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chasing perfection
Chasing Perfection

When Cynthia said to me yesterday that reading my
words and those of other members of the group helped her "stay on the
path even when it feels like I'm not making progress", all I could think
of was the 'old' days when studying in a spiritual group for 25 years
had gotten me no closer to anything other than an overstuffed mind and a
feeling of being 'spiritual' even when I wasn't. In fact RAJ said to me
early on even before I was able to channel myself that I had been in
this spiritual path for 25 years and hadn't done sh*t. I had all the
information, I had listened to all the tapes, I had been to listen to
the Masters, but my being anything more than I currently was at the time
seemed out of any possible reality. It seemed like lots and lots of baby
steps that made the distance between where I was and 'perfection' or
spiritual Mastery, a thousand miles away. What I didn't realize at the
time was that spiritual Mastery was only a heartbeat away in surrender,
rather than lifetimes and lifetimes of study away.

Guidance has had me write it many times that it only takes a moment to
become a spiritual Master. If, at the end of the day, you have done
everything that Guidance asks you to do to the best of your ability
(allowing for all the difficult circumstances of life that get in our
way), then you are the Master. The worst thing religions and their alien
Gods have infected us with is some mystical idea of a perfection that is
totally unachievable for perfection is different things under different
circumstances and to different people. God almighty! you know even the
FATHER is growing as each and every one of us experiences something new
and completely different that no one has ever experienced or learned
before. So even the FATHER isn't 'perfect'. It's the journey not the
destination. It's because we fail to live in the NOW, it's because the
darkside has us always living in the past or the future and anything but
the NOW that we fail to understand that in this moment we can be and are
perfect. And the more we worry and fret over it the farther from
perfection we feel we are because we let the analytical mind judge us
instead of listening to the free-flowing synthesizing Heart that
appreciates and applauds all our efforts to learn difficult spiritual
lessons on a very unfriendly planet.

YOU are your own worst enemy. Fuck it. Just BE. Stop judging everything
and everyone and live, relax, enjoy, fight the good fight, learn as much
as you can to take with you into the limitless number of lifetimes you
still have before you. Forget those silly religious works that teach you
about perfection. Take them and throw them out the window . . burn them
in the fireplace. You are perfect, all you need to do is surrender to
your place as part of the One Soul created by the FATHER and work
hand-in-hand with all those other aspects of Soul to assist them in
seeing the very thing you yourself have been too blind to see, until
this moment that is . . . Ah-HA! It's all so hard getting to the place
where you realize it's all so easy.

Relax and enjoy the ride. Do the best you can in this moment and then
again in the next and stop looking to the end of the ride because it
never ends and there will always be you and the FATHER travelling
hand-in-hand throughout Eternity.

In service, and with a laugh, Peter