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being chosen
Since we\'re disussing about \'being chosen\', let me tell you briefly
about how I was chosen to do what it is I have done.

It was a Sunday afternoon in heaven, the Spiritual Hierarchy and the
Council of Light were sitting around after the football games
finishing off the pizza when someone happened to mention the
ongoing situation on planet Earth and in this corner of Creation. The
question came up as to what might be done with it.

Aristenna, being the fearless female leader she is, jumped in with a
suggestion -- \"Since it\'s an impossible situation, let\'s find someone
who\'s an impossible case to handle it. If We can somehow get this
Being to \'turn\' and step up and do some work, then he or she might
just be able to also turn the other impossoble cases on planet Earth
and get them to fix the situation with a little help from Us.

Now Everyone thought this was a good idea, but no one could think of
who They might use for this perilous situation until ARTOLA got up
and said, \"I have just the right man for the job. Lazy,
undisciplined, arrogant, self-willed to a fault, and yet somewhere
inside him there\'s a heart that has some pretty pure feeling ability
if We can just get it jump-started.\"

Everyone hummed and hahhed for a moment and eventually someone
said, \"Well, what have we got to lose?\" And Everyone agreed. So,
looking down on this Soul from afar, ARTOLA saw that this Being would
need to be pulverized, beat up, spat on, run through the shredding
machine of life for about 47 years, and then, just maybe then, with
the help of a pure and selfless Being named Sharon, he might just be
able to turn the corner and do something wonderful.

Well that day came when it was time for this Being to make the change
or go bury himself in a very deep, dark hole for the rest of
Eternity. Even the pure, selfless Being named Sharon hadn\'t quite
managed to spark the necessary fire to get this poor Soul moving.
Time was running short and the planet was in the express lane to
incineration and eventually the trash heap. All the opportunities They gave him
to step up had not worked. And as They turned away in
sadness, Aristenna begged, \"Please FATHER, give him just one more

And so They did. And since his life had been in some measure the life
of Job, this seemingly worthless soul looked at where he had come
from and all he had been through, and looking at the bleak future in
front of him, turned his face to the Light and picking himself up off
the floor far enough to get on his knees, he said \"I surrender.\"

Boy was there a loud whoop-te-ay from the gathered Spiritual Beings
all over Heaven. Aristenna\'s plan had worked. Now the question was would he have
the courage to do this day by day, week after week, month after month, year
after year, for a dozen years and more of endless days on the road, never having
a home to call his own, going through the hardest lessons imaginable so that he
would understand what it took to do such tasks, all so that one day if he
learned all there was being offered to him to learn he might actually be able to
change the course of the planet, and maybe even of Creation too, getting some
other impossible cases to come along for the ride.

And the mission wasn\'t easy. He would have to tell people that not
only was everything they were living a lie, but that all their
understandings about spirituality and saviors and religions was also
a lie. The only people he wouldn\'t piss off in this mission would be
the Amish people since they didn\'t have computers.

He started slowly and it was necessary to drag him a long way along
the mission road with him kicking and screaming all the way. And boy
did he like to bitch a lot. At everything. Driving along the freeway
surrounded by the 60 story-high dust storm he was leading through
Tuscon, Az, to assist in returning its stolen consciousness he came
up with some words that even heaven hadn\'t heard before.

And how often, laying there on some floor with an assassin energy or
a couple of wraiths sapping his energy away did he beg for Guidance
to let them take him this time because it just felt so darn good to
feel that peace and solitude of dying. It wasn\'t such a different
story to so many others, but that he kept at it despite the lack of
support, despite the bitching and moaning of fluffball New Age
sychopants who couldn\'t get off their fences to even take a (you know
what), that made it special.

And once he and a very few others had fought the battles that won the
planet\'s right to ascension, what did this grizzly old battle-
hardened veteran sit down to do? Did he just walk up the beach and
disappear like the Lion in the Chronicles of Narnia, waiting for another war?
Did he take his well-earned retirement and lay on a beach in the South Pacific
somewhere? Did he just find a cave to hide out in and be away from the turmoil
and pettiness of the world going on around him as the changes he had helped
fashion began to take shape?

No, drained of any will of his own, unable to even make a decision
without first asking Guidance, unattached to anything of the old
paradigm he had helped to decimate, he knelt down again and
asked, \"How may I serve thee now?\"