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chaos an old new paradigm
Chaos: An Old New Paradigm
By Peter Farley

May 30th of this year I will have been on the road for 7 years.

The Spiritual Hierarchy has guided me through those seven years of
living `outside\' the normal Matrix of life day-by-day, moment-by-
moment. They have done this so that I would be able to share Their
message that the only way to make it through the coming days is to
keep saying to yourself, \"I have what I need for today, I will have
what I need for tomorrow.\" They have kept me weaving in and out of
the smoke and mirrors others see as reality so that I would be able
to do the work of educating people to what exists beyond the daily
range of their daily existence. And, just as in The Matrix series of
movies, life outside the matrix is not easy and certainly not always
pleasant—but at least it is real. The true spiritual war raging on
outside the Matrix is only hinted at within the matrix construct
itself, and then only if people are observant and know what to look
for. For most people, that is a task that takes too much
concentration and too much commitment of their all but sparse
energies. No one is judged for their lack of perception of
this `other\' reality. Not all Souls are created equal nor with an
adequate drive to pursue true spiritual freedom. Hence it is only the
few would-be Masters who diligently work to lift Mankind out of the
muck and mire that has been provided for them to roll around in by
the New World Order and its minions. Sadly now this muck and mire is
all some people know. Certainly it is all the children are being
raised to expect of life here on planet Earth. It is living at the
lowest common denominator, that which can most easily be manipulated
by our wardens to keep us distracted and therefore harmless while
they in turn bring to fruition their plans for complete control of
planet Earth and this entire area of Creation.

Travelling as much as I do, not restricted to one consciousness or
another in any part of the country, it has been easier for me to see
how swift has been the enactment of this grander plan of the New
World Order after thousands of years of preparation. As Bill Peters
said on his Stargate Forum the other day, however, the current time
now feels like the calm before the storm. Most people I meet and
interact with have some sense of this being true.

My recent cross-country trip from San Diego to upstate Pennsylvania
only heightened my awareness of this ominous fact. The only word to
describe what is going on in America right now is chaos. Everywhere
people are running around like ants before the storm comes to destroy
their nest. Kids have nothing real to cling on to and so are
manipulated as sex objects by the media, exploiting the already low
self-esteem bred into them by the system. It\'s being fed into the Grid system
by the media and our own negative thinking. The rage we all feel against the NWO
machine in our teenage years has even now been harnessed and focussed into the
only outlet of expression allowed anymore --rampant consumerism. A country in
debt to the tune of 9 trillion dollars only reflects the indebtedness of each
and every one of us as we are forced to sell our own energies and those of our
children and grandchildren into slavery simply in order to stay alive.

This chaos has been created purposefully by the New World Order and
its off-planet leaders in order to institute their own brand of
order –Order out of Chaos. It is the simple truth that most of us do
not even know we have another choice than that offered to us by the
system. And that other choice is not religion. And it is not
Politics. And it is not rampant consumerism. It is true spirituality,
that which is beyond the manipulated lies and dogma and false morals
created by the New World Order in their religious constructs to make
us all play by the rules in a game where those in charge make the
rules but have no need to live by them.

Within each and every one of us is a knowingness of this true
spirituality, one which no one can teach, only guide the way to. It
is the particle-wave theory of Light talked about in my article on
Original Heart. As particles of the One Soul, we are all connected
yet still retain our own individuality. We can work as a particle and
accomplish either great things or nothing depending on our own
individual drive. Or, working as a wave, millions of particles
focussed with pure intent on a single solitary goal, we can free
ourselves forever from the tyranny and oppression imposed upon us
hundreds of thousands of years ago by a race of Beings devoid of any
caring or sentiment. To these our alien ancestors and designers we
are at best cannon fodder for their weapons of mass destruction.
Acting as One Body, One Wave, One Idea (as V would say), our power is
limitless – a tsunami washing over everything in its path. By not
buying into the old paradigm of materiality we can wash the whole
world clean of this pestilence that threatens to destroy all of
Mankind and stop its ascension back into the higher worlds of reality
from which it once fell.

Let\'s do it . . . together.

In service . . still,