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channeling - lesson #14 - whose voice is it anyway?
Channeling - lesson #14 - Whose Voice Is It Anyway?
By Peter Farley

I guess I need to rewrite or add to both the channeling exercise (I did) and to the forgiveness exercise to address the issues I find coming up with people as they do these things. Of course the answers are other places as well, but best to refine them down to make them as simple as possible for people to understand. First here is a new memberīs first channeling:

Hi Peter

Iīve given it a go. I decided to post this to you instead of the whole list. Still afraid! This writing doesnīt even seem like something I would write at all. I just let it roll and tried not to stumble or halt myself. I have another but want to hear what you have to say first. As for asking for guidance, have been doing that for many but still seem to have a barrier. Hereīs what I got

Dear One

The time has come for you to be totally opened to the true reason you
exist. Youīve been longing for it and have made huge strides in the
right direction. Donīt be afraid any more. You are going to be
happier than your wildest dreams ever imagined. You can just relax
now and follow the flow. Do the next right thing. Listen to us and
accept what you hear. Take action as you are able and most of all be
well and patient. No need to panic any more. Time will not run out on
you as you have feared for so long. Youīve been through a lot in
life, more than most could have borne and remained sane or possibly
even alive. Youīve known for a long time that you have a special
mission but your low self opinion wouldnīt allow you to accept the
truth of this. Itīs OK. Breath deep and know that you know. Know that
what you know is true. Youīre not crazy, not even close. Just
breathe. Remember when you realized that you actually hold your
breath as if preparing for a blow or seeing something that has
frightened you. You MUST breathe. DO it now and stop being afraid.
You have nothing to fear any longer. We are going to show you exactly
what to do. Your analogy of the cosmic library was brilliant! Use it
often. Thatīs exactly what it is and you can tap into it anytime you
like. So can otherīs and you need to help them understand this. Donīt
push, donīt be impatient, just quietly and calmly help them
understand. Theyīll get it in time, just in time, every time. Share
this with those who will know how to help you understand. No need to
be afraid. Just do it. Just follow, alertly follow, take it all in,
process and express.

With genuine love, Werland or Weirland

Like everyone of you who are working with your Guidance, she has a little difficulty understanding that the inner voice of Guidance doesnīt usually come as some deep booming God-like voice from the heavens, but rather it uses your own inner voice, only as I once described it in the beginning to myself, it seems to come at a different angle down into my brain. Having someone confirm what youīre getting for you in the beginning makes all the difference in the world to your success or to your failure, as most of you who have succeeded will attest.

This channeling is about 85% correct? How do I know? Because the Spiritual Hierarchy I work with and have yapping in my ear 24/7 said so, just as They share with me anything I need to know about anyone or anything going on. When you work with the Highest Guidance there is that gives you the ability to work with anyone elseīs Guidance on any level of Creation. As this particular channeler says, she just let it flow and isnīt that the real key to all of spirituality that no one else is teaching? Just get yourself out of the way and there is nothing you and your Guidance cannot do working together. 85% doesnīt necessarily mean something is wrong wither, itīs just maybe something was left unsaid or the way it was channeled is not quite the way Their Guidance wanted to say it. I guess thatīs an advanced lesson I also need to write.

Since all of us have our minds yapping to us every day, when Guidance speaks to us initially itīs very hard to distinguish one from the other. Remember when you just used intuition it was always the very first answer that was your higher self talking, but mind was only a split second later with a different answer or with that overwhelming doubt so that it could still remain in charge?

Much has been written about strengthening the connection between you and your Guidance, but initially it is those who use me to confirm things for them in the beginning who usually are the ones who make it. Of course thatīs mainly the women, while the men -- sorry Craig -- are all to egotistical or scared to ask for assistance just as they wonīt ask for directions when they get lost. Very few men will work with me as a tool to assist them in the beginning as though its some kind of macho thing to do it by yourself. Well it isnīt! Itīs just down right stupid is what it is. People write to me about how much they want to help the planet but then after a few attempts ON THEIR OWN with the channeling they always disappear into the woodwork and it just becomes another life wasted. If you really mean all the things you say -- all of you --about helping the planet, then it will eventually come down one way or the other to doing whatever it takes.

Thatīs the only way Iīve accomplished any of what Iīve done over the past dozen years of far harder training than any of you will ever have to go through. As I shared with Michael the other day, and as Sue Ann will vouchsafe, the harder they train you, the more difficult your life and your mission becomes. If you canīt get past the ego or the arrogance or the fear of sitting down and doing a simple channeling and sharing it with those who know how to help you, then never again open your mouth about helping the planet or creation because youīre just not ready.

"I have tried it and will continue to do so."

This type of statement is not acceptable, and wonīt be accepted –as the one who sent it heard very promptly in return since they had never sent me channeling one to help them understand where they are at or where the blockage may be. In closing, let me say one more thing, when doing a channeling class in person, 99% of the people attending channel almost perfectly the first time. The other 1% are the people who say I canīt do this before they even attempt it. īNuf said?

With firm commitment to be and to assist, Peter