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Calling ALL angels
Calling ALL Angels
by Peter Farley

Human beings love to give their power away to anyone and everyone outside
themselves.It's the easiest and quickest way to shirk the responsibility of
doing what it is we came to the planet to do.

One of the biggest lessons we can learn is standing within our own power and
that of what we are all connected to. The lie of the New Age religion is that
all these supposedly spiritual people are spiritual. For example -- Doreen

A number of months ago, a very high angelic being I have worked with previously
here in physical form to help the lesser angels, told me she was going to the
Doreen Virtue workshops in California. I told her this was a copout because she
was a far higher level Being than Doreen. Looking at this person long distance I
noticed all the entities attached to her and asked to be able to remove them
before she went to the workshops. She agreed, trusting my work. That night when
I brought her enegry form to me there were not only six varied reptilian forms
plugged into her energy field, but Doreen Virtue as well. After removing them
all, this is what happened the next day:

Hello Peter. I am still out in CA. I am not sure what you did when you
disconnected me to Doreen but I am still a little raw from today's
encounter and it does not feel good. I was told to attend at 7:30 last
night for the start of her class. I showed up and they had a class
that ended at 6pm ,I missed the first day and didn't know it. I
showed up again this morning to see if she still thought I could
attend missing the first day. She saw me and wouldn't get near me. She
said she loved me to death but didn't want me to join because I missed
yesterday. I could feel the tension from her and I said I understood
and thought that would be her response. I said I respect her decison
and was ready to leave. She was very nervous about having me see the
other members. She didn't want to upset them. I had my bag outside
sitting with one of them because she is my frined and they were happy
to see me and were looking for me since yesterday. So I went and got
my bag and Loretta wanted to know Doreeen's answer which she understood
too. Then Doreen came out and said 'no' I do not wnat you here talking
with them. Loretta said she is my friend, it is OK. Doreen said she
didn't want any drama. We both said No. No drama here, and I left but I
felt like I had done something wrong and was rejected. I have not felt
that raw and sad in a very long time and hated the encounter. I know I
didn't do anything wrong and she was just holding the energy she
started yesterday but I KNOW IT HAD SOMETHING TO DO with you
disconnecting me from her.

I am not sure how I feel right now and I am visiting some friends and working on
feeling better but it was a very
shattering feeling and I did not like it. I love Doreen and respect
her and I am not sure what and why that happened. I had to share
with you my situation.

I cannot answer your question right now
because I am still very sensitive to today and do not want to do
anything about any of it. I need to heal and feel better about myself
and maybe when I do I can see it from a different angle. Right now I
am confused and not sure where to go with my feelings....Nora Lee

Without the reptilian control and 'plugged in' energy of Doreen, this person was
not allowed to join the other robots in to have their programming updated and
their energies sucked. Innumerable times I have witnessed how we as the high
level spiritual Beings we are buy into anything that tells us it is higher then
we are, or 'more spiritual' because it has written a book on something or made
the grand simplicity of Spirit into something complex and not understandable for
the masses.

If you wish to be controlled then there are always a thousand pathways out there
which will lead you in circles until you grow weary and drop from exhaustion.
The true path of spirituality is narrow and straight and has to do with
surrender, service and above all--standing in the power we have when connected
with our own Higher Selves and that of which they all are a part.

In Love and Service, Peter