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Being Prepared
Being Prepared
by Peter Farley

Dear friends, I?d like to introduce you to Lindsey, my healing partner?s work. One of her major tasks over the next few years is specifically to help channel the words of the spiritual Hierarchy and Their guidance to all who will listen. She pays a heavy price in her health for this service, as we all do . . please heed the words she passes along. This first channeling was after her initial viewing of the third part of Lord of the Rings called return of the King.

?Dear Lindsey, We are glad that you liked the movie. Unfortunately, what went on in the movie is not too far from the war that is in effect now. Many lives will be lost. In the end, all the efforts that we all make will not be for nothing. We must work to help everyone stand together and be strong and fight the darkness.

?We are sad to say that all the horrifying and sad times you have gone through will pale in comparison to what is on the rise. We know that you are strong and can make it through. We will be here to guide Peter and yourself through the madness.

?What will be harder is watching those you care for go against the light or translate. When this starts happening before you, remember that we will be here to take you out of the darkness you may feel.

?We are glad that we see that you are still willing after getting a SMALL glimpse at what the future may be like. It takes courage of the heart, mind and soul to step up even though you have some awareness of the darkness.
?Remember that anything you have a question about or need help with, we will be here. Just ask. We are always listening.?

And so it is with all of us. Are you prepared for what is here now, let alone what is coming? All the New Age teachings of how nicely things are progressing and how we are all about to be saved without doing any work, are all the lies that keep people sitting on their butts.

This is re-iterated by Suzy Ward (of the Matthew Books)in the words she recently channeled and sent to me:

GOD: This is a time for rejoicing! The polar extremes in what you call ?human nature? have been reached. By universal law, nothing is static for a nanosecond, and the momentum has started to return Earth to the state of balance wherein the extremes will be reconciled. This does not mean perfection, that sublime state that exists only within Creator, as your planet will continue to be a learning placement for souls. But the violence, starvation, disease, cruelty-all the devastation caused to Earth
and all her life forms by the will of the darkness-will continue to lessen until all are planetary history, and this is to happen quickly.

Earth will be restored to her former paradise self as she is rising into higher vibrations-this is assured! The critical question still is: Will you accompany her? And the answer still is, you will if you have enough light
to physically survive in those higher vibrations. The choice is yours-that?s good news, and there doesn?t have to be any bad news unless you consider that absorbing enough light for your personal ascension isn?t automatic.
You have some work to do.

Too many of you still don?t see what is so essential-it?s going to take some doing on your part to straighten out the mess your world is in. Yes, other civilizations all over ?space? are in this with you-you wouldn?t be alive there if they weren?t-but it is not their world, it is YOURS. They can?t just pull the strings they know would swiftly return my beloved Gaia to health and rouse all the sleepyheads into remembering who they really are. That isn?t their responsibility. It isn?t even their prerogative. However benevolent and powerful those light civilizations are, they can only help you-they cannot do it all. This is the law of the universe, not an arbitrary cut-off line.
Moreover, what you do affects the entire universe. You are putting out energy with every idea or action, and the motives behind those carry an intensity that most of you don?t understand. Energy is neutral in this-it acts only in accordance with what you attach to it, and that is determined by your motives and intentions. So not only do you have the choice to uplift your home planet or not, you have the choice to do the same for the universe.

Regardless of your individual choices, Earth is going back into the higher vibrations where she was created and she would love to have all of you go along, but that decision isn?t hers-it?s YOURS! She has her free will and you have yours-it?s that simple.

Love and all the best, Peter...Suzy