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Can you really make a difference in this world?
Can you really make a difference in this world?
Too many have the mistaken idea that they must do unrealistic lofty
ideals that are beyond their personal abilities to make a meaningful
change. We all do things that effect others in ways we can never
truly appreciate. All of our actions have a ripple effect that are
awe inspiring.
At one time I had lofty ideals that unfortunately though the demands
of life were out of my reach to effect the big things I wanted in
this world. I would rant and rave over how this should be and how
that should change, yet I was always seeing the destination and not
walking the road to get there. No amount of talk helps unless there
is action placed behind your words and desires.
I have learned ranting and raving actually caused my negative
emotions. I became blessed one day by realizing that my actions I do
in this world tempered by a loving heart is stepping on this path.
Once this thought occurred to me I stopped feeling disappointed about
doing global changes. I realized by desiring the earth changing
things; that would be noticed in an instant, I was using it as an
excuse not to try even the smallest things. I was catering to my ego
as I believe there was an unconscious desire to be identified with
this for personal pride. I shifted my focus and realized one to one
contact being loving compassionate caring and aware; that life was
presenting me opportunities everyday and I was blinded. That old
saying "You cannot see the forest for the trees." lol Now I think
locally. I effect change by not being one of the problems.
The simplest actions without seeking reward is the greatest blessing
one can ever receive. Kindness no matter how small is never wasted.
You touch someone in a positive way you maybe planting a seed that
will grow to the changes you desire. Yes you can change the world
even if it is just one person at a time. Never become disillusioned
your acts will ever make a difference as you are planting seeds of
hope !