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being ready for the higher worlds
People on this planet have always been manipulated, be it by criminal implants to limit and control their thoughts and their actions, or by programming the mass consciousness through the use and control of the of grid. Grid implants connected to certain frequencies that resonate with what the controllers want to accomplish also disseminate the frequencies of lower-level thinking (programming the DNA as described in the Russian research

There are then innumerable ways to control or to command people manifesting such a low-level of consciousness. These are the ones that easily give in to ego desires and begin to further lose consciousness. they are then even more easy to control.

Ego Itself is the birth of control and limitation, it bends the will into what pleases it, usually only pleasure, and that is often because the person will not see what is best instead of what is more pleasant. It is as Professor Dumbledore says in a recent Harry Potter movie, \"Soon Mankind will be called upon to make a decision between what is right and what he thinks is easy.\" These type of people controlled by their egos always make the choice for what is most easy. Then, as Light begins to be blocked by the denser feelings they create, the higher information and vision become blurred and potentially completely even blocked. It is limitation taking shape and bending souls into a deformed and less- or even non-functional form.

So it was when people began experimenting with powers beyond their comprehension during the ages of Atlantis and Lemuria, and prior to that on other darker planets as well. Due to the dissemination of ego-Darkness/destructive self-will, artificial *merkaba reactors meant to alter reality were used to raise negativity to an amplified state. This ended many civilizations and their people.

Implants are made for shaping light into new patterns, much as was described in Volume 6 of this series relating to the faceting of crystalline energy. These very same patterns may be used for positive or negative purposes. Darkness uses them for enhancing the negative path to control—indirectly more often than directly. Implants limit sight and then make Beings more easily controlled like docile animals or the dumb donkey that will follow the carrot instead of being free to walk where the person chooses or to be guided for the ultimate best results.

This ego thing has been riding the back of humanity for eons. In Atlantis, they grew attached to the experiences brought about by implants which allowed them multidimensional travel. This was much like the people of today who seek these type of experiences through the use of \'mind-altering\' drugs. They want to travel without being ready spiritually because it would take too long to reach for that hard fought for self-realization and healing needed. In those atlantean days and again now, they went against the combined wisdom of the Ascended Masters and the Council of Light which had many of Its people there as They do now to guide the development of the community. The guidance was deliberately ignored by the \"leaders\" of this research and technology development and in charge of its application.

People were traveling with \"polluted\" auric fields with the help of artificial merkaba technology. Some of these fields were able to be filtered during safety precautions and during \"healing\" procedures before implant activation. This was done so that the travels could be accomplished with more safety and in a fully enjoyable state of mind (like is now visualized to be used in the highest of `virtual reality\' technology). These procedures were, however, not enough. They were like the vaccines against diseases now in use that are in no way the best solution, they only make up for the organism\'s inability to clear itself without external help. Vaccines may protect against specific, known and expected viruses or bacteria, but they do not enable the Being to change and reach further spiritually, emotionally or physically, to have the power to deal with the invading pathogens on its own. It is a Band-Aid solution instead of giving the people a new level of operation.

So it was with the polluted dark thought patterns. These were cleansed and sometimes transmuted, but the travel-implant users were still inexperienced and had a low level of control over their thoughts and their feelings. The preparation would allow for the users to not think about Darkness and some of the other images or patterns that would magnify and bring trouble, but the nature of this traveling was always meant to bring trouble. The users would give birth to new deformities during their trips. They were not ready to deal with the delicate balance inherent in the higher dimensional worlds.

from Vol 9 of Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?