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being there
Being There
by Peter Farley

Peter Sellers wonderful 1979 movie "Being There" has a lesson to it
about the simplicity of the spiritual life. Now that does not mean a
spartan life. We can have anything we want as long as we're not
attached to it and if we NEED it. Now that's a little harder isn't

My motto, formed after many years of doing this work, seeing how I
did what I've done and how other people are failing to do what they
came here to do is "if it ain't cheap and it ain't simple then it
ain't spiritual."

People get so caught up in the way they are told things should be by
other 'spiritual' people, especially religionists and New Age
goofballs. There are grander and more wonderful things out there than
even the New Agers understand.

Paul Twitchell, modern day founder of Eckankar and one of the
greatest Masters of all times, wrote dozens and dozens of books, 20
years of discourses, and thousands of articles on spiritual teachings
and spiritual exercises. In the end though he said all of these
things were to keep the mind busy until we learned just one thing,
the secret of real spirituality he could sum up in just two words --
"Just be".

The more we worry and feed the mind's fears, the further we run away
from being all the wonderful things that we are and have become since
emerging from Source. In the channelings in the group everyone's
Guidance keeps telling them to relax, it will all unfold perfectly if
you just keep moving forward.

I can do what I do simply because after so long of worrying and
trying to get Guidance to answer questions about the past or the
future and not having them answer me, I learned to surrender to the
moment and get out of my own way. To know that if I'm doing their
work they will take care of me in every moment a whole lot better
than I ever could. And here I still am still working and still being.

We're humans being. So just be. And relax, that's going with the
flow. Go walk in your garden, and relish the fact of just 'being

With Love, in service, Peter