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Channeling the Higher Self
Channeling the Higher Self is one way of connecting to that part of Ourselves which belongs to the Infinite and is connected with all else. Here Silvia pursues an understanding for all of us of what is coming that will effect Italy and other places so greatly:

>From silvia

Milano, October 18, 2005

You ask who is talking to you through this keyboard, you know it's that part of you which resides in the highest territories and prefers this transmission, but now other voices add to rupert's voice, other songs raise in order to give a new sense to the overall concert and to guide you to understanding.

You ask us and ask yourself if this alarm is real and dangerous.
Yes, it is, you already know it,
it is a justified alarm the fear you feel looking at the flight of these birds that before seemed a bridge to inaccessible heights and now will become messengers of quite different opportunities.

That's what is all about.

Don't read in the death just the cutting of unaware lives, the distruction can hide an invitation to reconsider the relationship with nature and its different manifestation.

Birds are carriers of justice and balance.

>From them comes the warning to respect what till now
has been considered just a field from which take away nourishment and material wealth, in order to recognize again in that world traces of a remote sharing and of a more equal relationship that is not grounded on a cruel and inhuman exploitation.
Yes, from birds can arrive a warning, an invitation to stop and to explore new ways of surviving, that are not sinisterly a relation between master and slave, consumer and giver, strong and submitted.
Nature is not and never will be submitted to man, now it's time to remember it with drama and awe, an awe that's anyway nothing in comparison with the pain inflicted from man to animals, even on a gratuitous basis.

Remedy resides in respect,
in increasing inside the contact with nature and its laws, so that the message recognizes a friendly field and chooses to spare it.
Remedy doesn't reside in human research, that will be late in identifying the right language and that anyway will infinitely repeat its basic error, destroying in order to save and creating new holes to bring order where order doesn't exist any longer.

Now it's your mind talking for your spirit, let dreams continue the contact.

We are your friends on the floor above
and we are waiting for you.