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Channeling and Your Very Own Mission -- 2
Man will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own
--- Carl Jung

Substitute your own name in for Andre's here in this following piece and then
decide what the heck you are going to do to help in the here and now of this
Universe and the Creational war against Tyrrany. If you need help, ask -- that
is what so many others who have made their choices are here to do, but never
will they make that choice for you. Avoid the New Age garbage that everything is
okay and we're all going on ascension without doing any work. Things around you
grow continuously darker every day and only our efforts, yours and mine, will
allow this planet to go into ascension and be the garden of eden it can be in
the coming 5th dimensional world. Planets like this are destroyed int he
ascension process all the time, but because of its importance in Creation, we
cannot allow this one to go the way of so many others.

Everything you see around you is in a state of change and nothing . . repeat,
nothing shall remain the same. There is NO security left in this world--no
pensions, no houses capable of withstanding nature's onslaught; no weapons to
keep you out of harm's way of those who are not moving forward as they run
rampant across the planet. Only your choice and your intent to flow with this
change, firmly connected to Spirit and to your own personal Guidance, serving in
your chosen/contracted way, will keep you moving into a new higher dimension,
one from which most of you have already come. It is your choice to move through
this change in a manner in which you are capable of being the Master and not the
wind-tossed victim always at the beck and call of any wayward fancy. Choose, and
then act, and if you need help, ask. I did.


Dear One,

Andr?, your time to fully surrender is already ticking late. You have
sensed it and wanted it to take as long as possible so that you
would be able to enjoy your "vacation". If you did not enjoy it, then
you will have to enjoy the intervals to rest during the coming Work.

You must surrender fully now, otherwise the strong dark energies that
have found you will overcome your will. Either your will to serve is
stronger than the Darkness which opposes you, or you will fall prey
to them. There is no more time for playing and balancing on the
fence, you now must choose either to surrender fully and completely,
NOW, every second of the day, with every move, or to fall back inside
the matrix of darkness.

As you feel Our energy, you are able to know what is the Will. If you
intend to serve then you will hear the Voice tell you what to do,
even feel your body move in the exact way meant to be the highest.

As Peter says exactly Andr?, there is not much more for you to do or
think about. Your friends pull you down and back to where you began.
You will never succeed unless you drop everything, and dropping
begins in your Heart, not in your mind. No matter how much you try to
do it mentally, you will never be sucessful unless you do it with
your full Being, and the heart is the most important part of it.

You are not forced, that you know and realize. You are guided, and it
is hard because of how you were created. But you understand, and you
know that if you want to be Healed and be a Master, that there is no
other way for you to succeed.

When you think you fail, you create your faliure, you waste your time
on negativity instead of moving to your next step with Our Guidance.

Why do you persist and ignore your great potential when you want to
use it in favor of the FATHER? You are a part of our Family and you
are given the opportunity of serving. Isn't it what you longed for
during all of your life? Now that you are here and given the
opportunity, will you embrace it with your Heart?

What will you do now?

When you surrender, you are one with Creation, you are Creation and
you are The Light. You know that it is the highest state of
Beingness, and you are capable of enjoying it.

Love yourself and let the Love flow freely, be true and be free. You can do it

You have to challenge what you are not sure about. You are able to do
it, but do you choose to stand up and do the work asked of you? You
grew lazy and now you use it as an excuse to pretend to be weak, when
you are the one with the power to do your own work.

You must let go of self-will, and of attachment, and of your ego. You
know you will grow beyond imagination as you let go of these things,
and Be yourself more than ever.

You belong at the highest level, everyone does, but no one is willing to reach
for the highest because of attachment, and because they choose to remain in

There is no reason for you to fear anything when you surrender. WE
have Our arms open to you. Be calm and walk towards your objective.
But do it now, otherwise you will be barred by the dark side. And
they are eager to have you if you let them.

RAJ, of the Spiritual Hierarchy