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breathing into the chakras
Breathing into the Chakras:

We are going to take deep breaths while diverting the inhaled prana to various areas of the body. First, imagine you are taking in breath in each chakra center—almost if your lungs were located there. We\'ll take a minimum of two breaths into each chakra, and as many as five or six breaths in ones that seem reluctant to expand or contract with the air.

Begin by pretending your lungs are at the top of your head. Take two deep breaths into your crown chakra. Feel your head expand with the inhale and contract with the exhale. The key here is to `feel\'. You must feel—imagine that you feel—your head expanding and contracting.

Next, pretend that your lungs are behind your forehead and take two deep breaths into your brow chakra.

Now, your lungs are inside your neck. It this image makes you feel like coughing, you probably have an energy blockage in your throat chakra. Inhale and exhale at least twice.

Continue by breathing into your chest, where, of course your lungs actually are. First move your shoulders forward slightly and as you inhale, expand the back of your rib cage. Exhale. Return your shoulders to their normal position. Inhale while expanding the front of your rib cage and moving your shoulders slightly back. Exhale. Repeat the inhale into the back of your chest and then the front, moving the shoulders accordingly. You may want to inhale a few extra times here. The heart chakra can use the extra attention.

Next, breathe twice into your lower abdomen between your belly button and pubic bone. Placing your hand over the area may help focus your breath there. Two breaths are sufficient for this area, which includes the sacral chakra.

Finally, direct your inhales toward the lowest tip of your spine. Here you are breathing into your base chakra. Feel your pelvis expand and contract.

Congratulations, you\'re done! Don\'t be surprised if this exercise increases your energy. Most people find it a vitalizing and exhilarating experience. However, the increased flow doesn\'t necessarily mean you will feel more emotion.

Many astral outpourings are too subtle to result in dramatic feelings. They bring quieter sensations of well being, strength contentment, and vitality.

Excerpted from Beyond the Light by Ginny Katz