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ceremony and religion
". . . The bringing of religion to the Earth has created most of its troubles, and it was in Lemuria that many of these troubles had their beginning seeds. The Nine explain that, in this beginning, it was necessary to have a structured form of religion, but the error was that those who became the priesthood began to use their position to have control over others and to make themselves more important than the understanding of the religion.

"This occurred during the last stages of the high civilization that Lemuria had once been, about 50,000 years ago, and coincides with the time when Lucifer squarely set his sights on control of planet Earth. It is here where the `underground stream' of our story really has its source, for it is here where the ancient mystical rites began to be practiced simultaneously with those on Atlantis. This was under the auspices of the Dark Sorcerer Kings who were eventually responsible for the destruction of the last remaining island of that once great continental empire. And it is also here that Freemasonry has its often admitted roots in these ancient mysteries, and indeed in the worship of the Dark Forces.

"This control by the priesthood did not start with the Annunaki in Sumeria, as Sitchin suggests, but rather on these two continents prior to the emergence of the priesthood in the Middle East . The priesthood, or intercessors with God, are also not unknown in other realms of the Universe. They have been a necessary part of focusing attention on the higher aspects of existence. As the Nine suggest, though, they often have chosen the path of Power over Love.

"This has not changed throughout recorded history either, and the Nine say that even the preponderance of New Age religions are "the old attempting to take the new and mold it in its own dimension." This, They say, is caused out of doubt and out of fear.

"Although many New Agers will not want to hear it, many aspects of their movement are, indeed, the equivalent of putting a new slant on old ways, using new words for old concepts, all in the name of gaining power and control. This is an idea which has been heavily used in marketing, where, for instance, an old romance novel can be given a new title and a new decorative cover in order to make people buy it once again. Because the formulas inherent in a romance novel are pretty much standard, the buyer therefore does not realize that they have bought and read that story before. The formulas in religion can be utilized over and over again just as those in old romance novels can. Give them a new name and a new look and people will also buy into them all over again.

"Kryon puts it this way: "Ceremony is the partner to repetition. It overcomes the human trait to always want something new. It helps provide for the same needed process to be repeated accurately each time. It often cloaks accurate, truthful processes in the veil of religion.

"I have spoken often of the seed fears that you all carry, such as being discounted or abandoned, being alone, and failing or falling short of what is expected. These fears are common to all."

"Mankind does not need an intermediary between himself and heaven. The FATHER is with us at every moment of the day, and while we may need a guide to set us on the right course, a true spiritual guide will always set us free once we are firmly connected to the Ever-Loving Source within us. . . "

from Volume 1 Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?