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By Way of Explanation #1 The Illuminati Elite and the ?Good? Organizations.
By Way of Explanation #1 The Illuminati Elite and the ?Good? Organizations.

One of the most common criticisms I face in doing my work is the fact that all of us seem to know someone who is a wonderful person, but also happens to work for or belong to an organization that is held up as a part of the New World Order and an archenemy of our Freedom in the lower worlds. All of us, for instance, know very good and well-meaning people in FEMA, our local/state/Federal government, the military, the Freemasons, the Mormons, and the police-force, etc. So why is it that good people work for organizations which supposedly support, or are in fact the back-bone of, the New World Order?

I think David Icke expresses it best when he speaks of the Illuminati (the Illuminated Ones) who are the capstone of the pyramid?the rest of the pyramid being composed of the various organizations that go to make up society in the rest of the world. It is only the very highest of any organization who know the real aims and intentions of the work and the policies which then filter down to the ?worker? bees in the hive of society to carry them out. No one ?worker bee? knowing all the little pieces of the bigger picture.

To many people this seems like the height of conspiracy paranoia. In writing the four volume history of the NWO as I have done, it was, however, much easier to see how this planning has taken shape over the past 10,000 years or more, and how relentlessly these organizations have pursued their ultimate goals that are now coming to fruition in such a very short time, and which we already see manifesting all around us in the world today.

The Gothic Cathedrals of Europe, and indeed similar kind of structures built all around the world, are a good example of the tenaciousness with which this agenda has been carried out. Many of these structures took more than one life time to complete, sometimes even multiple lifetimes. Why then should a man or even a group of men spend all their lives working upon something which would seem to see them no personal benefit in that particular lifetime? Herein lies the power of the brotherhoods to control their followers to a greater end.

Much like the Assassins cult from which the Knights Templar learned so much in the days of the Crusades, and as we see inherent in the suicide-bombers in today?s Middle East, rewards can be promised to a person in the afterlife which will then affect their behavior in this lifetime.

The Assassins were given a taste of Paradise here on the planet, and promised that they would live in eternity in much the same way. Success in one of the Brotherhoods is tasted through there varied influence in every field of human endeavor throughout this lifetime, and much more is then said to be gained also in the afterlife.

Herein lies the catch. The immediate Higher Worlds or higher dimensions above this one are also controlled in many areas by these same groups much as is done here [one cannot discuss aliens or interplanetary interaction without also speaking of interdimensionality]. There is no one heaven, but rather the various levels of heaven spoken of by so many prophets and seers throughout our history?the various dimensions of existence in the God-worlds of the Creator. Since the actual process of re-incarnation can be manipulated or controlled by these same groups using the Secrets of the Ancient Mysteries, and since Time itself can be altered using the information laying buried in the symbolism and terminology of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the old saying that ?once a Freemason always a Freemason? takes on new meaning. It suggests that people can be controlled from one lifetime to another by the powers held over them by such Brotherhoods and secret organizations and by their connection to that DarkSource of energy which they serve.

As for the rest of us, only seeing the illusion of the MATRIX and its linear timeline in which we exist and into which our consciousnesses are locked, we cannot comprehend that something so sinister can not only have been going on for so many thousands of years, but also that it involves everyone and everything around us in its drive toward completion. The best person to read here (other than my own work) is Edgar Cayce. In his work he talks about the rise of Atlantis again and that so many of us are back here reliving that very same situation as Darkness threatens the entirety of the planet, and that all of those who have returned to this time are being given the chance to, this time, make different choices about what it is we are doing and what it is we are aligned with.

So many people I do spiritual healing work with were in that time of Atlantis, and often they were ?forced? or coerced into using their gifts for the negative powers and the Dark Sorcerer Warlords who controlled Atlantis and brought it to its doom. This time around, they have the choice once again to be strong and not to falter in their commitment to both their own healing and to that of the Planet.

One thing that truly puzzles me in doing this work, however, is that in every aspect of our lives, especially in entertainment such as TV and movies, we are inspired as we watch heroes rise and conquer their adversities. rarely do we not wish that it were us doing exactly that same thing with our own lives. Then, however, when we are given the opportunity to do something even grander on the spiritual battlefield on which we are now playing, so many of us head to the bleachers to sit this one out.

As much as anything in my own spiritual training, it was a question posed in the book, The Only Planet of Choice, that got me to thinking and then to acting: ?What will it be like for you to go through eternity knowing that the one lifetime when it really mattered you did not step up to bat??

And funnily enough, what I see around me is that those who are not stepping up to bat, even though they are very capable of doing so, are the ones with the least to lose in going through the process of changing their lives.

At no time in the history of this Universe, nor the history of this planet, has your help been more needed and more important. The struggle which is about to go into its final rounds here on this planet is one which effects all of Creation and even to every level of Heaven.

How can it be said any better than Leanne Womack?s recent anthem for the new paradigm: ?When you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance . . . .?