest to break free
of total control. Now when times are toughest, it\'s still too easy to rest back
and deny what you know, what you came here to do, and who you really are.

We went through this exact same thing with one of the group the other
night in a parking lot in Denver after doing the all-important
gridwork we had been sent there to do. Following a number of paths, feeling a
little lost, knowing his seeking is actually keeping him from the doing. That\'s
why this time he showed up to help. Time to be doing not just reading and
thinking and talking.

The sad thing was that this person was very readily able to answer from his
Guidance when asked questions directly with no time to think, just as most
everyone else can ususally do. Because of that lack of intent and practise,
however, he was unable to see and feel the magic of what he himself helped to
create in releasing the store of dark toxic energy from in front of the Capitol
Building in downtown Denver, a storage battery for the dark side energies
utilized by DIA - Denver International Airport - in its role as the New
Jerusalem\'s Holy of Holies.

Sadder still was that prior to going to do the work we had sat in the restaurant
talking about how most people needed Spirit to \'slap them in the face\' with Its
presence rather than seeing the beauty and subtlety with which Spirit works in
every way in our lives. My comment to him had been something about wanting to
see \'fireworks\' to know Spirit\'s working.

Well, guess what? Fire-works is exactly what he/we got when we started
doing the work. No sooner had I unlocked the grid leading in to the
energy storage site and taken my first step on the path to undo its lid than 6
firetrucks and 2 emergency vehicles, all with lights blazing and sirens wailing,
converged on a building RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from where we were doing the
work as if we had tripped the darkside\'s alarm protecting the site. It wa sas if
all hell broke loose in response to what we were doing.

The Keystone Cops is the closest analogy I can come up with to describe the
pandemonium going on around us while Sue Ann, I and this other group member did
the walking that was a part of the work, unlocking the lid to the darkside
storage. Fireworks and fire-engines? The gift Spirit gave him evaded his
consciousness, though Sue Ann and I were, as usual, blown away by the ways
Spirit works to make Its presence felt, even to splapping one upside the head to
make Itself know, People are always so busy \'TRYING\' to feel things that they\'re
not relaxed enough simply to feel. Back to the difference between heart and with
mind. Spirit is 66 2/3 percent Heart and yet so many insist on using the 33 1/3
percent to \'try\' do the work.

As Gerald who helped me do the grid-bomb work two years ago once said,
watching Spirit work to help us get things done without anyone around,
its immaculate and precise timing when followed by thsoe who know how, made us
like a \'surgically precise Spiritual strike team\'.

Again on Saturday night it was this way all over again, as we now take for
granted. The fire-engine alarm was just a little gift from Spirit to give us a
laugh the way the darkside scrambles chaotically and ineffectually to deal with
those who know how to follow their Guidance.

Long drive, work done, out of the state as fast as we could to protect
ourselves from retribution, and as the title of this article suggests,
we were \'long gone before the devil knew we were dead\' (or that the work was
completed). *S

Mission accomplished and now on to \'other\' things.

In service, Peter, Sue Ann, and thanks to all those others whose
physical presence or long distance energy helped keep us all safe.

Oh, and please don\'t try and tell me how I can \'improve\' my spiritual
life, that\'s what I have Guidance for . . how about you?