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Channeling and Your Very Own Mission -- 1
'Seeing', 'hearing' and 'knowing' are three basic spiritual abilities
that we all have the right to. They may seem like they are something
for the 'spiritually-gifted' only, or to someone born with these
innate abilities. Once again, however, I am no one special and it
was 'easy' (with a little help) to get to be comfortable doing all
these things so that I can now do what it was I once agreed to do
upon this planet in this increasingly turbulent lifetime.

There will be three postings in this series. The first, this one, the
Spiritual Hierarchy have had me reposting out there online and its
message is still very relevant, especially since we now have so
many 'newer' people with us in the group. The rest of the article of
Stranger in a Strange land is available in the group files or on
either of Peter's websites.

Strangers in a Strange Land?Alien-Nation # 2
by Peter Farley

The `gift of seeing' is not simply a matter of one day not being able
to see and then the next day waking up and seeing. Famed psychic,
John Edwards, appeared on The Larry King Live television show
recently to explain the various processes involved with `seeing' into
what other people would call `the other side.' So too has it been a
journey of discovery and a gradual unfoldment of the seeing process
for myself.

Before proceeding with this subject, however, it must first be
explained that (as many people will attest) that beyond the `gift of
seeing' comes the `art of knowing.' When one learns to trust ones
inner guidance beyond all shadow of a doubt, or has simply
surrendered their will to the Higher Will, then `seeing'
becomes `knowing' in more instances than not.

The higher dimensional `gift of seeing', as Edwards agrees, is
combined with and also dependent upon `hearing' at a higher
dimensional level as well. Both are dependent upon an understanding
of the spiritual language of metaphors. What a spiritual `seer' often
is shown is a metaphorical image?a picture which in fact represents a
thousand words.

The reason for the pain in a man's back the other day which had
avoided all cures by every conventional alternative healing method
was `shown' to my co-worker, Susan, as an image of a bobsled. To me
this then triggered the word `Rosebud', from the movie Citizen Kane
where these were the aging patriarch's last words before dying, a
remembrance of a time long ago when he was happy and simple with his
bobsled. Having just passed in my travels the Rosebud Indian
reservation in North Dakota and nearby the site of Custer's massacre
at the Little Big Horn, a vision of this man as a scout for the
infamous general and his troops arose in my inner vision like I was
watching the scene through a fish-eye camera lens. The words and
images had acted like a set of keys to unlock those specific events
both in time and in this man's own dimensional grid.

The cause for the man's long-held back pain then became clear, it was
a large Indian war lance still there in this man's energy field from
that past lifetime which had staked this man to the ground causing
him not to die instantly, but to suffer a rather slow death watching
those around him be slaughtered. The words which came through to aid
the man in `letting go' of this lesson from the past were, "You need
to return to Rosebud and to the site of Custer's massacre, and there
you need to shed the tears never cried for all those who died on that

Like my own experience of a few years back where I too had needed to
resolve the past life lessons of forgiveness as an Anasazi shaman
(see Anasazi: A Lesson in Forgiveness at my website), this man too
had unresolved issues of guilt and sadness relating to the fact that
his spirit felt it had betrayed his own kind by leading Custer
against them.

The removal of the lance's energy skewering his energetic field was
only the first step to his healing. The tears Susan saw him crying in
her dream state also helped wash away the past and allowed this man
to wake without the pain, to begin a new life, a new day, without the
deep-seated guilt and feelings of remorse that had for so long held
him back from his true purpose here in this very important lifetime.

With every new client, with every new experience in fulfilling my own
particular mission here on the planet at this time, comes a greater
clarity of `seeing' and of understanding what it is that I am seeing;
also how it fits into the bigger picture I am trying to present to
the world through the articles and books I write and through the
talks I give. Even though my book Where Were You Before The Tree of
Life? is four volumes, there is still so much more to the complex
nature of the situation in which we are currently living here on
Planet Earth.

The first thought which came to mind when beginning this particular
series of articles was "Stranger in a Strange Land." For so many
people, Robert A. Heinlein's 1961 cult-classic novel was an
expression of their innermost feelings at being thrust down here on
Earth with no relevance or understanding of their place in what they
saw going on around them. It struck close to home too as my own
spiritual `gifts' have opened up and been put into use. In Heinlein's
novel, an earthling, born and educated on Mars, arrives on our planet
with superhuman powers and a total ignorance of the mores of men.
Treated as a freak, a media commodity, a scam artist, a searcher, a
sexual pioneer, and finally as a martyr and a messiah, the hero's
struggle to come to grips with his `strangeness in a strange land'
resonated with all the Lightworkers being born as part of the post-
war babyboom.

This theme was also reprised in the movie of a decade or so ago,
Phenomenon, starring John Travolta. In it, a slow-witted country
mechanic is `gifted' with extraordinary presence of mind that allows
him to remarkable feats, but which eventually only leads to his own
excommunication from normal society and to be seen as a threat to the
status quo and to the inherent powers-that-be.

So to do so many people I work with see themselves and their
spiritual `gifts' as a curse that sets them aside from the world
around them, making them feel like strangers in a strange land.
Particularly do they feel most out of place when they try to fit
their higher dimensional understandings of life as it should be, here
into a 3rd-dimensional life in the illusory Matrix in place of planet
Earth. Lightworkers sent here to be of service were never supposed to
have bought into and invested themselves so heavily into believing in
this illusory Matrix. This has been the difficulty with getting them
triggered, awake, and up and running on their own particular missions?
they have bought themselves into what can only be termed the great
lie. The greatest lie of all is the one they have spent the most time
trying to figure out?how to fit their `round-peg' idea of an all-
powerful yet all-loving Creator Being who does not judge us and who
cannot even see darkness because IT is so much infinite Light and
Sound, into the `square-peg" of religion where everything mankind
does is wrong and where we are all eternally separated from All That

The understanding of who they are and what they are here to do is,
perhaps, the greatest tool for healing that we can give to people
lost in a lost world, and especially to those Lightworkers who are
our particular mission in helping them to awaken. To let them know
that it is exactly those things which have set them apart which are
their greatest strengths and the gifts they brought along to share
with the planet, changes their focus away from the `me' and into what
it always should be, the `we.'

Understanding that EVERYTHING in the Matrix is a lie, helps one stop
going crazy trying to justify this part or that part of the Matrix as
being true while everything else around it seems to be so much a lie.
The whole barrel is rotten. There is no system here to be fixed, but
only a system that will in the natural course of things be destroyed
as it once was in Atlantis, offering up a new opportunity to rebuild
life anew?the coming planetary ascension process.

To aid people to an understanding that they are heart-oriented
Pleiadeans, mind-oriented Sirians or Orions, rebel leaders, star-
childs, star warriors, reptilians, or one of the countless other
kinds of Being existing here currently on the planet to help it
resolve its karmic imbalances, is to allow them the freedom to be who
they are and have always known they were at the deepest core levels
of their Being. To share with them and assist them in understanding
that as well as being interdimensional, inter-planetary Beings here
on a mission, that they are also individual sparks of a divine
Creator, free to rise above their most recent planetary dimensional
affiliations and limitations, is to also give them a vision of their
own potential present and future progress in the never-ending
evolution of Soul, and of Creation in and of Itself.